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  1. Cliff Pratley


    No need to start again ... i started with FSX and now fly P3D
  2. Cliff Pratley


    1) You are correct in thinking you must have the same aircraft in your sim 2) No multiplayer ..but there is a teamspeak 3) you will have to start the flight again .. but as most flights are only short ones .. no big problem .. if you just lose connection with the internet ... you can finish the flight and as long as you don't close the client ... you can wait untill you re connect and then book the flight 4) Looking at the sig banners .. most people have been there for years ... and willing to help you I have over 2200 flights on FSEconomy and love it
  3. it was a casual enqurey as computer parts are very expensive here .... whether it was worth risking the gaurantee ect .... at that price not, but there are other "send on " options from the UK that are cheaper it can now wait un till FSX or P3d come out in 64 bit thanks for the welcome
  4. Don't even think about buying from outside the UK .. they quoted me £600 to ship to Malta
  5. SimAir has been in development for so long .. you have to wonder if it will ever get released