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  1. Programming Logitech MK 710 keyboard F keys.

    Thanks, Alan. The battery wasn't the problem, it was my failing to programme those keys correctly. All is now well and the grin has replaced the frown. i shall keep an eye on the battery!
  2. Until a couple of days ago the F9/F10 and F11 keys on my Logitech MK 710 wireless keyboard presented me with differing cockpit views. Suddenly they no longer so. My problem is that I cannot understand how to get them doing their job once again. Thanks, chaps.
  3. Programming Logitech MK 710 keyboard F keys.

    Now I'm making progress. Enjoy your Sunday, chaps.
  4. F-16

    Alright. Alright. With the Administrator's assistance, I'm in....as the Bishop was supposed to have said. Now for that selection of F-16s.
  5. F-16

    Would some kindly soul give me a steer for a free add on F-16 for Steam FSX. I've just tried one from Simviation but I chose a dud. Thanks.
  6. F-16

    Thankee, Guvnor.
  7. F-16

    Philosophy yet!
  8. F-16

    I can never register at this site. Either I cannot pass the 'human test' or I cannot see all of the recapture images in order to verify my human existence.
  9. F-16

    I shall send investigate and let you know in due course. Appreciate your efforts.
  10. F-16

    Many thanks, my Captain. Early investigation follows. Hope it proves useful to others.
  11. F-16

    So I shall wait patiently to hear again to hear from you, Alan. No one can accuse you of not trying!
  12. Identifying one's position

    My thanks to all of you who responded and your helpful suggestions.
  13. Identifying one's position

    On any airport how does one find one's position when selecting one of those parked up positions within SE: FSX. For example, take Farnborough, a simple airfield, the starting parked up positions offered within the sim appear to bear no relationship to those shown on the ICAO Aerodrome chart. To be more specific, where on the ICAO chart do I find "Parking 1 (or 2) on Ramp GA Medium? When one operates out of Heathrow then the choice becomes even more confusing for me. What's the answer, most helpful team?
  14. Identifying one's position

    All done. Much relief.
  15. Identifying one's position

    Hang on....I've just found the process in the Manual. Fingers crossed.
  16. Identifying one's position

    Hmm. I have a sneaky feeling that I'll be back!
  17. Identifying one's position

    I've installed into Program Files (x86) but nothing is appearing on my Desktop or within my Start Lists.
  18. Identifying one's position

    Now that's just what I wanted. However, I'm stuck as to where I should unzip it. Help an idiot, please.
  19. Identifying one's position

    Thanks, Captain C. I shall investigate.
  20. Identifying one's position

    Thank you once again, John. I think I am satiated now!
  21. Identifying one's position

    I shall return to John's exchellent offerings. Thanks. What a collective n of friendly wisdom is on offer here!
  22. Identifying one's position

    That's most interesting, rosariomanzo. I shall certainly investigate further.
  23. Identifying one's position

    Ah ha! That helps but why do those start positions listed within the sim fail to relate to those shown n the ICAO charts? I have been using that F12 view already. Thanks for your swift reply, needles.
  24. Setup details

    Merci, Brett. I'll move on that.
  25. Setup details

    Is there a way in which I can add my system's details to a signature that I can create?