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  1. Embraer Cold Start

    Turned out to be Shift-6. onward!
  2. Time to get busy once again. Within FSX's 'Free Flight' mode how can I set up a Cold Start for my Phenom 300? Need to get practicin Thanks, chaps.
  3. Is there a good " trip into Space" game available?
  4. Up, up and away.

    Many thanks, Andrew. Just what I was looking for. .Are you guys supportive!
  5. Having had a brief play with an Oculus Rift rig I was most impressed. Methinks we're on the cusp of a new, exciting adventure. IMHO.
  6. I had to uninstall my P-40 Warhawk. Now I'm all set to reinstall but the path I've been following isn't producing the aircraft in the 'stable'. I've been using...... team/steamapps/Common/FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes. Despite trying alliterative paths I haven't succeeded yer. .I appear to be exploring too far. Would some kind soul guide me to a successful conclusion? Just what route should I be following? Thanks again.
  7. That was a mouthful, brett. I always use my headphoned and I will in future read manuals more carefully. I admit to having skimmed over them in the past but no more! I have a Carenado which I think is just elegant both inside and out. Haven't tried the P-51 .... perhaps for Christmas. I am keen to try this Oculus Rift and Touch andmight we'll give it a run when s wireless version launches, but from what I've read to date it lacks precision when adjusting controls on the bigger airlines. I was given a brief run at it via a friend and was duly impressed and my birthday comes up I later this year......... again thanks your your patient replies. It's a great relief to have solved this recent P-40 problem and I can lay me down to sleep tonight without my brain nagging away. look after yourself as well, Brett. ?
  8. Got there. The Sh-4 popup showed that the fuel tank selected for startup, which was the Reserve tank, was empty. Topped it up and every single variant is now running beautifully. What a wally! You were right in mentioning the P-51 and its fuel problem. A clever lad indeed. Now I'm off for a beer. Wish I could stand you one as well!
  9. OK...I do have the Accusim addon.for the P-40. I did post on the A2A P-40 Technical support page. I did check each aircraft through the maintenance hangar before attempting start up. All were perfect. Simconnect is a new one for me. I'll check on that. This morning's results were....P-40 AVG ran up briefly to 300 on the tachometer and then died after a few seconds. P-40B ran perfectly. P-40C as the AVG version. 11B - Tomahawk idled at 525 then died. At least one runs perfectly. Therein my bulletin for this morning. Always good to hear from you, brett.
  10. Wilco, brett. So I've reinstalled and all four variants of the A2A P-40 are available in the SE: FSX stable.However when I try to run up the engine - via Ctrl-e - the following occurs. The 40C ran perfectly allowing me to take off, fly a circuit over Bala and land. However for the remainder each of their engines started up, ran for around five seconds and shut down. That was yesterday's result. Today, after another complete uninstall/reinstall the result was identical EXCEPT that today's only reliable one was the 40B. Those outcomes smacked of needing some technical support, hence my trying via A2A themselves. If there's a Good Samaritan here who has the solution I shall be most grateful as no one at A2A has hit the jackpot as yet.
  11. Thanks for all that, chaps. Most appreciated as always.
  12. Being sporadic is an unsettling state. Happier days lie ahead.
  13. I'm in.....as the actress might have said to the Bishop. I'm almost as relieved. Or as the late Sid Field put it......What a performance!
  14. How might I remove permanently 'Saved Missions' from SE: FSX, especially when I've completed any such Mission? Thanks.
  15. Missions

    Many thanks, Captain. Exactly what I wanted.
  16. I should like to display Plan G on my iPad Air 2. Having read Tim's advice I know that I need a slightly more 'step by step' approach. Could someone sock it to me? Thanks.
  17. Plan G

    Thank you, Joe. There I think I shall let sleeping dogs lie.
  18. Plan G

    Righto, gentlemen. Tim the Man of Plan G suggested that, like President Trump, "it is easy" to set up TeamViewer on one's iPad and then see on there what is on a monitor. However that presupposes one has at least a pair of monitors. Hence my raising this query in the hope there might be another solution. Ah well......
  19. I am far up the proverbial creek. Recently, for the first time, following an update to my SE: FSX installation, I was asked to sign in to my Steam FSX account. I have been using this since Flight Sim 2015 at Cosford without any major problems but now, suddenly, I am unable to sign in. Because my usual sign in details weren't accepted I was then asked to create a new password. Having done that, despite using the special verification code that was sent to me, I am still unable to sign in. When I boot up via the shortcut on my monitor the only thing that happens is a very brief popup that seemingly checks for updates with SE:FSX but I cannot run the sim at all. Nearly there....would there exist a telephone number I might call or have someone do a Team Viewer link to get me over this frustrating hump? What offerings do you have, wise ones? If I have to do a reinstall is Program Files (x86) the worst place to park it in?
  20. I shall be very happy if such a glitz never occurs again, neither to me or anyone else. Upward and onward.
  21. brett...I'm stuck I've tried to get back to the support people but have had no joy at all. For the moment, no progress to report.
  22. Could anyone recommend this add on for Steam? I'm poised to buy but if the Catalina By Aeosoft is a better bet.....? Thanks.
  23. i do agree with dogtrack's nostalgia but I shall go for the Cat. Thanks, gentlemen.
  24. Ah...bit blearily over here just now. My answer should have been 'No'. Mea culpa. I was somewhat distracted by the coming and going of the several emails between them and me. However when tomorrow gets underway I shall whip off a query to them quoting my own problem and puttng your question. Any progress I shall advise.
  25. I wish I knew just what caused the problem, brett. As I said earlier, following that update, for the first time I was asked to sign in and my password wasn't recognised. Have to admit that I didn't think to ask the Steam Support folks but as there's a choice of recapturing your lost right of entry on their selections, it would appear that isn't an unusual situation.