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  1. Thankee, John. I am happier now about both FS Flying School and FSUIPC. They both serve to widen my horizons and I had a few coins jingling in my pocket.
  2. Light flickers on. I have its Manual installed already so the answer lies there, methinks.
  3. Deep breath. I'm running with Win 10 Pro 64 bit. Recently bought, and installed FS Flying School. Delighted with it. All consuming at this stage as it's so versatile. It came with an included FSUIPC, which is fine because that's what I wanted as well. Getting a simple Cessna 172 in position ready to take off, I can click on 'addons' then 'FSUIPC' along the top bar. Nothing happens. No reaction apart from my still being able to go ahead and take off. So...how do I get to input any changes with FSUIPC? I've asked the designer, Peter Dawson, who directs me to FSFlying School. The post I create there gets no replies. What to do??? Reliable Mutley's Hangar. I'm open to suggestions! Decent ones. Many thanks.
  4. Thanks for a speedy reply. Why aren't you out frolicking in the sunshine!
  5. I have a copy that I bought back in July 2009. I'd like to give it a run through once more but will it install in my current rig safely and effectively? You think? Win 10 Pro 64 bit. CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K.
  6. Thanks, Alan. The battery wasn't the problem, it was my failing to programme those keys correctly. All is now well and the grin has replaced the frown. i shall keep an eye on the battery!
  7. Now I'm making progress. Enjoy your Sunday, chaps.
  8. Until a couple of days ago the F9/F10 and F11 keys on my Logitech MK 710 wireless keyboard presented me with differing cockpit views. Suddenly they no longer so. My problem is that I cannot understand how to get them doing their job once again. Thanks, chaps.
  9. Onward79


    Alright. Alright. With the Administrator's assistance, I'm in....as the Bishop was supposed to have said. Now for that selection of F-16s.
  10. Onward79


    Thankee, Guvnor.
  11. Onward79


    Philosophy yet!
  12. Onward79


    I can never register at this site. Either I cannot pass the 'human test' or I cannot see all of the recapture images in order to verify my human existence.
  13. Onward79


    I shall send investigate and let you know in due course. Appreciate your efforts.
  14. Onward79


    Many thanks, my Captain. Early investigation follows. Hope it proves useful to others.
  15. Onward79


    So I shall wait patiently to hear again to hear from you, Alan. No one can accuse you of not trying!