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  1. Thanks for the responses so far here is my system spec: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (UAC is disabled, Highmem Fix is in fsx.cfg) i5 quad core 3GHz (not overclocked) 8Gb DDR3 memory (max that will fit on Asus mobo) Nvidia Geforce 750 GTX OC Storm (2GB DDR3) Other FSX software running : Active Sky Next Ultimate Traffic 2 FUISPC Those are the only things i usually have running whilst initialising FSX Gold SP2
  2. Hi Guys i hope we are all well... Not been doing much flying lately as im slowly recovering from a badly fractured foot but i was wondering if i could pick someones brains.. I have a problem with FSX Gold Ediiton (non Steam) where if i have done a pc reboot i can load FSX no problems... if it crashes or after i have finished flying and close it down properly i cant open FSX again as it throws up this message (hopefully the image displays ok) then closes... The only way i can open FSX again is to do a reboot. Any ideas on how i fix this? from memory i have already added the HIGHMEM fix Im running Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. Many thanks for all replies i can hopefully get this resolved so once i close down FSX i can get it opened without having to do a reboot.. Best wishes Glenn
  3. Apologies of its late but here is my first ever entry. An Aeroflot Airbus A318 I had installed the freeware Airbus collection and thought i would have my 1st look at a "Big Bird". I had just gone thru the engine start up from Cold & Dark at Gatwick ! it took me about 30 minutes to get both engines fired correctly and thought i would take a screeny as i was blown away by the level of detail. The paintjob is stunning. Best wishes Glenn
  4. Id recommend just Flights excellent Fokker F27 Friendship 100/200/300 .. A superbly modelled aircraft with a feel for yester year or something a bit newer the excellent the Alabeo C404 Titan (one of my birthday purchases) Best wishes Glenn
  5. Hi Joe, Im just about to buy the Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel with my birthday money tomorrow so not all bad. As for rudder and brakes... Unfortunately i have to use auto rudder ( not good i know but i have to remember im limited by my disability.. but the plus side is that i can use the blue lever on the throttle quadrant as my 2nd engine throttle..seeing as i mostly fly turbo prop twins it works for me ) as for brakes i have a button on the left handle of the Saitek Pro Flight yoke that operates as a brake.. Best wishes Glenn P.S Now happy to take offers on the Saitek Pro Flight Rudder / Brake pedals...
  6. Hi Guys, I bought a very good condition used Saitek Pro Flight system today but due to my spinal injuries I can't use the rudder pedals. So I'd like to sell them for a reasonable offer or swap for a Saitek Radio panel or Multi panel. Best wishes Glenn
  7. Hi guys, Well I've fixed it ! Looking on gumtree someone in my town was selling this (as it turns out he lived in the next road over!) : Woohoo an early birthday present! The Saitek Pro Flight yoke, rudder pedals, Switch unit are all in fantastic condition and I now have twin throttles using the blue lever as engine 2 throttle. I'm also able to set reverse thrust for the first time which is a real bonus and very handy on very short runways. The switch panel is fantastic For £120 I think I got quite the bargain. Obviously I can't use the rudder pedals due to my spinal problems so I'll see if I can either swap it for another throttle unit or if I'm very lucky a Radio Switch unit as if like to get one of those.. Or I'll just sell the pedals and put the cash towards a Radio Switch unit. Best wishes Glenn
  8. Hi Guys, I hope your all well. I'm having so much fun flying and learning procedures. I've joined a couple of VA's and this is exponential ibcreased my FSX enjoyment. I'm fairly well setup now with my weather being ASN for the engine and REX4 for the textures - results are amazing. Flight logging and planning by FS Flight Keeper. My flight system is pretty good being a Saitek X52 Flight System which works well for me but I'd really like twin throttles as I'm mostly flying twin props / turbo props so just wondered what my options are for twin engine control...... Could a throttle from the Saitek Hotas (split throttle) work with my X52 flight stick? Does anyone make a cheap twin throttle USB powered system? Am I just going to have to stop buying aircraft and save for the Hotas? Before anyone mentions a yoke system...I'm unable to use the foot pedals because of my spinal injuries which is why I sold my Saitek Cessna professional flight system and bought the X52. Ah I've just thought would the throttle system from say a yoke system work independently? Thanks for all replies Glenn
  9. BritFrog, I will always remember a Lancaster bomber as last year we had one fly over for the annual Bournemouth Beach Air Festival. It must of took off from Bournemouth International (EGHH - about 10 mins away from me) and i remember thinking what the heck was that rumbling earlier in the morning. We often hear engine run ups etc first thing as Flight Refueling have a hangar on the airport were they service engines.. then on the day around lunchtime there was this almighty noise getting louder and louder and louder. Having never heard a bomber fly before i didn't have a clue what it was. Then a moment later a beautiful Lancaster Bomber appeared over the roof of next door about 100ft above it and the noise was massive. I would of hated to of been german during the war and hearing a squadron of these bad boys flying over.. Very Scary. loudest thing i've ever heard !!!! and i've had the red arrows fly 50ft over our old house... the Lancaster would of wiped them over the floor noise wise.. Best wishes Glenn
  10. Hi hifly, Yes I bought the Majestic dash 8 pilot edition last week but I've said to myself that I'm not going to install it until I'm a little more familiar with FSX and flight rules so I can really enjoy it. The Just Flight Fokker F27 looks superb as I saw Flightsimcapt481's excellent pre release video... Wow she is a beauty and definitely on my Have To Buy list .. I'll check out the Heron thanks for the tip. Izojub : thank you for that link I'll have a look this evening and see what they offer. BritFrog : I couldn't agree more.. Even the wife commented on how nice the Islander sounds! (That's man speak for I have permission to turn the sound up louder ).Might even have a go at trying a paint job for it.
  11. Well thanks to the superb advice here I found the correct UIAUTOMATIONCORE.DLL for win 7 64bit, installed it in my fax folder and wooohooo! I've just managed 2 flights in the lovely Flight1 BN-2 Islander from Bembridge to Old Sarum without a single crash. Using the lovely old KLN 90A GPS unit was a dream and I was constantly swapping windows between the virtual cockpit and the autopilot window.. I must of changed the view at least 20-30 times and not 1 single crash. Thank you all. Time to find some other "Old Quirky Birds" as I have a passion for old twin engine turbo props like the islander.. Any other good planes that work in FSX that anyone can recommend!? Thank you all once again..I can fly!!!!!! Best wishes Glenn
  12. Sometimes I find that engines (turbo props) need a little gas over IDLE to help them fire and stay lit. Not sure why this as but I'm sure a technically minded engine specialist can explain.. If I don't throttle at all (0% Throttle) the majority won't stay fired. Might be that the engines need a positive flow of minimal fuel to get them working correctly. I'm not technically minded but it's just my thought on it. Let us know how you get on.. Best wishes Glenn
  13. Hi Nigel and all, Sadly I'm one of those disabled people who sadly have had their life limited by an illness. I was born with a rare bleeding condition which gives me spontaneous internal bleeds (into joints, muscle, soft tissue eventually "locking out" the area affected. I worked until 1994 when I had a triple massive bleed that has left me with L4-L5 prolapse, T4-T5 displaced, chronic nerve damage in my lower back and partially paralyzed left leg. At 24 I was medically retired. I'm now 42 and have to use a wheelchair. After dabbling a little bit here and there with FSX I've now got the wish to learn a lot more about flying and have discovered the excellent hobby that is FSX. Just flying around is a lot of fun but I'm slowly trying to learn it ALL properly like SIDS, STARS etc etc. Thanks to people like yourselves this hobby can be a real as it gets even for those like me who will never fly in real life due to our problems. The immersion in it can honestly help you manage pain and as you are probably aware we all get lost in it for a couple of hours here or there.. I, like you also want to praise people like Vatsim for furthering our hobby and as you say ... It works for all. Being able to do something that in real life we can't really does fulfil a passion of wanting to fly and the fantastic thing is that with just a basic knowledge we can use things like Vatsim. It honestly doesn't get "Realer" than that. Living in the back of Bournemouth International EGHH airport I've driven past lots of times en route to hospital looking over the fence at a plane lined up for take off or watched one come in over the road we drive on and thought "Wow, I'd love to do that". Now we can.. We are only limited by our capacity or desire for how much we want to learn to enjoy this hobby. If it wasn't for real people giving their time and advice then flight sim I feel would only be for the experts.. I've flown a couple of times on Vatsim doing a short VFR flight and only have nothing but immense praise for the controllers that dealt with me. As it was quiet on the first flight I explained that I was disabled, very new but wanting to learn correctly and my controller talked me thru so patiently. I wish I had written his name down so I could pass on my sincere thanks because I honestly feel that if those initial flights had gone badly that would of put me off flying online I think. So Thank You and Well Done to everyone who flies online because you make it real for us that can never do it reality Best wishes Glenn
  14. Hi Guys (and Gals if your reading , I'm wondering if someone can offer some advice. My PC is quite modern i5 quad core 3.1, 8 gab DDR3, Nvidia GeForce 750 GTX OC Storm graphics card running windows 7 ultimate 64bit OS. Now I have been running fsx gold edition (has accelerator in it) and am constantly getting fatal crashes when changing views from VC To panels, VC to outside etc. I only have the initial game in at the moment and have installed FSX then run it up for a few seconds, rebooted PC. Installed accelerator (which installs sp2) run it up in a flight for a few seconds, reboot PC. Then I'll start a free flight once I've set my I game graphics to my monitor res 1920 x 1080 - 22" hd monitor.. Have a quick look around outside then go into the Virtual cockpit. I can happily open pop up panels without it crashing (FMS, GPS etc) but as soon as I go from an in cockpit view to another then back - it crashes to desktop with no error message.im now on my 2 or 3rd clean install in case it's an installation issue. I haven't even installed my fusipc, Air hauler or another other non standard aircraft. I've tried numerous clean installs to non program file directories (I.e d:/FSX or d:/Flight Sim Deluxe). It's just the basic game. I'd let to get this sorted as I want to get some virtual airline flights done plus have a look at one of the legs for the ATWS tour. If I get no where with advice that's given I think I'm happy to go back to windows xp as I'm sure I had less problems with that than I'm getting on windows 7. But that is my last ditch hope. I can also afford a 1TB external hard drive at the end of the month will this help if only fsx and its addons are on this? There is a program (I forget the name) that you run before launching a troublesome program and it will grab the crash error for you so you can look at it and go from there,....does anyone know what it's called? Apologies for some many questions and thank you for all replies Best wishes Glenn