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  1. A new Red Indian baby was born with one bollock. In the time honoured tradition he was named Onestone! When Onestone reached manhood he was getting very pissed off at being called Onestone so he stood on the speakers rock and said that he would kill anyone else who called him Onestone from that day onwards. A few days later a beautiful squaw called Blue Bird comes to the village, sees him and shouts, hi there Onestone, how is it hanging? Well Onestone loses it, drags her into his Teepee and shags her solidly for two whole days and two whole nights until she dies of exhaustion! A couple of weeks later, another young beauty called Yellow Bird arrives and you have guessed it, shouts hi there Onestone! He grabs her by the hair, drags her off and shags her for a solid week and she just sighs and begs for more. Well old Onestone cannot fathom this so goes off to the wise and venerable chief and asks him why the **** she has survived to which the chief replies, You heap big idiot, everyone knows that you cannot kill two birds with Onestone!
  2. New wheels!

    http://fs-snaps.com/image/PMhX4 My latest vehicle, Mitsubishi Triton, handy out here in the bush. Will be doing a 6,000 KM, round trip to Perth, Western Australia, early in the New Year. Edit: Thought the picture would show up in the post, but it does through fs-snaps, sorry about that.
  3. Word(s) association game

    As the song goes, "Cheap Wine and a four day Growth"
  4. What a load of old cobblers, simply awful.
  5. Word(s) association game

    Ding,dong, the Bells are going to Chime!!!
  6. Word(s) association game

    It's considered rude to point
  7. Caption the picture!

    It's okay. I'm just practising for Easter!!!
  8. Another Reason FS Flying is Safer

    There is a town not far from here named "Speed" and another one called "Tittybong".
  9. I thought that his IQ was far to high for him to something as silly as that.
  10. A man has been arrested by Sri Lankan customs authorities after being spotted attempting to smuggle, with 'difficulty', close to a kilo of gold hidden in his rectum. The 45-year-old India-bound passenger was seen behaving 'suspiciously' in the departure lounge of Colombo airport, spokesman Sunil Jayaratne said. 'He was called for a thorough screening after customs officers noticed him walking with difficulty and appearing to be in pain,' Mr Jayaratne said. A close examination revealed the man was hiding 904 grams of gold wrapped in black plastic sheets, including seven yellow 'biscuits' and six chains, he said. The haul was worth more than $37,000. Mr Jayaratne said the contraband was seized and the man fined 100,000 rupees - around $1948. The suspect was described as a courier for an organised smuggling ring.
  11. Query regarding P3Dv4 download

    Haven't used any of the extras as yet, a bit busy downloading the PMDG 737NGX, and setting it up. Having a few problems re the key assignments though. I have 5 Leo Bodnar cards, which I use solely for setting up all my switches and rotaries for the NGX. Every time I start the sim, I have to go through the laborious task of deleting all the unwanted key assignments which seem to automatically fill themselves in. It's a real pain. Is there anyway I can prevent this happening. Advice appreciated. Cheers, Neil
  12. Query regarding P3Dv4 download

    Hi Guys, As I have completed my computer upgrade, and am now about to get P3Dv4, I see that it is recommended to use a download manager. I have never used one before, and have no idea how it works. Have all of you who have P3D, used it?. There seems to be quite a choice available, so does anyone have a recommendation on any particular manager. Cheers, Neil
  13. Query regarding P3Dv4 download

    Hi Beejay, Stick arrived yesterday, thank you very much. Installed on PC with no problems, now busy setting everything up. Thank you once again. Neil
  14. Query regarding P3Dv4 download

    Hi Beejay, Thanks for that, will let you know when it arrives, Cheers, Neil
  15. Just been watching a crop sprayer low flying over, and around my house for the last half an hour. It's a PZL-Mielec M-18 Dromader, dropping mouse bait over one of my son-in laws 700 acre wheat paddocks. Very very noisy, but fun to watch some good low flying and steep turns. Neil
  16. Query regarding P3Dv4 download

    Hi Beejay, Thanks very much for your offer. I live about 13 Klm from town, and have to use a wireless internet to download, I have a large dipole antenna on the roof, so my download speed is pathetic. My postal address is PO Box 35,Woomelang, 3485. I will pay postage, if you so desire. Thank you once again, much appreciated. Cheers, Neil
  17. Word(s) association game

    Flips Flops, aka as Japanese Safety Boots
  18. FSX has stopped working

    I left the original HDD in the case which is my C drive, and also my SSD, which is my E drive, this has my FSX on it. I am going to have to replace the C drive at some stage, as it is running out of storage capacity. Hope this not going to create too much hassle. Reading up on data transfer between HDD's it seems to be a fairly straight forward exercise. Wish i had put in a bigger HDD in the first place. Cheers, Neil
  19. FSX has stopped working

    Yesterday, my rebuild was completed, with a new motherboard, CPU, Graphics card, memory, etc. When I click on the start icon for FSX, I just get the the spinning circle, then a notice saying (A fatal error has occurred). Then a box with ( M/S Flight Simulator X has stopped working). It refuses to open. I have no idea whats causing this to happen. Any of you brighter tech savvy guys have a clue. I really dont want to uninstall and reinstall if I can possibly avoid it, as I have heaps of payware aircraft, weather,gps and scenery add ons etc. FSX Gold, Win7 Home Premium 64bit Cheers, Neil
  20. FSX has stopped working

    Tried the event viewer, but couldn't see anything untowards, not that I really knew what I was looking at !!. Then had a Micrsoft warning that O/S wasn't a legal copy. I had to re enter the product key, which fortunately I had. So that's fixed. It looks like I am going to have uninstall the whole system and start again. The not so joys of upgrading a system !!! Thanks anyway guys. Neil
  21. FSX has stopped working

    Well, I relocated the CFG file, rebooted, and FSX still wont start