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  1. Just wanted to know if Mutleys will be doing a review on this latest product from Milviz? Cheers, Neil
  2. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Did the test flight yesterday, and registered. I normally never bother entering these sort of things, but I thought, why not, lets give it a go, and see what happens. Could be good fun! Cheers, Neil
  3. Word(s) association game

    Come in spinner. A coin spinner, in the Australian game called, "Two Up", can only be played legally on Anzac Day
  4. Caption the picture!

    A demonstration of a proper holding technique !
  5. 3rd incident in 2 days!

    Yes it's a terrible outcome. I have done a HUET course, and even that is pretty daunting, once you are upside down and strapped in with 5 or 6 other people trying to swim out, and thats even knowing what to expect. If you are in shock, and disorientated, the outcome is usually that which has occurred.
  6. Word(s) association game

    Lost your bottle
  7. Asking for trouble!

    That's, Putin it down in a small space.!!
  8. Flight1 King Air B200 now out for P3Dv4 New Complete Edition - Version 2 This is a new all-in-one Complete edition that covers the following simulators: Prepar3D v4 (with new P3D v4 specific features) Prepar3D v3 FSX Boxed FSX Steam