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  1. JABBERWOCKY a silly poem by Lewis Carroll
  2. Spent 10 years in the British Merchant Navy as a marine engineer, then spent many years doing marine engine maintenance ashore. Then moved into Mine power stations doing the same thing. Spent the last 7 years before retirement working for Lockheed Martin, doing engine maintenance and operations at the Jindalee TX and RX Over the Horizon Radar stations in Western Australia. Best job I ever had. Fly in Fly out from Perth, 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Added up to 195 flights altogether, with Skippers Aviation. The first flights were with Fairchild Metro's, very cramped, then they started using Brasilia's, and finally Dash 8's. Now that I am retired, I seem to spend more time building things for my sim, than doing any flying.
  3. Wind in the Willows
  4. Chukka a Polo round
  5. Way beyond the limit
  6. National Lampoon
  7. Aircraft was a Piper PA-31. Apparently, a much respected orthopedic surgeon and his wife were among the casualties. Sad day.
  8. Bloody 'auto-spell', it's your worst enema!
  9. Solid to Vapour = Sublimation
  10. Sorry, I suppose that should have been "to it"
  11. Australia's air safety watchdog is investigating a serious mid-air incident involving a Qantas jet that suffered a so-called 'stick shaker' warning, injuring 15 passengers. The drama unfolded about 110km southeast of Hong Kong last Friday after flight QF29 took off from Melbourne. The 'stick-shaker' device causes the aircraft's control stick to vibrate noisily to warn the pilot of an imminent stall. It takes a physical, rather than visual, form so the crew will be alerted even if they are not looking at the panel. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau classified the Boeing 747's incident as serious and said a report would be released 'within several months' after it interviewed the flight crew. 'The flight crew disconnected the autopilot and manoeuvred the aircraft in response,' it
  12. Forcibly Ejected