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  1. No survivors, 4 passengers and pilot. Apparently, the passengers were all from the USA, on a golf tour. Neil.
  2. A Beechcraft King Air B200 has just crashed and burnt on take off from Essendon (YMEN) airport. Catastrophic engine failure apparently. 5 POB, it was a charter flight on its way to King Island. Very sad, RIP
  3. remember, from the Past
  4. Join In!

    How's that for a set of gnashers, tell you what, the mice dont like them one little bit!!
  5. Gap, a space between the Ears
  6. Join In!

    No thanks, we have enough stars on our flag already!
  7. Lupo ( Italian for Wolf )
  8. Reserve as in GAME
  9. My trim wheel makes an excellent paper weight ! What a waste of money that turned out to be. Neil
  10. Hi John, Could you give me a quick run down on inserting an image. I can see the tag on the bottom right saying " Insert other media", and by clicking it ,it then shows "insert existing image". or Insert image from URL. I tried both ways, not really knowing what I am doing, nothing worked. I am just trying to put in a simple jpg picture. Thanks, Neil