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  1. Hi Brian Thanks for making contact and points noted. Trevor
  2. Hi John & Dai Thank you very much for responding to my request for help. I will have a look at the website mentioned. Since writing my request for help I have made an enquiry with Leo Bobnar and they have also given a helpful response. They have advised that their Boards already contain software and so do not need programming, so clearly an option. The Board they are recommending is the BBI-32. I also like the idea of Arduino as there must be a sense of satisfaction in writing some programmes and seeing them work! Have been down to Maplin and bought a book 'Getting Started with Arduino' by Massimo Banzi - he is the co-founder of Arduino. I taken on-board the point about leaving enough space behind the panel builder frame - what I did not want to do is have the view of the various gauges sitting back too far but it may well be that 2.5cm is not really a problem. Once again, many thanks for your help. Trevor
  3. Hi Fellow Simmers I am looking to build a GA cockpit and would greatly appreciate some advise. My current PC is over 7 years old and so I am looking to replace it shortly - hope to go for a top of the range machine built specifically for flightsim. With what I am planning to do, I shall also need a secondary machine. As I am familar with FSX I am intending to purchase P3D - feel this is the way to go given the amount of attention LH is giving it. For my cockpit build, I already have the CH yoke and pedals + Saitek BIP panel, Swtich panel, Comms Panel and Autopilot. For my instruments I am seriously considering Panel Builder so that I can change the MIP depending of the aircraft being flown. Now here is where I come unstuck! I am totally green as far as electronics go, however I have been doing some research and it seems I could choose one of the following for interfacing: Leo Bodnar Board, Arduino Board, Open Cockpits Board and I am sure there are more out there. Could someone advise me whether there is a preference in the flightsim community or is it just down to the users ability in that some boards are better to work with than others - re programming etc? Also, I am trying to understand the different types of rotary switches available. What should I be looking for, say for a switch which must turn seemlessly 360 degrees? I also realise that If I am going to use rotary switches placed near a particular instrument display and is it fixed to a board of some type, then the switch must not have too much depth due to the monitor that sits behind the board. Again any ideas would be very much appreciated. Sorry this is a bit long-winded! Thanks Trevor