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  1. Rotate MD

    cheers peoples.... @brett I watched those too, just a bit of homework before the purchase....
  2. Some C-46 Commando

    nice one great shots, just updated.......
  3. Rotate MD

    Did a bit of extra window cleaning on Saturday morning, thought I would spend some of the cash on this......Rotate MD80....not had time to fly yet but just gone through initial cockpit prep, so far I like it very much...
  4. me & my MU- 2........

    thanks guys, @brett that was very interesting reading thanks for digging it up....
  5. VC collection

    nice, some great shots there...
  6. Sun Flyer 4 seat electric.

    don't get the point of 0-60 in 5 secs in a truck...not really a selling point.... as someone who worked as an owner driver for over 20 years after leaving the Army there are a few things that you require with any vehicle used in industry, initial cost, electrics are still over priced, cost of running the vehicle, will it do the job? range and load capabilities..... we now run a family cleaning business, we have 3 vans all diesel, I have a small van that carries approx 500lts of water for window cleaning, currently to replace that van for a similar size is dearer and has a range of approx 120 miles, my furthest job is 74 miles away, not compatible, also if the UK swapped completely to electric we would bring the grid down..... vehicle wise the way to go is hybrid, electric around the city or in traffic where polution is highest, and normal engines on the open road... not to sure I want to go in an aircraft that relys on electricity.....
  7. Douglas DC-4 / C-54

    superb work.....
  8. me & my MU- 2........

    Picked this one up the other week, email from Cameron saying sale at Xaviation so straight over and got it, been waiting for XP11 upgrade......nice bit of work, all looks fine, it's actually a bit of a handful and apparently the real version is banned in some places........always seems to want to roll to the right.....anyway a flight today from EHBK to EGGD, tested the checklists, startup, Navigation, Autopilot and ILS capture and landing and all was well, I even got a round of applause from my virtual pax.......a few shots below, great value I think (£15)..... ready to run through the checklists. ready to taxi, sorry landing lights are on... all cleaned up and climbing out, fairly descent weather.... just love the glass effect.... descending down to capture the ILS.... soon be home... flaps, gear, just about on the ILS.......after this I hit a cloud which cleared just in time but I couldn't get a final shot....
  9. SabreJet!

    nice shots Al..
  10. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/144753-want-to-develop-for-orbx/ hope the link works, interesting since they said they wouldn't be going down the XP road...good news for me as I only buy Airports and aircraft for XP as I think the landscape with a bit of tinkering looks fine, especially at FL320 ........
  11. Connie handbook print

    cheers Brett, vid link very useful.....only PDF I can't print was the Connie........
  12. EHAM to EGCC

    great work sir, love the first one, very atmospheric.....
  13. didn't get no airtime yesterday, struggling to start her at the moment, more reading required....
  14. TransNZ

    great work and some nice views out of the window...