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  1. Saint Patrick's Day

    nice shots, and belated St Patricks day wishes for a great time for all, have a lot of relations over there, wifes family, would love to retire there when the time comes, always made very welcome....lets not talk about the rugby apart from to say well done Ireland, head and shoulders above the rest of us.....I'll take some Hop House 13 though, not a guinness drinker....
  2. JF Warrior

    A few shots of a flight I did yesyerday late afternoon, JF Warrior from EGGD - EGCC, first proper try out in this plane,2 things I noticed that I will approach JF about, one was no readout on EGT gauge and the other was auto fuel pump switch was not working....otherwise great flight trying to stay below the clouds as dark descended... just after take off.. looking back at Bristol... Filton, as it was over the right wing... descending on the approach to Manchester.... couldn't find GA parking.... all unloaded and securing.... seems to me a very nice aircraft to fly, feels quite solid in the air and trims very well, hidden spot on autopilot for alt hold is handy, had a few issues starting but doubtless that is down to me.......ground handling seems a pain but we all agree that's an XP11 issue so no faults with JF for that......
  3. backup...

    thank you sir....
  4. backup...

    sorry guys I think you misunderstand.... plan-g saves files to Documnets, my documents folder gets backed up automatically to ONEDRIVE, not a problem. my question is why is there a big file in plan-g DATA folder for FSX / FS9 as I don't have them installed?
  5. backup...

    when I recently did a scan of XP with plan-g it created a backup, it saves to my docs which is on ms onedrive cloud, can some one please tell me why it backs up all sims info when I only had XP11 and p3dv4? 144mb backup for fsx which isn't installed...can I stop this?
  6. saab 340 xplane

    it looks absolutly stunning in XP11......really slow internet today but installed now, just did a startup and all seems ok.....
  7. saab 340 xplane

    Anyone with the saab from over at Xaviation, v1.5 released, adds compatabilty with XP11 amongst other things...
  8. watching this but it could be massive downloads......
  9. Rotating.....

    Here are a couple of shots from the Rotate MD80, bought it a while back but been to busy, really love it though........
  10. XP11 NEWS...... TERRAMAXX out tomorrow...Saturday 17th March....distributed via Xaviation this will give seasonal textures for the whole world in XP, it can be set to Auto or forced to produce winter, screenies over there were quite good.... Downside is that all 3rd party airports have to be changed slightly but apparently it's not difficult to do and this will allow snow etc in their scenery, also currently it won't work with photo scenery, e.g. ortho4xp. Also ships with Autumn style trees and 2 levels of detail textures depending on your PC Specs.... No price listed yet, but if I have time I will post over the weekend.....
  11. FFA320 DUBLIN & BACK

    thanks Chris, weirdly even though Ryanair are all Boeing this AC comes with their livery, below is a free livery I have downloaded, easy it was...
  12. FSL 320 issue

    http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/118061-piracy-by-flight-sim-labs/ old news but seems to all be resurfacing including a similar DRM issue a few years back re pmdg md11, seems the main guy at fsl was involved in that too...
  13. FFA320 DUBLIN & BACK

    So I managed to get my hands on this A320 from Flight Factor, did a couple of flights, mainly on my tester route, EGGD-EIDW......all went well, I am seeing a lot of people having problems that aren't problems but it seems lack of Airbus knowledge, devs don't really help with a 10 page pdf and basically a link to Airbus 300+ page handbook...I always feel releasing something like this there should be at least a basic flight tutorial explaing how to use the product...Anyway for me it was all fine as I have used Aerosofts and JAR'S buses.....all looks fine to me, had a few warnings of faulty things but sorted them nothing major.....install was easy, through the MCDU for activation, some people having issues with EFB, again move the mouse away it's all sorted, it seems there are people that don't try the obvious first......it followed the FP very well, sticking to restrictions and capturing the approach and ILS with no issues.....landing perfectly, with spoilers activating and reverse thrust all working as should, people on XP forum claiming this is broke but I am not seeing this....I don't like that FF always sell livery packages, however XP forum is packed with freebies that are good quality, some great talent out there that do it for fun....... slightly off topic but I have an external log from another poster a while back, it seems if you fly to destination and return it thinks you hav not gone anywhere, guess I have to close down sim between flights, shame really but no big deal...... so here are some shots........... ready for the push... pushing..... climbing above the cloud... office view... approaching EIDW..... on the GS.... down and nearly stopped, thrusters and spoilers working... starting the return trip....... landing at Bristol.....
  14. Flight Factor A320 Ultimate.

    sorry Phil, bit belated but thanks for the heads up mate, all sorted, downloaded and installed, do they announce updates or is that just for BEATA?
  15. two France

    superb shots, I love the 2nd....