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  1. first trip 737 to EGCC

    cheers guys....
  2. just a quick Heads up to anyone with REX TD HD, 2gig update, part of which makes it p3d4 compatible.....fire up REX, you will get told there's an update, no report yet just downloading now........whoop whoop...........
  3. Saitek controllers

    just thought I would BUMP this with an update..... I have bought SPADNEXT , £27 for use with FS9/FSX/FSXSE/FSW/P3Dv1-4/ETS2/ATS, also available for XP to....I was a little unsure at first because it looks abit complicated to set up but if you follow the instruction in the manual it is quite straight forward. It works on a 'profiles' basis where via an in app button you can download profiles for all mannner of aircraft, then follow the instructions to link them to your relevent sim(s), you can also create your own. I have so far used it with A2A, Carenado and default, but there are profiles for Aerosft, PMDG, iFLY and many others. No issues and all the panels were working correct, you have to ensure you set microsoft NOT to turn power off to save energy, but I guess most of us have done that anyway. I went down this route as SPAD was not working with 64bit P3D4 but now I have heard there is a .exe update. The advantage here is it being updated and developed and once you work it out it's quite easy. Forum is also helpful. I know you can download and try for 14 days evalution so it's good to have that just in case you can't get yor head around it.... Just though I would put it out there in caseanyone is unsure.... Wayne
  4. first trip 737 to EGCC

    cheers guys, yeah I have wrote a few what I call tutorials to help me along the way on the complecated stuff, but instead of 60 pages I normally get it on to 6..... trying not to get new stuff now, I think I more or less have all the stuff I like on both of my sims, I am though waiting for the Aerosoft 320 upgrade for p3d4.... yes Matt you are right it does look like that.....
  5. Shoutbox?

    I wondered if it was similar to chatbox over on the darkside at xp.org?
  6. Catalina to Ganser-Seaboard C46 Cargo.

    nice one Matt, great pics and helpful other stuff to....
  7. looks like a good time.....cheers to you all...
  8. first trip 737 to EGCC

    So here goes with my first trip in my new 737 in P3Dv4, spent a whole week writing a condensed tutorial as 77 pages plus a supplement is just to much to keep going through....all went except I put the wrong waypoint in, set up to fly route and then once in the air noticed my first waypoint was over 4000nm away, oops, but at least I now know how to delete a waypoint and fly direct to the next, also some airways weren't recognised but this is because I can't update v4 I guess....Flight was my usual test route from Bristol to Manchester, real time and real weather using AS16, default textures though as REXTD HD are not updated yet even though JF web says P3Dv4????....was a nice trip, was to high at GS capture so had to go around, flew in by hand and surprised my self, I was of line slightly but smooth.....I can't work out out to set a switch/button for reverse thrust in v4, anyone know please le me know, thanks.... Anyway below are a few shops with a free livery downloaded from their website.....I am really surprised how much I enjoyed the flight.....I think I like the 737 as much as the 320 now....and it works well with GSX but I can only open 1 door.... sorry for the line at the top but I was flicking through some pfd stuff during this flight, I know some of you don't like that but currently can't use my other small monitor.... reread through Jims post re-v4 settings and have adjusteda few things as I appear to have some spare resources.... Wayne
  9. Faithful Annie

    great shots Ros....
  10. nice one Tim .....looks like a great trip you had.....great pics to....

    cheers guys.... @UKJim yeah only stock airports, I don.t buy airfields for P3D as most of them are reasonable with ORBX, however in XP I only buy airports as most stock ones have no buildings......
  12. Cessna Home Cockpit

    maybe he was overcome with the pats on the back from us and is now having physio to relieve the pain....

    Picked this area up in the sale, Southern California......quick trip from KSEE to KSNA.......had to turn of AS16 as the cloud was so low......using one of my A2A craft.....I do think I can adjust the settings it seems to me on performance I could possibly dial up the detail a notch or 2 more....
  14. v4 NAVDATA help....

    I have updated all I can on my system for XP11 and my addons for XP and P3D however I can't work out how to update the NAVDATA in P3Dv4....any pointers would be warmly embraced.. thank you...oh yes I am using NAVIGRAPH........... also any idea where I need to point PFPX.........I have saved a flight plan to my 737 but can't save it to P3D....
  15. Orbx sale - 48% off!

    downloading Southern California now, an area I don't usually go to but really wanted to start flying around.........