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  1. Our Baby

    more great work.....
  2. Sexy Betsy

    nice, grear work, great shots....
  3. cheers Brian arrived safely, no snow included.......anyone thinking about it go for it, work really well in p3dv4 using SPADnext....go nicely with my other Saitek stuff......not tried XP11 yet though... Thanks again sir great service you have provided.........
  4. Boeing B-50 Superfortress

    great work, nice pics, I like the 2nd one best....
  5. Sim addict?

    Seems like mostly me then, I suppose sim addiction is better for me than drugs.........I actually don't really spend a lot of time on any sim and most flights are down to about 2 hours including set up time, get the odd sunday for a longer flight.......I seem to go in phases where I use XP for weeks, P3D for weeks and then maybe something else for a short while then back to flight, I find it helps me just relax and unwind........I did try DCS and even though it looked good I couldn't be bothered with all the combat fuss......Also on thinking back my PS4 was actually only used about 6 times in the whole of last year......agree with train sim it is a bit boring, I try it then think no bored now, turn it off........
  6. XP11 737

    nice shot Phil, XP looking good as ever....
  7. North American F-82G Twin Mustang

    nice clear shots.........
  8. Sim addict?

    I have always been addicted to flightsims since I got my first which was FS98, since then got them up to FSX, now though mostly use P3D4 and XP11....... however I find it hard to resist certain sims, these are my current sims that I use regularly - P3D4, XP11, FSW, TRAINSIM, FERNBUS COACH SIM, FARMING SIM2017, EURO TRUCK SIM 2 & AMERICAN TRUCK SIM..... Just wondering is it me or is there a thing called simaddiction? I also only buy sports games that are based on real world sports, MLB,NHL, WRC, MOTGP, FIFA & F1. Anyone else use any other sims besides FSX etc? I bought ship sim once but thought that was more like SH#TSIM.......
  9. Been reading about this in latest Airliner World mag, sounds like a really good adventure, I have added a small pic from the mag, was on the net but is a tad bit small, 2 icons together, this DC3 is actually 77 years old..........amazing........
  10. REX announce Sky Force 3D

    nice one Kevin, awaiting your feedback, not been swayed by vids on YT so far though....
  11. B-26 Marauder

    nice repaints....
  12. Taking it to the Max

    have to agree with Jury, no VC then no go for me, some nice shots though Al....
  13. Piece Taker...Long hauling in a Convair.

    nice one, some good shots there, looks like a handful but certainly able to carry a huge load.....
  14. bit late, hope you had a good one Phil, happy birthday.....
  15. REX announce Sky Force 3D

    thanks for the info Joe, I will stick with what I have at he moment.....I am thinking maybe in time if they get it all working well then as it's all one package doing everything it could run well with less resources......