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  1. wain

    a2a fsx

    @J G I have asked Rich and he assures me that Military packs that you may already have should install into TG okay, re GA that is being developed....
  2. wain

    a2a fsx

    can't share as my version is not released for Early Access yet.....was mainly surprised at how well it works as I am XP then p3dv4 orientated now...
  3. wain

    resolution confusion

    thanks Phil, hoping to order in a day or two however my van broke twice this week, think its EGR Valve, google makes it sound expensive, lucky we have a spare but it has no window cleaning kit fitted...bloody nightmare....
  4. wain

    a2a fsx

    Been testing Traffic Global now for a while, I decided as a lot were trying p3d I would reload my old FSX (Boxed) along with GEX, UTX, REX and DX10 Fixer.....just a few shots from the old sim, seems to run quite smooth locked at 31fps.....
  5. wain

    resolution confusion

    thanks Joe, good to know that, I was a little unsure.....
  6. needing a little help here please, if a monitor has a res of 2560-1440 and fsx / p3d has a res of 1920- 1080 how is the display effected? does it get stretched? is it more detailed, more pixels? also re xp11 I can't seem to see anything about resolution for that, anyone have any ideas? still haven't pulled the trigger on a new monitor.........more money available now though....
  7. nice work, glad I was at PC and not on phone though.....
  8. @brett happy birthday sir.. Hope you had a good one...
  9. Been running it in FSX boxed for several months, all seems ok, no loss of FPS, I have an old version of FSX with REX, UTX, GEX & DX10 Fixer.....watching traffic coming and going today all good even on 100% traffic......originally was testing in P3D4 but I thought FSX was being neglected so I opted for that.....stiil Early Access so anyone tempted bare in mind it's not finished but there are discounts......
  10. Joe as a Bristolian myself I would love to know where that came from, I thought it was just 'us', a bit like 'gurt lush'........any ideas anyone?
  11. Just Flights Traffic Global just released into Early Access today.....
  12. wain


    great shots..
  13. Just had email from ORBX, big sale on......... https://orbxdirect.com/
  14. nice one Phil, some great shots there........