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  1. Thanks very much, Mutley! It's already really fun to be working on. Lots of details!
  2. Hi all! Just a heads up, we've announced KGPI Glacier Park International Airport! The Team You’re probably wondering who will be developing KGPI? Well, here’s the team: Russell Linn – Modelling, Ground Poly Russ White – Modelling, Vegetation Greg Jones – Modelling, Photoreal Imagery We’re very excited to start development on KGPI and we look forward to sharing updates with you though the development process! More info can be found in the full article here: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/turbulent-designs-kgpi-glacier-park-international-airport-announcement/ Thanks for your support! Russ
  3. KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport Released!

    Thanks for the assist, Brett Thanks, Russ
  4. Hi All! I'm hoping I've posted this in the correct place. Please feel free to smack me up-side the head if I've done it wrong! We've just released KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport for FSX, P3D v3 and v4. Here's the announcement on our news board: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/kida-idaho-falls-regional-airport-released/ Here's the release trailer: Hope you all like! Thanks, Russ Turbulent Designs
  5. Orbx release Friday Harbor for FSX & P3D

    Blimey, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck! Apologies Russ, you know that I appreciate all that you and your team do. Haven't installed it yet as I'm building a super PC at Xmas. It will then be added to my library. Cheers, it looks superb. Haha, no worries! I didn't take insult! I'd take advantage of the deal too!
  6. Orbx release Friday Harbor for FSX & P3D

    Blimey, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck!
  7. Thanks! You'll have to visit the office at some point too. - Russ
  8. Shame we (Turbulent) couldn't be there! We're a little snowed under with work and personal commitments at the moment, but we'll be sure to show our ugly mugs ASAP! - Russ
  9. FTX: NA KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport

    Thanks Mutley! We're always open to a pint!
  10. FTX: NA KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport

    Thanks for the great review, Brian! Really glad you enjoyed KBLU!
  11. Views around KBLU

  12. Views around KBLU

  13. Sim-Unlimited

    I admit, the joining fee gave me the same impression. It's a little much... - Russ
  14. FTX: EU Norway Released

    The blending looks lovely! Looking forward to having a fly around it soon
  15. Hey Brett! No release date just yet, but we'll keep you updated for sure! - Russ