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  1. Gorgeous pics Loic! Those graphics are absolutely stunning
  2. I haven't gotten around to setting up a Flickr account so I can upload screenshots. Been meaning to for a while haha. Dalton Air Haulage has now become Dalton Air Cargo. New logo to be put up later. I'm on the ipad for the moment because Ireland vs Scotland in football (soccer) is on now so hopefully I'll be in a good humour afterwards Come on you boys in green! Anyways here's to a nice long weekend of hauling!
  3. Yeah I noticed that you changed from an Amd 4100 to an i5. Let me know what the performance difference is like! Back from the dead for a few weeks anyways. Looking forward to a few weeks of easy-ish school days before the going gets tough in February. Some of the ideas in AH2 look really cool. I like the fact that you have to pass a TR to fly certain planes, certainly adds a bit of realism to it. Not sure how it will work out with all of the addon A/C out there (the majority of my fleet is addons). Also has AH1-AH2 file company conversion been announced or....?
  4. Absolutely dying for AH2, only saw the screenshots a few days ago. Looks like it's going to be amazing!
  5. Its been a big relief I can tell you! A few more weeks and it'll be ditched again because of more exams
  6. Well its been nearly 2 months since I've been on here. Quite a lot has happened to be fair! We've leased another 2 737-800's. I picked up Aersoft's Airbus A320/21 X and leased 2 A321's from that. Leased another 170 and leased 2 E190's. As for bases, well we've went bizerk with them. We opened up in Fly Tampa's Dubai. That was followed by Charlotte (KCLT), Rapid City (KRCA), San Francisco (although I've set that as in-active for the time being), Laconia (KCLI), Fly Tampa's St Maarten, Moose Jaw (CYMJ), my beloved Dublin with Aerosoft's Dublin Scenery (at last ), HEGN in Egypt and 2 bases in the Canary's (GCRR and GCLP). What a difference 2 months can make! I've been extremely busy with work and exams hence why I havent been posting as much. I was in EGNM for a few days and managed to get inside the cockpit of a Ryanair 737, got talking to the captain for over a half an hour on the stand in Dublin. She's a beauty of a cockpit when you see her in person I can tell you's that! Enough of my chit-chat. Hows things with yourselves?
  7. For a cheap one I would recommend the Logitech Attack 3. Not the most glamourous joystick but still an amazing piece of hardware!
  8. Nothing much has happened in the past while on AH as I've been extremely busy lately. Just assigning out pilots every 2 days to keep the money flowing! I was in Leeds for the past 3 days and got to get inside a Ryanair cockpit! I have a video of the landing from my seat over the wing which I'll upload to youtube later and link it to this post! Now time to beat the rainy Dublin blues and go haul some freight!
  9. Cheers matt! I was given My Traffic 5.2 by a friend earlier so I'm in the midst of setting that up (which is turning out to be a right pain in the you know whats) Whenever I get any free time this week I'll probably look into organising the whole flight school thing a little more
  10. That's actually a clever idea! If I hadn't have already went and spent 2 hours last night implementing a whole new system I would've probably went that way. Not bad though
  11. Dalton School of Aviation has opened! Our new strategy is to hire fATPL pilots and have them progress on small aircraft flying jobless runs in planes like the Baron 58 in order for their reps to go up. They'll progress up to the next airplane type based on each milestone rank that they reach May seem like a bad idea but sure I'll keep at it anyways
  12. Sure that's just loose change. Here have a couple of hundred thousand euro it's ok
  13. We finally have our first wide-body aircraft. We leased an Aerosim Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner tonight! Jobs are "flying in" (get it ) left right and centre. Some interesting destinations e.g Seychelles, Khartoum, Aswan etc.
  14. Brilliant haha! Think it's about time to start flying (watching Manchester United tonight is painful) a bit of flying should relieve my pain
  15. I subtracted 3000 from the highest number on each line and got the capacity up to 64740. Pretty happy with that Thanks again lads! I love the help!