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  1. hideous?? hahaha. never heard that word, and i find it very nice. i don´t know.. there´s opinions than colors, and i find b1900d binter canarias a very nice plane, and more better if it has the colors of my home, canarias! thanks for the lesson jankees!
  2. thanks for welcome jard and allardjd. Jaydor hahaha, yes i know its being really difficult for me to find some to this repaints for the carenado and for the dash. And maybe is true that carenado has phobia to repainters. But the curious thing is that i talked with the Carenado home and the told me to find repainters in forums, "theres a lot of people who makes carenado reapints" (literally) but im discouvering that is not true hahaha. Anyway, thanks for all guys and sorry about my poor english!
  3. Hey people im new here! I met this forum by aerosoft shop. Congratulations to Orbix ! I¨m looking for people who can make for me 2 repaints, one real and one fictional. The real one is the Binter Canarias (Naysa) texture for the carenado b1900d, i have posted one picture. And the second one is the fictional repaint, Binter Canarias texture for the majestic dash 8q400. This plane is not real, but the real airline has a close one, im talking about the art 72/500 that looks a little bit like the dash 8. You can find pictures on google. I pay 24€ for the two repaints. Nothing else, sorry about my poor english and thanks for all! By!