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  1. I didn’t get an email on this. What happened to FSS?
  2. Nov 2017 - Vaping

    F-14 on an intercept course of a bogey!
  3. Nov 2017 - Vaping

    Two for the price of one!
  4. Nov 2017 - Vaping

    Climbing out of Aberdeen in a Super 80
  5. Nov 2017 - Vaping

    Is this the switch that turns those on?
  6. That is a very old joke that gets recycled. The first time I heard it it was a Polish joke. I guess it changes to suit the times
  7. P-40 over a wind farm.
  8. The Golden Gate.
  9. FIP Gauges' - FIP Gauges

    Cool! If I ever fly again I may get that
  10. Sept 2017 - Hotel California

    Somewhere in coastal California. Can't quite remember where exactly.
  11. Sept 2017 - Hotel California

    The California coast and Mountains
  12. Happy belated birthday Joe! (I have been absent of late but back now!)
  13. High performance Mustang