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  1. sorry John you're tethered it doesn't count
  2. the future never looked so promising...
  3. great set Jess
  4. glad to have you back guys
  5. beautiful work Kevin, you've come a long way! my you can add wave effect to your coast line; this will make the foam area and fade more natural, also don't come out all the way to the coastline; you should align 3-4m inward right behind where the foam line starts
  6. sorry i missed this guys all good here, been so busy i barely noticed it myself, i felt like i was back in jersey for while there,
  7. Chris bell - creative design studios blue marble

    Thank you Matt, through the miracle of video editing along with sim time controls allows to move time few hours and record the planet in one state (day/night) the point of view was taken intentionally from F12 view to show the scope of coverage with seasonal changes throughout the globe as they accrue, there is more info on our forums homepage,
  8. The Blue Marble Project Meet The Blue Marble, yes we have another marble in our collection Blue Marble is not a new name for Black Marble, It's a Project on its own merits! Not to be confused with Night Environment, Black Marble, or vEarth (Virtual Earth) projects, More detail about Blue Marble Project can be found here The video below showcase the projects from a worldwide prospective (best viewed in full screen at 1080HD!), Freeze frame the first second and you will see the old data visible for one second (including FPS etc.); Right after (in video editing) we blend from the same position only this time from within Blue Marble, Watch closely the following 20 seconds as we time lap through 12 month worldwide seasonal cycle, Before we start spinning the globe to show you Blue Marble in all its glory all around the world, and then right before when you think it’s over… wait for it! Enjoy one more thing… be sure to register as a member of our forums by Christmas to be eligible for our special Christmas gift! with opening our new online shop we will invite all our registered forums members by Christmas to get their Christmas gift! A copy of Blue Marble free of charge The Blue Marble Blue Marble is made out of real worldwide seasonal coordinated high res Photoreal imagery!!! (Blue Marble Seamlessly integrates and is Compatible with all 3rd party add on's like FTX Global and all other regions, UTX etc.)
  9. vEarth Project - Night Light Test (Florida KIMM to KAPF) this is our Special Night Environment AccuGen Edition that is part of vEarth! (this is not Night Environment Florida! and this is not Black Marble!) this is Autogen based system controlled via internal native Sim density sliders, (no control panel, no manager, or any configs required) Part 1 Part 2
  10. royalty check... i need to taste that beer first! hold on one sec there... does the truck comes inside the bottle like a ship? than no deal! AccuGen is a new term we will use to describe our accurate Autogen libraries from now on, i think its more fitting and doesn't hurt AccuGen files feelings, their a proud bunch of files
  11. if you recall this project started because of you! and PCAviator (aka Robert; thats all the clues ill put out there for now ) a truck load plus.... the pint you already promised me! your total comes up to a pint plus a truckload by the way i coined a new Phrase (seriously i posted on our vEarth thread ) "AccuGen" as its name suggests its an accurate Autogen; as a pose to the standard Autogen which is random every time its loaded, both are controlled via the same sliders; only AccuGen's object aren't random, they will always appear in the same exact location over the Photoreal imagery when allowed to run,