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  1. i didn't want to steal the thunder from Black Marble's display! thats actually our lowest mag loaded with around 9k stars! (almost same as default)
  2. i guess it had to be done eventually i dislike fraps as it mostly kill FPS on my poor laptop, nevertheless here we go... Black Marble Vector in the flesh with Vector Pack at Mach 1+ running smoothly with PREPAR3D v4 x64, Win 8.1 x64, Dell Precision M3800, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4702HQ @ 2.20GHz, 16.0 GB Ram, NVIDIA Quadro K1100M, we are not going for high FPS score with this clip (especially not with fraps running on a none gaming laptop), this is just to show how Black Marble looks and feel in person, Settings: Level of detail radius - Max Tessellation Factor - Low Mesh resolution - 19m Texture resolution - 1m Scenery complexity - Extremely dense Autogen draw distance - Extremely high Autogen vegetation density - normal Autogen building density - normal Weather - clear sky Black Marble homepage http://blackmarble.chrisbelldesigns.com/ Black Marble Project discussion https://forums.chrisbelldesigns.com/topic/207-black-marble/
  3. Thank you Dear few more here https://forums.chrisbelldesigns.com/topic/207-black-marble/?do=findComment&comment=3274
  4. well... its not a complete reliability test without at least two Marble's and few NE's? im just saying... (Singapore with just one Marble )
  5. Pre Order BLACK MARBLE with 25% Discount NOW!!! more info Black Marble website can be found here http://blackmarble.chrisbelldesigns.com/ half way through you will see our gallery, this is a swipe gallery carousel (you can also grab with a mouse click and swipe) loaded with 50+ images; swipe to the image preview you want to see and click on it for full size view, you can also swipe back and forth within the album once you're in it in full view! don't miss out on our Black Marble 25% introductory Pre-Order Discount!!!
  6. not really , they know all along we were working on our own outlet, some of the reason to venture our own route came through difficulties to get our products updated on time, they have been and still are atm content with our older titles as is
  7. Thank you Brett, most people are waiting for us to come up with upgrade path for existing Aerosoft customers; which unfortunately doesn't look like it will come to fruition for the time being,
  8. we have now published all new Night Environment v1.8.0 installers for Prepar3D v4, the new installers can be purchased through our new Night Environment website here http://www.nightenvironment.com/ or directly from our new Shop here https://shop.chrisbelldesigns.com/
  9. i urge everyone registered on our forums prior to Christmas 2016 to take advantage of our free Blue Marble gift (even if you're not eligible drop me an email )
  10. Thank you very much Brian i caught a glimpse of you the other day on our site
  11. been meaning to post this for you Matt, its been so crazy it slipped my mind
  12. Thank you dear you will have it in your sim shortly these will be visible and will comply with Sim circles and or lines and constellations, we used SAO (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory catalog) to render our stars, we rendered all bright stars with the exception of faint stars mag 12 beyond that you need more then binoculars to capture; there was no point in rendering 2.5 Billion stars if we don't visit them! Ive been trying to build a database but they keep flying all over