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  1. Looks fun! I didn't think anyone could actually make the default microlight look like a good addon - well done!
  2. Amazing work. The 3rd in particular...
  3. B77W


    Very nice. Good to see a true classic in the skies!
  4. B77W

    Inbound Amsterdam!

    Thank you very much, Guys! It had to be Emirates and the 777 for my return If you could, Joe, that'd be great. If you can't then no problem. Sam
  5. Good Evening, Some of you may remember me from a while ago, some of you may not. My name is Sam, once upon a time I was an active member of the JustFlight forum and also participated in the odd ‘Around The World’ challenge here, but I can't remember my username never mind the email address and password associated with it. I don’t have the best computer at ‘The Hanger’, far from it based on some of your Guys great screenshots, so I wasn’t even planning to take any screenshots of my latest flight (that’s why there aren’t any departure shots), but upon approaching Amsterdam, I thought I’d take a few. Thank you and enjoy! ___________________________ Descending through 7000ft. One of the advantages of flying to AMS, great scenery. Establishing on the ILS 18R. Flap 20, gear down. After 7 hours in the air, UAE150 is almost down. Starting the long taxi to G09. Apologies for no landing shorts - the joy of Vatsim. Approaching 18C. Pulling onto G09 (despite AES trying their best to confuse us that this is G03). Shutdown. Cheers, Sam
  6. Cracking shots, Joe! Nice to see the ATWC challenge is still going strong.
  7. Hi Joe, Tried those with no luck - doesn't happen with the Manchester scenery, just LHR which is rather strange :s Cheers anwyay. Sam
  8. Hi, I'm not one to watch a video on YouTube and post it on a forum, but this video is something special. Note: Watch in 720HD and Full Screen for the full effect. Sam
  9. Hi All, I've just re-installed UK2000's LHR scenery and there seems to be a slight texture issue, any ideas? Cheers, Sam
  10. Cheers Guys, much appreciated. Sam
  11. Hi All, Not FS9 or FSX, but actually a stand-alone program called DCS. Enjoy. And a bonus shot from a multiplayer session a few nights back... Cheers, Sam
  12. Always nice to see the 727 making an appearance especially in such stunning shots!
  13. Thanks Guys! I try Phil... Nice to know I haven't got any worse :blush:
  14. Thanks, Stu. It is indeed the PMDG, I haven't flown it in months so it was great to get her back in the air. Thanks, Joe. Yep it's superb both visually and how it handles. DXB all the way - all though it doesn't quite feel that same with default scenery - even if FlyTampa is awful. Thank you! Very kind. Cheers, Rob. She's great, eh?