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  1. Thks guys, just waking up from a 12 hours straight sleep ! Off to brunch...
  2. Just for information, I won this afternoon the 600 nm Mini Fastnet Race, a 4 days race between Brittany, Land's End, Ireland, Fastnet Rock and back... on Mini One Design 6.50m sailing boats. After 4 days of sleeping 3 hours per night and a half hour here and there during the day, pints of beer (because of hot weather ) and coffee (to stay awake ) I finished 40 minutes before a korean skipper, a british skipper and an italian skipper ( and 10 other boats ) We had an american but he had to quit in the middle due to irl issues. Taking some rest now until Cowes - Dinard on the 7th of July ...
  3. JG we are still in alpha stage. So no answer to your questions at this point. I also like adventure, I'm planning a round the world sailing to celebrate the 50 years of Bernard Moitessier " La longue route " the book which made me jump into sailing. For the map just drag the corner and you can have the size of your screen. If there is an engine one day, I hope we'll have a mean to seal it for the races... PS I'm already doing some nice boat trips in FSX with my cruise catamaran from Deltasim studios, except it is not persistent like Sailaway.
  4. If anyone wants to talk about women, rum, gunpowder and sailboats, we are here : Chat and vocal.
  5. For information : I am part of the organisation of the french speaking Sailaway community. The goal is mainly to organize long races at the same time as the real ones and federate french speaking skippers. But we are open to the world , I'm in charge of translations and communications. We are working closely with the editor of the game. I'm also organiser and Race Committee for speed records. We have in our ranks already quite a few FSX/P3D pilots, so it might interest some more. We organise on Sunday 18th 13:00 UTC the Mini Fastnet with 6.50m monotypes "Mini Transat", a 600 nm race between Brittany, Land's End, the Fastnet south of Ireland and back. It's all there :
  6. First patch is out taking the game to version 1.01b. First mods are available at .
  7. Ideally, neither of them... I'm out .... I didn't start it !
  8. I understand. For information, you don't have to go through Steam, you can buy the game directly from the Sailaway website if I remember. I went thru Steam because I already have a lot of games there.
  9. I warned you it was an early access, we are working with the dev ( very receptive ) to finish the software. It will take at least 6 months before official release. Last update introduced surfing on waves and wind shadow on other boats. Instead of clicking spots I prefer to use Q and E keys to go through the different ropes. You can also setup with a Xbox type controller. In the meantime we are already organizing long races. They are more about tactic and strategy than trimming the boat, we are on autopilot ( bearing or wind angle ) most of the time. ( same as in real life in solo races ) Once you've trimmed your sails and set the autopilot, you're not going to stay and stare at your monitor for hours on a straight course... You can also have a lot of interesting chats with other people. Yesterday evening while I was manually going up the Solent ( had to tack quite a few times to the Needles ) I was talking with a guy from the Isle of Man on its way to the Fastnet rock. We have also formed a french speaking group with a Discord channel where we can talk or chat, we have put up a website and forum and start organizing things. I'm in charge of speed records on different routes. At the moment I am preparing a Cowes - Dinard race, I left the Solent last night and I'm in the middle of the Channel heading to Guernsey, but the wind in the nose... PS I suppose you are talking about Virtual Skipper 5 32nd America's Cup. It has still a strong community and I'm racing with it every weekend. It depicts only a few spots and not the whole world, and the controls are very simple ( you can only pull or release both sheets at the same time in manual mode ). In fact we make all races on tactical mode with auto trimming of sails. The skipper steers the boat and the crew pulls on the ropes...
  10. Approaching Wolf Rock under the moon after crossing the Channel :
  11. Happy birthday Joe !
  12. I can confirm sailors understand faster flying and navigation...
  13. Funny, I'm looking forward to my tour of NZ planned for this winter ( this summer over there ...)
  14. Stagee 3 : Bella Bella to Thumb Harbour Part 3 Even good company must part at some point, and it is time to fly further. The lake is barely long enough for take off ( with Accu-Feel sticking to the water ) but luckily the lake is like a swiming pool with overflow and we can dive into the valley. There are some low clouds stuck in the fjord, but our destination is just there on the right : I only need to go down slowly following the buoys : Land on the water ( always sound strange, land and water...) and float to the houses : .../...
  15. Nice pics and a good start, Wain !