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  1. Nice pics ! Seems you always start early on Sunday mornings...
  2. I remember being married once, a long time ago...
  3. Small is beautiful...
  4. Hi and welcome to Mutley's ! I operate 2 AH companies ( opened and closed a few more... ), but my largest planes are Twotters, so I'm affraid I won't be able to help you ! Besides that , I'm still operating with AH 1...
  5. Great pics Dolf. For a time I had started an AH company for flying in winter, based in Marie Galante. But after a couple of months I got tired of island hopping and always flying above the empty water. Now that I have all the AI boats traffic installed, maybe I should try again !
  6. Great news for the UK. Since Airbus already spends annually around 4 billion GBP with UK suppliers, you will have the best of both worlds. ( Although we don't know what it will be in 2 years from now when the Brexit is done, following what will be negociated in the meantime )
  7. Either for my Air Hauler flights or for my adventure trips in different places of the world, I tend to organize flights between 1h and 1h30 plus planning time ( although I had sometimes to put up with longer stages as there was no closer airfield on the way... ) If the plane has an autopilot and I have a good book in my hands, it's not a problem. Unfortunately the longest ones were mostly above some desertic landscapes with old-time airplanes needing a hand on the stick ! Since most of the time these flights take place in the afternoon while the missus is at work, or at night when she's sleeping ( as she needs to get up early to go to work ), I have to grab the beers in the fridge by myself.
  8. Nice try Brett.... With google translation, you just asked him to go home !
  9. Glad to welcome a fellow countryman, I lived in Hyères myself a couple of years, so La Moutonne sounds familiar. ( Content d'accueillir un compatriote, j'ai moi même vécu à Hyères deux ans, et je connais La Moutonne )
  10. Manfred Jahn's C47 v3 updated ( night cockpit textures and more ) to version 3.14 beta
  11. And to finish with, a picture today of the plane I'm flying at the moment, Albatros DII from Jasta 4 based in Roupy, Somme. We are end of October 1916 and Oberleutnant Arndt von Treppen has a record of 27 missions and 20 air victories. I'm using an external addon program called PWCG ( Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator ) which generates more historical missions than the vanilla game, and where you can parameter everything. For each nation involved I'm flying a war campaign from 1916 to 1918 ( we don't have early war planes in Rise of Flight ) for a specific unit - at the moment Jasta 4 for Germany, RFC 29 for the Brits, Escadrille 103 for France - waiting for the US to enter the war before picking one of them. Every time one of my pilots is shot down for good ( you can also be wounded and have some days/weeks off at the hospital ) another one jumps in the seat one week later.
  12. If you look at the pics I posted, in the "engine control" page there are two lines for "auto radiator" and "auto mixture". There is no key assigned in the default controls, but you can add one. I hadn't realized yet where it was as I always flew " the real thing " from start. Also note that if you engage the full autopilot - hand off your plane control to the AI - ( default A ) it will automatically adjust radiator flaps and mixture. EDIT : I found what I was looking for ( forgot about it since I didn't go there since a long time ) : All difficulty settings are all in Mission settings. I use "Warmed up engine" as if " full real " you have to wait a few minutes on take off for water-cooled engines to warm up. We were playing "full real" in multiplayer missions and used this warm up time to receive the instructions from the flight leader on Teamspeak. At take off, teamspeak was turned off and we could only communicate with coloured flares agreed upon in the mission instructions. We played some campaigns with up to 100 pilots in the air at the same time on huge maps, was a lot of fun... and a lot of work to organize ! EDIT 2 : when and if you have some spare time, I would advise you to have a look at these short videos, they helped me a lot understanding World War 1 aerial combat, and how different it can be from one plane to the other.
  13. Some local info :
  14. It's only the early radials on two specific aircrafts that run full blast. Generally speaking though it's better to start with inline engines as radials need to have mixture control ( although there must be an option somewhere to put it on auto like the radiator flaps if you don't want to bother in the first times ) and you don't have the engine torque to deal with. Another tricky thing with the blip switch is that you can only use it very briefly ( although you can repeat the ignition cut-off ) if you hold it too long your engine might just die. I will let you discover that it's not too difficult with some practice to glide these planes to a landing, if there are not too many trees and fences around... Another vital parameter with these light nimble planes : always land and take off into the wind. Very often if wind is 3 or 4 m/sec or higher, I don't hesitate to taxi to the other end of the airfield if needed to take off facing the wind. Saved my arse a few times...
  15. Just forgot in my controls to state I was using the joystick coolie hat for zooming in and out pilot's view. Left and right are not in use.