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  1. Forgive me .. for i have sinned... Although i have been given some 'Christmas money', it looks like Huz has used it for 'other stuff'... Therefore, i had to take things into my own hands.. AUD to GBP is pretty grim but i have some treats in my christmas stocking courtesy of 'Steffy Santa'
  2. KORS first paying trip

    Love KORS Sometimes you just need a reason to go flying in some out of the way places. I loved Air Hauler till the consant "must manage" just go too much for me.. When i'm retired i might have time to load it again.. for the moment, its de-installed..
  3. Carenado sale

    Nnice one Wayne Been tempted to pick up a few of the GA i don't have.. love the 206 Enjoy!
  4. Word(s) association game

    For those with a penchant for a midicum of self abuse, and communal hardship triumph.... TOUGH Mudder
  5. Tomcat - NZ

    Love those shots Jury1942 Brett is spot on.. that angle of the first shot is epic!
  6. various random

    Some lovely atmospheric shots there Wayne. How lucky for you that your carpet fitter was tardy!! Sometimes the unexpected gives us the opportunity to stop and take in all the best that is out there (in FS world)
  7. Leg 19.1 Hamilton Island YBHM to <classified>

    Fantastic PIREP Tim, very exciting! So Putenfeld is back in circulation... I wondered if it was one of his goons back at Ayres Rock. Better check the King Air carefully.. those bullets hit you somewhere.. Looking forward to part 2
  8. Leg 18.03 Longreach YLRE to Hamilton Island YHMI

    Brilliant leg Beejay! Loving the Antonov as well... That's one very good looking 'boiwd'. Where did you find her? Any chance of posting scenery and aircraft used?
  9. Thanks all for your comments.. That'll teach me to type my leg onto a USB stick I use for my 'other' job... they have an automatic self destruct! Nope JG... was more of a Robert De Nero type meets Rasputin.. better keep 'em peeled..
  10. Leg 18.02 Birdsville YBRD to Longreach YLRE

    Great PIREP Beejay! That scenery still makes me go wow. Loved the last shot of the 3 a/c together. Very nice touch
  11. Guys REX have a 50% off Sale today and tomorrow (1st Dec) http://store.rexdownload.com/
  12. Leg 18 Ayres Rock YAYE to Birdsville YBRD

    Glad you're safely out of Uluru Beejay.. lovely to see the Dak and well done for getting her into the air in those temps. The heat is a nightmare for pilots. Some lovely shots of Uluru and the Olgas too! Looking forward to the next leg to longreach. Ps. Thanks for the fab lobster dinner!
  13. Hard to get

    Nice shots there Jan Where abouts is the scenery; looks awesome!
  14. Very interesting article on an alternative to the 'castaway' theory.. Always been fascinated about what was and wasn't known by governments past about her disappearance. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5117527/America-hid-Amelia-Earharts-execution-Japanese.html
  15. The Hangar now has an Anthem...

    Missed this post till now but still rings true even 6 years later. Very funny! going to be humming that for the rest of the weekend. Good work Dai