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  1. .. channeling Julia Roberts: "it was so good i almost pee'd my pants"... and that was just from the Weather forecast! Oh dear Tim, chucking your cookies at 20+k ft is no fun at all. Just make sure you use a cotton bud to get the last of it out of the overhead switches.. I'm slightly concerned by the 'glowing' baton you have there.. if your hair starts falling out all of a sudden, and you start to look like the Ready Break kid, be sure to share [obviously not the 'ailment'] so we can make our hasty exit Stage Left. ps. Judging by the attention Yanet is generating, I'm not sure that having 'rear end' work would help keep me in the shadows, which my covert work requires.. plus I'd be worried that i'd become a 'shelf' for beer glasses, elbows etc..
  2. I'd be interested to see what everyone has to say on this topic... I tried PFE (Pro Flight Emulator) about 2 years ago and hated it so much i sent it back to Amazon! I've been itching to try PRO ATC/X for ages but i can't justify cost/time.. All the reviews i've seen have been mixed, but the positive side is that it is constantly being updated and improved.. Looking forward to the comments! :-)
  3. hlminx


    Oh heavens.. some great shots there..
  4. Nice one Al Have you been there more recently? Lance is begging me to go.. i think he wants to check out his old haunts, and the place at the end of RWY09 where he used to go fishing off the end of the rocks at night ;-) I'd love to go and fly in there just to say i've done it. Those cross winds have got to be experienced to be believed
  5. I did have an older FSX add on of the vulcan but it doesn't want to load now.. heaven knows why. My husband was the only one that ever flew it so i might not bother with the JF.. although i reckon it will be a vast improvement on my old one ;-)
  6. My husband and his family lived in the RAF quarters building at the south east of the runway in the 70s. Every day they would watch vulcans and other RAF aircraft depart, In Gibraltar X (Aerosoft) his old home is modelled too.. One of my favourite add-ons although i've never been there.
  7. Outstanding Pirep JG Once again you take that bar and shift it up a couple of notches. Brilliant piece of writing, and some great pics. Ps. I'm surprised you managed to fall asleep at Bill's brother's wedding.. surely the strangled cat singer would have alerted you to 'audible danger' Pps. Was that actually Tom Hardy getting some RLE with the Royal Marine Commandos? Swoon !!
  8. hey Alan... happy reminders of when the stork brought you
  9. Lovely shots there.
  10. Brilliant leg Tim, and loving the pics.. Good to hear that you didn't fall foul of the dodgy fuel out there.. Nothing worse than being at 23,000 ft and having a questionable quality of gas. Enjoy a few bevvies while you can. I sense things are going to be hotting up very soon with ATWC
  11. Fret not, Matt.. the Baton is in safe hands..
  12. Loved your Pirep JG.. as always a great yarn with plenty of suspense and intrigue Some great pics of the Panama Canal too.. is that an add on? Keep us posted with the next update on Putinfeld.. 'Sharon' will need to stay clear
  13. Fantastic write up JG, and thoroughly entertaining (well, it would have been if I hadn't been there too) Thanks for getting me to Panama City in 'style'... always had a soft spot for the L1011 Joe, I think I deserve a rest! Getting the snakes and "Baton" (cough) to Eldorado was one challenge but then having to do the quick change into my alter ego Sharon, beating JG back to the airport, and then getting straight back on the Tristar without any (beauty) sleep...
  14. I'm ON it ! Just finishing off clearing my outstanding crossgrade licences (2 to go) but now i know what i've got, its a teeny tiny excuse to take advantage of the offer..
  15. OK guys (and gals), i have the solution.. easy lemon squeezy!! put [ followed by img and then ] at the start of the html link, then after you have your file type (.jpg or .png etc.) put [/img] You can then complete the Word or text document with all the links in as above and copy/paste it all in one go