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  1. UKJim Stream Reminder

    Dammit Janet.. I'm going to miss it. Got a friend round for dinner tonight. Will have to catch up with it on YouTube Hope it goes well
  2. Stick the Peacock on the first class menu, and put the woman in the hold (stuitably bound and gagged).. She is obviously off with fairies..
  3. triple fun

    Beautiful.. Nice formation flying and a nostalgic pick-me-up Love it
  4. Word(s) association game

    Agricultural (Love my Cessna Ag Truck! Kept me in the game with ATWC)
  5. Hi Johan Its such a long time since i set it up, and i've kept Win7, so im not sure how much i can help, but the user guide is pretty straightforward. You need to make sure you have the Matrox Power Desk SE software installed, and GXM from the disc that came with the hardware. Make sure you follow the connection instructions for the cables as per the User Guide. One lead from the PC, then 1 lead from each of the ports in the TH2G to each monitor. For me the Windoze settings were Display: 1 device on DVI, Res = 3072x768 and Orientation landscape. That will give you one window across all 3 screens In FSX, you don't use Windowed mode.. its 'Full Sreeen' I found that i had to set the FSX .cfg of 'True Aspect Wide' from False to True or you feel like you're perched on the top of the control panel.. its way too close for comfort! You can set up the Bevel adjustments by right clicking to open the Matrox Power Desk from the Icon in your System Tray If you have already used it on another PC with a different Graphics card, it should just be a case of following those steps as laid out in the user guide on the disk. I had to play around with the display settings a bit but 3072x768 work. I also had to make sure that my NVidia settings were set up to reflect the Windoze setting, and that the FSX program was recognised by it. There will no doubt be some updates to the software for Win10 so you'll need to check the Matrox site for those, and any other software updates for Power Desk and SGU. As mine is working perfectly, i don't want to mess about with new versions.. if it ain't broke, dont waste time phaffing!
  6. I use a Triple Head to Go for my 3 screens... but I've got a less meaty graphics card. Welcome to the 3-screen gang.. you won't be disappointed!!
  7. Happy Birthday hlminx

    Thanks for the birthday wishes boys. Was a great day
  8. Happy birthday Tim... belatedly! Im celebrating the day the Stork brought me today.. well, droppedme from height, which is where i obviously got my love of flying from, lol. Hope you had a great day my fellow Aquarian
  9. Leg 25: NTAA to NTTO

    Sorry i'm tardy with my reply.. Grand PIREP Mike... not sure what worries me more.. the scary face icon or the scary flight calculations. I was always a lover of detail.. you smashed it
  10. https://news.sky.com/story/plane-skids-off-runway-and-gets-stuck-in-mud-on-cliff-edge-in-turkey-11207458 A lucky escape!
  11. Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER Missing In Flight

    I still have to wonder why the pingers couldn't have been picked up by sonar on a sub... There had to be a load of subs out there in the AO and PO to pick up the signals from a downed aircraft.. Why haven't the governments of this world pooled the resources that would have pinpointed the general area before now without having to compromise stealth?? Yeah yeah.. rose coloured glasses lol
  12. Too low?

    Ahhh thats where the pic with you in the hat came from.. I wondered about the TP links, now i know :-)
  13. Taking it to the Max

    Lovely shots Alan Pretty good for a freeware :-)
  14. Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER Missing In Flight

    Hope they pick one of the companies that is well versed in deep sea aircraft salvage.. (Air France 447, Air India, SAA..) Hope they find something credible and allow the families to have some closure. I can't imagine what it would be like to be one of the grieving families, but i know i'd be on it to get a proper answer.
  15. Aussie Flew!

    Alan, you are a master.... i am but the novice! Thanks for the expert recommendations. Not sure i'll get everything A1 but i'll post some pics Airfix kits were around when i was a young sprout and i had all sorts hanging from my ceiling when i was young until the drawing pins weren't able to keep them anchored in the artex! [I think the 747-400 was the breaking point] I hope that i make a better job of these 2 models.. Got to say, that even though the Spit was the 'icon'.. i have a very soft spot for the Hurricane.. I managed to get a signed pic by Molly Rose, Joy Lofthouse, Mary Wilkins and Margaret Frost of my favourite WW2 aircraft, and i'd like to do a good job with it. xx