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  1. Word(s) association game

    Zebedee, from the Magic ROUNDABOUT (Boing!!)
  2. Very disappointing news about the Battle of Britain Memorial flight... A warbird flypast will never be the same without the mighty Merlins http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4797830/Most-Battle-Britain-Memorial-Flight-planes-GROUNDED.html
  3. Noooo missed it!! How soon in advance do you decide in a date?
  4. Nice one Tim. Make sure you keep the baton safe.. or better still, under your furry hat!!
  5. Leg 3: Landvetter (ESGG) to Tallinn (EETN)

    Nice one Mike and welcome to ATWC! So frustrating when you realise you've missed some great shots, but there are plenty of legs left and you'll get in the groove in no time Yep, watch out for men in green hats.. after last year I'm wary of any suspect headgear.. particularly pink fluffy antennae!
  6. Dangerous Naples

    The only use for the Sun is as a way of getting the fish'n'chips dinner home, and even then I'd prefer the Inde-p
  7. A 787's Sketchy Flight Path.

    I thought it was a joke but it's pretty funky.. beats just sitting in a holding pattern for 5 hours like all the other flights this aircraft has done
  8. Dangerous Naples

    Dangerous? thats The Sun for you..
  9. Happy Birthday STU7708

    Happy belated birthday Micke Hope you had a fantastic day with the ones you love
  10. Leg 02 - EGPN (Dundee) to ESGG (Landvetter)

    Nice one Matt Must have been a bit hair raising going across the water in a vintage bird, but well handled. Hope you gents aren't going to max out the Giza card before I get my paws on it, especially after what happened in ATW6, when my card took a real whipping!
  11. And so it begins.... cracking start to 7even Joe Some fabulous screen shots; I'm salivating over P3dv4... Like the look of the Navajo too.
  12. But Three Greens is Good, Right?

    I still reckon they were discussing "girls stuff" 🤣
  13. Word(s) association game

    ... thats something to MARVEL at
  14. My Newest Toy

    Nice one Brian. My first RL flight was in one of the warriors at Goodwood airfield. Love them. The Just Flight aircraft looks pretty fine. Youve got a good buy there
  15. But Three Greens is Good, Right?

    I would have thought there would have been some warning generated too but all I could find were documents relating to incorrect gear position in a landing/ditching scenario. Maybe Aurbus figured the big pretty green lights were enough.. Jess B may know..being the resident Airbus guru