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  1. A B17 Formation

    Over France.. ..and over Berlin.
  2. A Wintry Scene

    Above Courchevel.
  3. V 4 Virgin

    Superb shot!
  4. Virgin 747 Emergency landing

    Here's a better view.
  5. Hupghada or Hastings

    On Twitter people are saying it was a panel that fell of the a/c.. claerly the Beeb has the answer. Thanks Geoff.
  6. Going Home

    The City of Shepparton going home after a nice stay in Hong Kong.
  7. Heading into the storm..
  8. What did you spot today?

    Just spotted F-WZNW, over my house. My first A350 in the spotting logbook. (Not my photo)
  9. Did you hear about the Dyslexic Devil worshipper? He sold his sold to Santa.