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  1. Word(s) association game

    I wooden tell that joke on stage without a barrier in place.
  2. Caption the picture!

    One day it fell on Reggie that ordering 'Extra Foamy' did not make his sugary candy sprinkled frappe/latte syrup spiced drinks "Lighter" in calories.
  3. New wheels!

    I had a Ford 250 van with 3 on the tree, no power brakes, no power steering. What a beast. It was a work out driving it around San Francisco or any busy hilly traffic. And who remembers Honda's first automatic shift motorcycle...it didn't really catch on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_CB750#CB750A_Hondamatic
  4. Fascinating video.

    No fair March. Throwing out a sensible "Theory" that explains all the facts observable in the creepy alien video is kind of dirty pool. 1. A vertol would explain the "blade" shapes radiating from the dual blob 2. A vertol would explain the Dual Blob shape. 3. A vertol would explain the similar speed/non closing by the Chilean copter since vertols have a fairly high speed for copters...170kts or so. 4. A vertol would explain someone dumping the latrine contents... which plume on IR film would look very warm compared to the air outside. 5. A vertol smuggling stuff 40 miles offshore would explain no radar, or radio contact if comm attempts were attempted. But there is a problem... 6. However...A vertol does Not explain why the Chilean goverment hasn't tried intercepting the Dual Blob with a conventional jet...unless someone in the Chilean Gov't is on the payroll of the smugglers... ... So...must be Aliens.
  5. Last Air Berlin Flight Performs Un-Announced Fly-by

    +1 In this day of terrorist/hijackings...no thinking captain would surprise the passengers like this and risk potential panic and/or heart attacks.
  6. It looks like a fun phone app...
  7. Boeing KC-97G Stratotanker

    You caught some Beauties of that Beast.
  8. Word(s) association game

    How to put this delicately? I too would be tempted to Strike the Gong if a Frasier Themed act occurred during a Chuck Barris show.
  9. Fascinating video.

    Agree with John, SO tired of the "I don't know what it is" so it must be Aliens... What logical fallacy does that fall under???...lets make a new one...the Grayman Fallacy?
  10. Douglas A-20 Havoc / Boston

    Great set of coats for a terrific aircraft...and so Quick!! I can't wait to see the paint layout once I get round to trying this one.
  11. Caption the picture!

    Reggie Watts hits rock bottom when he realizes no espresso will ever replace the Bang Bang rush.
  12. Word(s) association game

    Kelsey Grammer, star of a TV Show that will never leave the rerun circuit.
  13. Caption the picture!

    Conceptual Street Artist "Rug" performing his latest work "Pink Anti Fatigue Mat" at a local cafe.
  14. Mapping Russia

    Coff coff...Google Earth...coff coff.
  15. Ireland bracing for Ophelia

    I can relate to that last bit. It has been rather Martian colored around here mornings and evenings with the entire area north of us on fire. #SonomaNapaWildfires This is how my marina might look on Mars, after a weeeee bit of terraforming/wetting. Note that unlike the set of Calistoga Burning screenshots which I heavily colorized in Photoshop...these images are untouched, and inspired the skies in that CB set.
  16. Ireland bracing for Ophelia

    Stay safe March....batten those hatches.
  17. Mapping Russia

    I tried this livery again today...worked just fine. Must have been a glitch the other day. Nice shots Alan!
  18. A few A-20 Havoc shots.

    The Havoc sounds great. The AT11...sounds a bit Whiny...not sure if that is accurate.
  19. A few A-20 Havoc shots.

    Milton Shupe's newest is a lovely flying thing. It has quite a few model variations, and some terrific blank textures to work off of for repainters. I'll probably do a Coffee paint on one of these soon. Hauls theoretically up to 13-15 thousand pounds depending on the type, have yet to try a full load. A few shots around N. Cal. A nose gunner variant: The Russian Camera version I couldn't get to take off...idk why yet. Nose Cannons variation: Yeah, that is looking death in the nose. handy sight gauge/antenna/gun sight? Also found this on the download site...an at-11 by Shupe as well, looks a bit older, but has a nice look and feel to it. Cheers. Coff.
  20. Another Reason FS Flying is Safer

    Not everyone can be from Smartt, Tn.
  21. Another Reason FS Flying is Safer

    Found this...enjoy a few more:
  22. Douglas A-20 Havoc

    I installed this last night. It's a very very nice one by the master. Lots of VC switches are decorative/non functional, but it has a nice usable VC. I love the center-line Pilot seating, as well as a very handy antenna on the nose dead ahead the tip which lines up with the horizon when flying level...great sight reference/dive bomb sight??? Curiously, there was one model in the package, a white Russian camera variation, that would NOT take off, even empty and at 1/4 fuel...it just roared along the ground for 2 miles refusing to take to the air. Tried all flap settings, trims, power/rpm settings...nada. Weirdness. It shares the same .cfg as several other models...totally mystified. One nice touch I really liked: The rear gun turret is animated and seems to react to yoke inputs...makes those external views a bit more interesting. Regrettably, no camera positions for the other interior positions. Haven't tried Key-bumping my way back there for a look yet.
  23. B787-9 Demo

    Gorgeous model. I wish I liked modern airliners.
  24. Calistoga Burning

    I'm on way to provide some emergency supplies to the evacuated Calistoga, Ca. Firefighters are doing all they can to save the historic little city and all the homes around it. Winds have shifted to the east, pushing the fire directly at the town...it is looking grim. (also testing some tools in Photoshop, you might notice...). EDIT 10/12/17 : Just an update on the RW situation...the fires passed north of the main town apparently last night. Active fires are in the area, but worst case didn't happen. So much gratitude for CalFire, Local Fire, and responders from out of the area. We also had the Global 747 Supertanker on the job yesterday, and hopefully continuing as the mountains are very hard for crews to get into. https://www.cnet.com/news/747-supertanker-fights-california-wildfires/ Phew.