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  1. Word(s) association game

    Jellies and Jams; terrific spreads to facilitate the above embiggening process.
  2. Punkie & Bonny Bea

    Great shots. Love the earlier model P-51 canopies...the later bubble canopy is too sterile/fish tanky looking to me.
  3. latelys

    Nice section of aircraft to tour stunning landscapes.
  4. Word(s) association game

    Carrier Corporation: Formerly Made in USA, now Hecho en Mexico.
  5. Leg 30: Rio to Sucre (SBRJ - SLSU)

    Phenom'inal shots Tim. Our poor baton is becoming quite the Hot Potato lately with all the rushing to get it to next hands, or legs as it were. Great job!
  6. Word(s) association game

    Further to the running film theme...Silent Running: Iconic 1972 SciFi film starring Bruce Dern, about a future that no longer has nor gives a fig about trees.
  7. The Easter Bunny Does Exist!

    I'm going with a dodgy oxygen system, and possibly too much vitamin V before the flight....but great shot!!!
  8. Leg 29 Itaipu International (SGIB) > Santos Dumont (SBRJ) Rio De Janero

    Doon Doon Doon Doooooooon... Gotta love cliff hangers, unless you are the one hanging from the cliff.... Good luck and Godspeed Tim, wherever you are...
  9. Back in the saddle after a fruitless search for a local dentist, after waking up with a blazing hot canine my plans for a Next Day leg got hobbled. It turns out that not even in Paraguay can one find a dentist willing to install a DentiCal approved pre-manufactured crown...but that is an entirely different saga. After liberally dousing my searing tooth with benzocaine, washing down a few aceto's with tequila'cain, and applying a coating of clove oil to top off the preflight for my tooth...I preflight the F-100D and set forth on the second of two legs. Other than a cranky tooth, this will hopefully be another uneventful pleasure cruise and scenic PIREP...again, calamari free till dinner time in Rio this time. This is a mere flight of less than 700 miles, so I am planning to dog leg it to the coast unannounced while VFR'ing my way to Rio, for more views of the lovely coast (My flight plan called for a straight shot across land to Rio de Janeiro...however that sounded boring with a tantalizing coastline just "right over there"...but I for one do not wish to advertise that I am approaching a coastline for reasons that don't need reexplaining after many thousands of words in the last sectors I flew). Again there is a cell of weather to transverse between Itaipu and the coast, and some low clouds may be moving into Rio by the time I arrive. On departure it is lovely and mostly clear...I'll take a moment to have a look at the local wonder, the Itaipu hydroelectric dam project, on the way out of here. After getting taxi clearance: "Use runway 3 to 21" Take off approved and I'm off. After a heavy feeling but stall free sashay around to port I head over the dam Well...DAMn. Regrettably the Itaipu dam is not modeled in ORBx South America, or my settings are messed up. Rats if the former, apologies if the later. I was expecting to see something there, it's only like the world's largest hydroelectric producer: Not wishing to violate any image permissions or plagiarize, I'll share this link to a Wiki article on the pretty amazing project, it's worth a look: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itaipu_Dam I begin my climb to cruising altitude as i pass over this huge man made lake, kinetic power source, and agricultural powerhouse. My cruise height will be just 30,000 today, lower once I approach the coastline for a better look. Passing the Iguaçu National Park I generally follow the Iguazu river towards the coastline. I'm at my cruise height, and wondering if it will be enough...might have to do some cloud avoidance even up here today. A little forker down there. I sure don't mind zig zagging around clouds at this speed, especially when they are this pretty. I also Love LoVe LOVE it when the clouds layer up nicely like this: All to soon the coastline hoves into view down below the layers, and it is time to come out of them. Descending over Santos, Sao Paulo I take some liberties with my approach assignment to come around the back side of Christ the Redeemer, the iconic mega statue overlooking this iconic Brazilian city...thank GOD this was rendered in the sim, or thank ORBx as the case may be. Then over the (rather poorly misplaced) Maracanã stadium/former olympic venue...currently apparently competing for space on the local freeway and adding to traffic jams no doubt. The misty weather discombobulates my depth perception and I am clearly to high for the first landing attempt, go around...and take the op to have a look at another scenic just ahead. Sight of a helicopter cable hook payload mission in FSX, Sugarloaf Mountain is part of a National Park and World Heritage site. A Glassed cable car runs every 20 minutes along a 1400 meter cable carrying 65 passengers per ride, or, you could hike up...I'll wait for the cable car up, and walk down, thanks. Again, a Wiki link to a better more thorough description of this sight/site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugarloaf_Mountain Then I work/crawl my way around the bay in the mist for another attempt at putting this leg to rest. Looking much better this time: Some lucky ferry passengers got some extra value from their ride today, if they were looking up from their phones... Chute deployed Taxi to parking Woosh...the engines are flamed out, and another leg bites the dust. This looks like a terrific spot for a short layover for this pilot. I'll have a look around for Tim and if he isn't here yet, I'll be vacationing for a few days at least to get the opportunity to pass the baton along in person. If not, I'll find a THRUSH operative in the area to pass the bus station locker key along if I miss you. Thanks for flying along these legs with me, I hope the Clove Oil was a welcome change of scent. I'm sure the lack of many thousands of words was at least. Matt/Coff.
  10. Caption the picture!

    Artistic Merit judging was mixed, some rating the forward swimmer's performance over the top, while others rated the rear swimmer's performance as lackluster and UnCommitted to "Trump told a Truth", and awarded a not shocking average of 7.5.
  11. 3rd incident in 2 days!

    Damn. So many young lives lost in the latest incidents. I agree with Brett. I am amazed so many people died. The helicopter one looks like it's floats failed after a pretty nice autorotation...cleary can see the front right side pitch down, and the image of the copter after removal from the water shows limp saggy bags on that corner, but even so I am amazed that none of the passengers got their seat belts off, they all had to be cut out, and one was even a fire rescue professional. I bet NYC copter services all inspect their floats in short order, and work on updating their passenger safety instructions, or have a cabin attendant in the pax section to help free people in the event something like this happens again. A damn shame this one. I hope the pilot is quickly exonerated.
  12. Word(s) association game

    Party Crashers
  13. Spitfires

    MnF'n sweet shots.
  14. Caption the picture!

    Again, the Mutt's did not disappoint...there were some howlers in there ( I nearly awarded it to Holdit after the first response...:D ) and thanks one and all for your captions and laughs...but this one's understated simplicity and altered perspective (as well as much needed shade thrown on crappy SatNav units) caught my fancy. Take it away Eddie!
  15. A few marauders

  16. Leg 29 Itaipu International (SGIB) > Santos Dumont (SBRJ) Rio De Janero

    Thanks all for your kind comments. It was nice to relax the Fiction Fingers and just enjoy a couple scenic VFR legs and kick the baton down the road a bit further.
  17. Mar 2018 - PIREP

    Nothing fancy. Just out practicing patterns around the Concord, Livermore, and Rio Vista airports in A2A's C-182...a terrific GA multitool for light hauling, local Pax service, and sight seeing or touring. Livermore: Rio Vista:
  18. Asking for trouble!

    Where there is a Wilga there is a way...except out of Red Square. Better hope you can convince someone you were just putin Putin's present in a box for him.
  19. Grand Canyon

    That Wilga needs a Wincha! Fun shots Alan.
  20. No boxed lunch this round. So no calamari till dinner time I'm afraid. I'm filling in this leg to plug a hole in our ATWC pilot schedule, and despite volunteering to stand in the breech, real world dental breaches distracted me a bit from publishing this leg...neverthelesss, the show must go on. Using my new status as a member of the THRUSH organization, I have carte blanche to "check out" and exercise any of our vehicle resources stashed around the globe, this will prove quite handy, and possibly random for upcoming ATWC legs wherever they may be. The best THRUSH resource available in the current area was a looker, but not well suited for snacking whilst flying...sigh...a few power bars will have to suffice for this trip. We have a mothballed F-100 Ex-Thunderbird #6 stored in the area. I retrieve it from a secret resource base, and head to SCAT...STAT. I may have even seen this very bird perform while I was a child at an airshow...somewhere in California...my sub 5 year old memories are not very reliable. Nor are 50+ memories when beset with teeth pain. I stock up on some codeine for the trip, benzocaine and a stock of cotton tip applicators and ready this lovely thing for flight...the un'pickling work helped to distract from my toothache. Upon arrival at SCAT I find an electronic message indicating that the long since departed Chuck has used the tried and true secure tranfer method "Bus Station locker" to pass on the baton...the key for which is handed to me by a serious looking security officer who met me at the airport parking ramp on arrival...a firightened looking guy twice my weight and half again my height was told to give it to Captain Coffee arriving in something unmistakable...or Else...not sure what story Chuck told the guy but he was extremely happy to be lightened of the orange plastic fobbed burden for locker number 66. I find the station, retrieve the baton and a bottle of tequila (Thanks Chuck!!!), and head back to the airport for a bit of relax at the pilot lounge with a lovely bottle of Silver. I'll probably sack out on the couch here, can't be arsed to book a room as I plan to roll out very early for the first of two legs. The next morning, I am ready to roll for my flight in the predawn light at SCAT Desierto De Atacama...fueled to the brim and external ferry tanks even installed, to allow a brisk climb to FL35. I don't expect any "Trouble" on this leg as it is mostly landlocked...but fast and high is both safe and fuel efficient in this bird. Taxi. Permission to Take Off at 35: I get a tiny bit squirrelly with the AB thrust and get slightly off center...but the nose stays pointed the right way...all golden. I keep the AB on for just a bit to ensure I clear those ominous silhouettes ahead. AB off when I'm certain I'm alti'safe. And we relax into a nice Cruise into the sunrise at 35K. Almost clear of the mountains before the sun is fully up. Left to Right Pan shots: Passing over the Paraguay River: About 125 miles out of SGIB I begin my descent, and add a bit of AB just to pop over Mach1 on the way down. I have some weather ahead, just a smallish cell of squall that should clear before well SGIB. A bit buffety, but not to bad in this. Caught a nice little Forker below me as I was clearing the weather...a parting shot. Out in clear air again. "Enter Right Base for 03...and Cleared to land" come in over the radio in fairly quick succsuccession. I'm on the glideslope...not using ILS to land, this is an all Matt'ual landing. This thing always feels a ungainly to me on approach... And this shot explains why it feels ungainly, it looks ungainly even at 170kts full flaps....like a goose preparing for a big splash. Ah Chute...Thankful for this or the runway length would have felt much shorter. Taxiing to parking Parked and provisioning for the next leg. Fuel order has been placed, and the calamari order I have been dreaming of on the way will be ordered very shortly. The Baton and I, along with the remainder of Chuck's Silver bottle head for the Pilot lounge. I will attend to the next leg hopefully in short order, again, possibly flying the leg by this Thursday. Cheers, Matt. Addons used: Milviz F100-D OrbX South America/Global/Vectors Active Sky Next Rex Textures/Soft Clouds
  21. ^Can sit next to me any flight...looks quite soothing.
  22. Feb 2018 - When I'm 64

    Congrats Alan. I had a feeling you would take it this round, you had some terrific "Flying Show" backgrounds up there.
  23. Just Flight Release C152

    Looks gorgeous...except the pricetag. Ouch.