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  1. Great shots...I see those land at KOAK's FedEx hub often. Still a very useful aircraft.
  2. ICE: The new and improved portal to US Hell for families seeking asylum in the Melting Pot.
  3. Captain Coffee


    No surprise here...what took you so long? Gratz...looking forward to seeing screens of your adventures in it.
  4. I'll echo Brian...I also love carving through canyons and passes...super fun flying...and that's pretty much 90% of flying in BC. Nice shots Jury.
  5. Great shots of (IMHO) the prettiest and most iconic Heavy Airliner ever. Some of your screenshots are looking like postcards for the Airlines Jury. Nice work.
  6. Wow...you really packed a lot into this one, Thunder, Lightning, Gut Tightening, Belly Laughing...and that was just the first video. And then unpacked a lot into that cockpit soon after it...omg, Universal Exports ground crews are not going to be happy with the boss tomorrow...or god forbid, next week. Sorry about your bumpy ride pal. I'll be arriving in the morning in a Carafe equipped Aircraft...or with a cuppa for ya at the least. Please be showered. Cheers mate. Coff, coff...urp. PS. Thanks for the tip re: Ozzy Man (f'n hillarious)...guess what new YT subscription Coff will be catching up on while on his two legs upcoming.
  7. Very nice shots. Slick looking model.
  8. Happy Birthday Joe. Hope you have a great day/weekend.
  9. sounds very exciting Chris. There is a sail boat racing game that was mentioned on here by loic some time ago. I bet something like this would be awesome in that game, especially if it were accurate enough to do Celestial navigation.
  10. Very nice...2nd to last is majestic.
  11. Gorgeous set Dolf.
  12. Nice shots and a sweet airplane... Love green paint.
  13. Looks like it got left on the 75yd line at a driving range...for a year.
  14. Wowzers...looks terrific. All 10's? Talk about raising the bar, I think Andrew's might have raised a bit during this review...all 10's!!?. Perhaps Mutley's will need to create a Platinum Award of Exellence so that Andrew can start scoring the occasional 11 for True Earth products. Hats off to ORBx for this latest work...from a 'training' sim standpoint making accurate scenery like this is priceless. Nice work Andrew.
  15. Happy Birthday Al, sounds like you are going to have a gas.
  16. Requesting permission for some PS mods for this month...adding flames/bullet holes/etc could be fun for this round.
  17. I have a feeling it will not stay "complex-lite" for long Joe.
  18. Sweet shots. Wing shots are well composed with the clouds...nice ones.
  19. Sleek, smooth, stylish, fast...what's not to like. Oh, nice screen shot as well Mike. Grats!
  20. I understand that is/or is becoming an endangered location, as are all corals around the world. Thanks for the views from above...hope the views below aren't too tragic on your dive Brett. Last time I swam around corals was in Hawaii 2 years ago, and it was rather depressing (not the reaction most tour dive companies like to hear no doubt...).
  21. Great read and fantastic illustrations JG. Interesting to learn that PutinFeld may just be a sucker on... someone else's arm.