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  1. Just Flight Christmas Sale

    I like that they even have their new Otter on discount. JF
  2. FS holiday sales are when I am Really glad I don't have kids...more toys for me. This year my stockings are in general a bit in need of darning let alone replacing, and I do drink and smoke, so I've scaled back to just a few presents this year (...so far, still got my eye on an Otter one): ORBx South America to complete my home continent, and the couple of recent birds from the Carenado sale...well one actually, the other I got on regular Tuesday discount.
  3. Word(s) association game

    Lacing together a few suggestions above: A Closet full of Comfy Shoes.
  4. A little present to myself

    Cool bit of kit. Looks quite handy.
  5. Bay Area Dusk Tour, C152-II

    One advantage of a slow little thing like this is my aging computer can keep up with the Texture refreshing while I slowly fly along it. Makes for a very scenic little tour bird, so I went for a small jaunt around the S.F. Bay area, mostly, during a dusk flight in my new Carenado Cessna C152-II, enjoying the lush scenery and unusually high frame rates for my machine considering the scenery complexity. Just departing from Novato, KDVO. Passing over CA35, San Rafael...then I'll be taking a right turn toward the coast and Mt. Tamalpais in the background. Alpine Lake and Dam located on the flanks of Mt. Tamalpais, a reservoir feeding thirsty Mill Valley customers and their redwood hot tubs just below. Cresting a ridge before the coast around the Stinson Beach/Bolinas area. Getting an overview of the beach, and spotting a ship out in the channel I want a closer look at. A Maersk Line container ship bound for ports unknown, carrying junk no doubt...isn't it all junk these days? Then, over The City on my way to the South Bay. Passing SFO. Lining up for a Touch and Go at (ORBx's) San Carlos airport, KSQL...the very recognizable Oracle office complex is just ahead of me. Note the 20+ fps frame rates...I am usually around 10 or so in this area. Missed the Touch, but here is the Go. Now over KPAO, Palo Alto (A Cielosim product and a very nicely rendered one at that ). Just south of Palo Alto is the KNUQ-Moffet Field dirigible hangars, and one of my favorite playgrounds in which to lose my Pilot's License... Very Slowly breaking the law, but rapidly having fun. From Moffet I turn and head up the East Bay as the street lights wink on...reminding me that it is getting very late (actually 11:00PM RW time for me, not dusk). ...encouraging me to put the little unnamed Cessna to bed at Hayward - KHWD. (...I think I'll unofficially name it the C152II Sparrowhawk since Cessna never bothered.) Parked up for the evening, I'm heading for bed in RL, to a Motel in the sim. Cheers, thanks for flying along. Coff.
  6. Word(s) association game

    (close to glass houses again Alan ) Scruffy
  7. PMDG - 747-400 Queen of the Skies II

    Terrific review Jess. I think I have only ever flown on a 747 once...somewhere in the steerage section no doubt, and I don't have a native fondness for it but do have a great deal of admiration watching the huge beastie fly all these years...Iconic for sure. This review looks like it was a dream job for you, thanks for taking it through the Mutley Review paces and hanging a silver medal on it...and agreed, in this day and age one expects FS products, especially at this price point, should be externally Visually Wowzers as well as great flying birds, even if the Great Flying and systems complexity is the main focus of the dev.
  8. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    Terrific tale J.G., it's nice to see the baton's so far wasted inner space getting some utilization in this saga. We really need some theme music for J.G.s Baton legs. Something like this perhaps? Looking forward to the next appendage!
  9. Word(s) association game

    Martian Habitat.
  10. Bay Area Dusk Tour, C152-II

    Thanks for the comments everybody. I knew this birdy deserved a spot in Coff's Hangar, and last night's flight confirmed it. It's a dirt simple rugged but tiny 1 pax plus a carton of cigs hauler, and makes my scenery look Smokin good. I ofc added a pop up autopilot to it's panel, Ros knows the one WeFly with often. It made a PNG 120 mile cargo haul earlier yesterday much more enjoyable.
  11. Back to the 70s

    That will get you places in style, and fast. Nice buy Ros!
  12. West Coast of Scotland Photo Real Scenery

    Nice slide show. Some terrific images in there, and the music was peppy too. Neat presentation Michael!
  13. Carenado's Annual Sale On Now - Up to 80% OFF

    The 152 has a pathetic 400-ish lb cargo max with a light fuel load...ie..perfect for training new AI cargo pilots up in rank in Airhauler without them banging up anything expensive inside or out. And it is in fact a pretty little thing and a fun bird for the boss as well, to hand fly a small cargo around the local patch. The Mooney hauls and Hauls a nice 900-ish lb load with a 300+ mile range at that load...its sleek, sippy, and so profitable. Good buys both.
  14. Slow to Faaast.

    Thanks for the comments guys. Don't feel too bad for me in Whine Country Brett, I made up for it in PNG today in a 4 cargo 3 island round trip hop, and squeezed a couple passengers along on two of the lighter cargo hops. Such a fun and fast thing to fly.
  15. Slow to Faaast.

    I added a couple aircraft to my holiday hangar: Carenado's Cessna 152II, a venerable student and entry level personal aircraft for decades...now available to my Airhauler trainees. And the second aircraft is Alabeo's Mooney M20R Ovation, pretty much on the oposite end of the Light GA Mass Market single aircraft range...from pokey to zoomy in one sale: First, a familiarization flight from Cloverdale, Ca. O60 to Boonville, Ca. D83 (D63?? I'll fix it later). I'll pick up the Mooney in Booneville and fly it back down to Cloverdale for it's Getting to Know You flight. Pretty little thing: Basic little thing Up and away. It was a delightful bit of time before Booneville hove slowly into view. Greased down easy peasy. After hopping into the new ride: Up and away with authority this time...zoom. I remembered to pull the gear up after the C152. Not nearly as basic of a cockpit, it has a very well appointed steam gauge cockpit with some bling and nav things. Love the top located engine gauges for easier monitoring of this frisky and husky motor. I kept going till well after dark...way to short of a flight and way too fun to stop at Cloverdale. I ended up in Napa KAPC. This is a very very nice upgrade compared to the previous M20J model. Thanks for looking. Coff.
  16. Michael R

    Welcome Michael. FSX:SE is a great choice...I'll be heading that way myself fairly soon. I'm currently using the boxed version of FSX and encounter/defeat/fiddle with the usual FSX bugs. SE is supposedly more stable and the only thing holding me back is an upcoming ATWC for which i'm worried about breaking something before my leg...erm...not that I plan to break my leg, to clarify, as that sentence sounded oddly like I had such designs. I'd add that you are hopping into the habit at a very affordable time, the holidays. If you are new to flying in general i'd suggest taking advantage of the Carendo sale and pick up either their C172 or C152 models for FSX, they are hecka cheep right now and even cheaper at PC Aviator on their 10% off Tuesday sales...and both are terrific trainer birds a visual step or two above the stock FSX c172 (correct me if I am wrong, anyone currently using it, should FSX:SE have a carenado quality stocker bird included ...). And if you are already a flyer, it's a good time to pick up one of their speedier and newer/shinier models at a good discount.
  17. Word(s) association game

    Chairman of the Board. ... of chaired bored men, no wonder they cause so much trouble.
  18. Leg 19.1 Hamilton Island YBHM to <classified>

    I think down the road/legs we all need to make better sure that when we shut em down, we go cold dark and Locked.
  19. Carenado's Annual Sale On Now - Up to 80% OFF

    Back on track: Hehe. I compromized on this sale. The aircraft I wanted was the Ovation, not even on sale as it is an Alabeo item. So I purchased it anyhow via PC Aviator's 10% off Tuesday in combination with a discount ThankYou code from a previous purchase brought it down to Carenado Sale range...so, happy with the deal I added what seemed like a nearly free Carenado Cessna C152II that I never felt I needed previously, but now looked somewhat Left Out of my hangar considering it is a venerable student aircraft, and deserves a place in my Airhauler crew training programs if not on my "go to" aircrafts to fly list. It is a not surprisingly delightful thing to fly...if not surprisingly a wee bit slow. The Ovation is a treat to fly...not surprisingly at all: Although upon reflection, posting an Alabeo product in a Carenado Sale thread just took us off the rails again...Back to wherever we were digressing. Just kidding.
  20. New York state of mind.

    It is a bit ungainly looking, but it's growing on me. Thanks for sharing Al.
  21. Transatlantic departure

    I tend to knock out an episode or two of a TV show on my 7" pad while I use the desktop for FSX Airhauler'in some cargos locally...the desktop can't handle all three running at the same time (plus weather and TrackIR ) these days. 4+ hours on the small pad screen is tooo small for my aging eyes, and an ocean crossing is too big for my aging patience. ps...actualy now that I think of it...I have crossed the Atlantic, but it was a ferry flight in a F106 crossing from Greenland to Ireland...kind of a Gap Hop more than an Ocean Crossing.
  22. Only two

    #2 Gorgeous.
  23. Word(s) association game

    Sounds like one of those Fusion restaurants...Italian/Papua New Guinea cuisine.
  24. Transatlantic departure

    Nice shots Alan. I have not yet actually flown a Transatlantic nor TransPacific flight in FSX yet. I keep thinking I should do a SFO to Honolulu trip, but watching ocean for 3-4 hours on a computer monitor just doesn't have the same reward at the end as in RL...a Hawaiian vacation.