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  1. Im happy with my step stool...have no desire to meet the real shit.
  2. Caption the picture!

    Everyone feels like they have 2 left feet the first day of dance class...some 4.
  3. Caption the picture!

    Moose have an unfair advantage during games of Twister...and the police aren't putting up with it any longer.
  4. Harrowing, and a great score behind h'it. Terrific work making it through Putinfeld's pinchers again...barely. Jasmine is handy to have around, a lifesaver in fact. Nice to see you didn't let a big jet keep you from flying it like a fighter...go RAF! Can't wait to see what you dig up for the last bit. Bravo
  5. At eve

    Great shots Dolf. This is my favorite time to fly, fortunate because it is when I get home and hop into the sim.
  6. New addition to the hangar

    Very pretty model. Congrats!
  7. Seahawk

    Looks like a very nice model. Regrettably I opened it on my phone at work, see you all next month!
  8. Congratulations

    Looked like a fantastic rally this year. I was regrettably otherwise engaged and could not join in. I was glad to see everyone else go through the teething pain changes, I will be forewarned and forearmed next year. Nice work Andrew and Joe and a big thanks to all the pilots who shared their adventures!
  9. Simworks Phantom

    Grats on the new ride...that should be exciting.
  10. Word(s) association game

    Vices have more fun.
  11. Tiny Hauler

    Thanks for the comments folks. This is JF's new 152...quite a fun little thing. It's surprising how fun "Basic" can be especially in Air hauler...running a fleet of Jumbos sure brings in the bucks, but sometimes I just enjoy squeezing margins out of tiny birds as a nice change of pace.
  12. Lukla.

    Well done Alan. Lukla is a fun challenge. I tried to start an Airhauler company out of Lukla a long long time ago...that didn't last long. Short story: Long flights, small pay, lots of repairs.
  13. Word(s) association game

    Clove Oil...a pain relief technique learned from watching "Marathon Man".
  14. Word(s) association game

    Salman Rushdie