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  1. A few of the FSX trips I have done/planned to do/planed to plan/and probably won't plane...sigh. Transcontinental Record Setting Recreation in Howard Hughes racer. Status: Completed and published video on Youtube (Coffee's Hangar). Follow Nile from to Lake Alexexandria, then find river to follow to African east coast. Status: Made it to Lake Alexandria, stalled there as the scenery at the time was less than interesting. May pick this up again at some point though. Now that I have an E-10 Electra...Recreate Earhart's famous trip to and crash landing somewhere near (or not so near) to Howland Island. Status: Still reviewing possible crash sites and conspiracy theories. Deliver water bomber from Venezuala to Yellowknife Alaska based on an Air Alaska adventure. Status: Crashed into a hangar in Tennessee, still working out damages and damage$ with the authorities...aircraft undelivered and will probably miss this summer to get it there. Round the country USA trip in A2A Comanche. Status: Stalled in Idaho last year, but have since crossed over and picked up the general route in Airhauler using the new Nomad Mode...Back in Progress and so far in Montreal Canada.
  2. Join In!

    The new Doctor Who has no problem Parallel parking the new Tardis...even in a tight spot like this one. Unlike the old Tardis, however, there is no closet space left and visitors remark on how much smaller it looks inside.
  3. Oh my...that might tempt me into a PMDG product, although I suspect it will kill my machine at this point in it's dottage.
  4. Good Call. Frankly, I disable most liveries when I buy an addon, and look for one or more of Jankee's paints if possible. Hope some of those super painters get some paying work for their art. Thanks to JF for investing in their talents.
  5. Congrats on keeping your VA running so long that it actually has a Retro Paint Job. And a nice one at that.
  6. Yeeeee HAaaaaw. Here we go again. I haven't seen the register yet, please tell me J.G. got ATWC-007! Oh well, that number was taken by Tom Arnot, opportunity missed J.G.
  7. ... some lovely Autumn scenery... . Drat you! You changed the perfectly fine title of your post, and killed my wordplay ...forcing me to snip my comment as it became a non-sequiter.
  8. Nice set, FSX doesn't hold a candle to XP in terms of ground/aircraft interaction between lights. I am kind of hoping my machine dies soon so I am forced to make a switch, but it will be to P3D-V4 for me. Airhauler or bust I'm afraid.
  9. Cute little plane. Interesting reading all the little Goofs/Doh moments the designers included/excluded in the model. Kinda makes you scratch your head and sigh. 15, 16, 17, 18, maths? And obvious polygons are so last several years ago. Especially in an otherwise well textured and good looking VC. That said, I wish I wanted it. It looks like it would be fun to fly, but fairly useless for airhauler .
  10. X11

    It's a bit disconcerting flying some of the older planes without landing flaps, but they tend to have pretty slow stall speeds and aren't usually an issue for them, most of my biplanes are without them, and one just Slows down...granted a big thing like the Catalina feels very odd without flaps, but she is a graceful cat and lands softly on her feet/belly.
  11. Double Pounder
  12. Billboards.