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  1. Join In!

    I was hoping for a bit more turbulence this flight. It generates a lot of prayer request tips, and free drinks. I know right?! Lots of hand wringing and worried looks really pull them in...stupid clear air. Yeah. Flip you for drinks? Sure.
  2. Test Pilots: Titanium Test'es...they stay cooler at speed and altitude, and upside down.
  3. Animal Shelter
  4. Terrible news, only ray of light is no one at the shopping center was killed by the impact. Condolences to families of those on board.
  5. "Invulnerability against weapons"...nice! I'm glad real war doesn't have that or it could cause the whole mess to drag on and on and on without purpose, not much different from today, but with lots more clearly obvious futility to all involved. p.s. I previews some of the videos above and subscribed...terrific stuff. Cheers.
  6. Terrific information, thank you again. The Blip switch sounds blipping crazy to me. I have no idea why anyone would set foot into an airplane that runs at full blast, and required turning the engine completely off to aid with turning and landing.!!! What a concept... I think I might avoid the radials.
  7. That is awesome Loic, Very much appreciated. I'll have a walk through the settings and see how this looks. Some of those controls are completely unfamiliar to me...radiator, altitude throttle, blip...etc. That was my concern about Deleting stuff...some of it I had no idea if it was useful or not. I'm in general pleased with how the game looks and feels flying so far...once I get the controls worked out this should be a blast. I so very much miss the old MS-Combat days with all the freeware WW-One planes available to dogfight. I was happy to see the Neiport-17 is a stock plane in ROF, it was one of my favs back then. Cheers.
  8. I'm just going to reinterpret Joe's comment from my perspective: I wish the situation was more funny, and less of a source of comedy. Regrettably at times my brain is wired to spot play on words, and I use them often...sorry if I got the thread off onto the 'wrong weather track'. Cheers. Matt.
  9. Totally agree Wayne, in the case of the Dash..I won it in the Screenshot contest way way not toooo much guilt about that One, the rest...yeah...I have lots of unflown payware, like most of us I settle on flying a few favorites, and whatever is New in the Hangar. However, I have got good use out of many of them. I fly the heck out of new planes and amortize them to less than the cost of a cuppa each day...and as a Home Roaster saving money on my Cuppa addiction by roasting Awesome 5-Star coffee, and Not doing the expensive crappy OneStarCoffee habit each day, easily pays for my Payware aircraft habit. Capt. Coffee. PHD - University of Rationalization.
  10. It's a GREAT rail ride...for comedians. And, to re-rail the post...yeah right... It's raining Stink today. I'm gonna keep my head down and chase leaks inside today.
  11. Wow, amazing rain/windshield wiper effects. I am getting occasionally very jealous of XP users.
  12. Pastorize (sic)
  13. If they were reporting a celebrity hangnail it would look like the end of the world. Caveat, I am NOT on the "Fake Media!" train that is trumpeting it's horn lately, but it pays to take the Skeptical Subway when watching the news these days.
  14. Wow, a "Local" bird. The city of Martinez is 3 miles right across the Straits from me. I'll have to check the phone book, just out of curiosity, to see if Lt Frank Calicura 's family name is still listed in the area. Great job on it.