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  1. Mine is officially registered. No doubt not the first. I was never the first kid to find an Easter egg, but I'll get my candy in the end, I'm just very pleased that I remembered how to navigate thanks to last year's challenge (last year taught me to VOR nav....Sweets!). Thanks Andrew and Joe!
  2. Join In!

    Agreed...just went for the laugh with that.
  3. Congrats! Note to self...It's fairly well known that children's personalities are in part influenced by their consider"calm" names. Pacifica/o Serenity Peace Stills Shheila Shutup Fortheloveofgodshutupandletnesleep. Hope you and mum get some much needed rest, especially mum. Cheers Kev!
  4. Congrats on the new job/career. Lovely sky shot there. Getting up before 3am will certainly increase the odds of catching those cool dawn light shots.
  5. I don't Crow?
  6. That's a peach.
  7. Nice flight. UUncharacteristcly cloudless skies in your shots recently...been getting a spat of nice weather? I have been forced recently to fly Cloudless as my machine is randomly getting pokey with ASN on at the same time...I appreciate the anti-cumulonimbus camaraderie.
  8. Ornithologists
  9. Step one: Purchase windows based pad?
  10. Join In!

    We witness a plucky blue mouse hijack an orange cat; genus House With his gun he set course Destination: "Head north". It's a cat, instead they went south.
  11. Interesting, The brighter colors of 10 seem "Prettier" than the 11 version, but I suspect the 11 version is more like the actual atmospheric appearance...especially down in still fairly murky LA area air. Cheers for the comparison.
  12. Nice shots, great looking scenery. FYI: Lowest priced Perfume in the USA/Airhauler2 is at KBOS.
  13. Nice one!