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  1. Caption the picture!

    Here we go. On the face of it, perhaps an innocent picture...but I suspect something else may be going on here. What do you guys and gals think?
  2. Caption the picture!

    Thanks Brett. I'll get back with an image Soon(TM) as I notice FSsnaps is still down.
  3. BCAR 2017 Test Flight

    IF this rally turns out like the MEBAR (and I suspect it is quite...hahaha), you will be glad your cruise speed was less than optimal. Erring on the side of Too Slow on that test flight is always a good idea. It will give you some extra muscles available should you encounter headwinds in later legs, or should you have to deviate from course for weather. Thanks for the looks. That Mallard does look nice....Shupe sure doesn't disappoint.
  4. NZ trip

    Stunners in there. That looks like a challenging slim envelope to maneuver around those hills beneath that close blanket of clouds.
  5. Happy Birthday Ros!

    Happy birthday to a fine gentleman and superb Screenshooter. Many happies wished for your year ahead Rosario!
  6. Caption the picture!

    The breed? A Left Pointer.
  7. Caption the picture!

    This dog can run circles around you, and that's just about all he can do...
  8. Caption the picture!

    We call him Parfour...cuz he is a mean dogleg to the left.
  9. Tree assisted landing!

    Charlie Brown unwittingly flies over the kite eating tree.
  10. Word(s) association game

    Cookies before bed please.

    A beautiful trip Ros. By the numbers...not counting the number of drinks of course... . I like the custom livery and custom bar stock . Thankfully you had clear smooth weather for the trip so no one had to waste any stock in the other pictured 'accommodations' along the way.
  12. Word(s) association game

    Rubbers, protection from rain or other type of moisture depending on geographical location.
  13. Alabeo 40% OFF Annual Sale

    Rats...I wasn't expecting it to be on sale as it is so new...but putting a 1% discount on the Ovation M20R is kind of ...disappointing/pointless? I'll hope for a Xmas sale and a change of Alabeo heart regarding this one
  14. Tree assisted landing!

    Some pilots are just too damned lazy to walk back to their cars.
  15. Caption this...

    Alrighty now...what wag on the crew put superglue on the headsets???