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  1. Join In!

    If Dominos'Ovens and Dominos'Tellers ever slept, they would dream of flying like their Elite coworkers the Dominos'Drones.
  2. Join In!

    The Pizza is a lie!!!. This is how the Skynet will try to trick us into thinking they are our and pizza at first, then the Dominos turns to Domination.
  3. Join In!

    Would you like it sliced, or blended?
  4. Was going to post something titillating, but this isn't the joke thread.
  5. The Cycle of Life keeps us Pedaling hard to keep up and sometimes just keeping our seat or hanging on can be a challenge, thankfully, the Cycle of Life has Bars for that. A toast to you sir. And we hope you get the simbox out of the hangar and fallovers in time to face the Putinfeld in what is sure to be a Suspensful 007 ATWC...I can hear the theme music coming up in the background already. (whaaa whaaa wha whaaaaaa wha wha whaaa)
  6. Hopefully you won't be waking up again to your morning cuppa coffee, to find CappaCoffee has crashed the board again the previous night.
  7. I don't have P3D, and this issue sounds like a stupid PITA that shouldn't have survived version 1.01 let alone to v3 Suggestion, this is just a test: Can you try Create Scenario, then Immediately (re) Load (the just created) Scenario, without going back to desktop and restarting P3D? Just wondering if "Load Scenario" at the start of a flight is the golden ticket to success. cheers.
  8. Join In!

    Looks like this has run it's course, thanks for the many fun captions. I'm giving it to J.G. for imagining a wing full of plucky red starter cartridges. Take it away John.
  9. Review

    Nice work Andrew. Looks like an overpriced Winner. I agree bout Carenado's and Alabeo's prices creeping up being unwelcome...for their systems complexity which doesn't compare to similar priced and better systems quality A2A work. Comparing A2A and Carenado/Alabeo might be comparing Apples and Oranges? Nevertheless, when we shop for FS produce we do indeed consider Price/Quality regardless of flavor. I have the MilViz version of this model, a very nice rendition...although this newer Alabeo looks a bit slicker textures wise... I will stick with the MilViz unless a Huge Alabeo Sale crops up that includes this bird that also coincides with a phat wallet .
  10. If there are engines eventually, firing them up should be shown on some kind of durable auto event logger for things like that. Wonder if there will be a market for Addon 'Yacht Clubs and Harbors" similar to ORBx...I agree that simply popping into a boat at sea is less interesting than having to board at the club, jockey out to the start with the fleet...even motoring there if necessary, and then starting the actual races with help of starters and chase boats...oh.... Motors would be good for Chase boats as well. I just saw Brett's ears perk up.