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  1. Turbo Arrow IFR to Sacto.

    Quicky haul from 1Oscar2 Lampson, Lakeport to Sacramento with a rush order of blood...a rare type, not a happy thanksgiving for someone if I don't get this cooler to KSMF in an hour. IFR thanks to overcast at KSMF Sacramento. This is actually my first Instrument approach in the Turbo Arrow. Up and away into scattered clouds, still overcast at Sac from current reports. I have a volcano, Mt. Konocti, to clear before picking up my course. I'm put on vectors to line me up with KSMF 16R, heading over the last ridges before the central valley. Descending to 2,000 through some scattered murk to intercept the GS. In line, and just barely making out the airport lights. Dials say I'm a tad high, fine by me I have plenty of runway I plan to fly over to reach a later taxiway and shorten my ground time. Looking good as I haul into clear view of the runway, AP off, easy peasy from here. Thank you Otto, you did good. Cheers, Coff.
  2. Leg 16 - Mau Hau (WADU) to Broome Intl (YBRM)

    I'd keep it to myself that my "Numerous Aircraft and Pilot Ratings" are from Airhauler2.
  3. Airlander 10 maiden flight

    Helium disaster...oh the shrieking.
  4. Air Canada pulls a "Harrison Ford"

    Way too near of a miss..but thank [your pick] it was a miss. That was nearly (at least) 2 and up to 4 planes lost with many many souls. Another article from a local newpaper Mercury News...it mentions that the aircraft was on an angled FMS visual approach and thus not using the ILS system. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/21/sfo-close-call-air-canada-pilot-was-not-using-guidance-instruments-source-says/
  5. Some C-46 Commando

    That is Just Flight's C46. But you are correct, it does put a lot of payware to shame. Great model.
  6. Douglas DC-4 / C-54

    Great job. Nice set of Buffalos.
  7. Some C-46 Commando

    Nice ones Rosario! I just downloaded the new update last night, but haven't installed yet.
  8. Sun Flyer 4 seat electric.

    "don't get the point of 0-60 in 5 secs in a truck...not really a selling point.... " Actually, yes it is in a round about way/Marketing Hype. It means tons of torque ie...no probs starting on steep hills, or hauling big loads up them. Electric motors thrash diesels and petrol engines for torque throughout their rpm range. In the US Tesla went all out installing charging stations across the country, so range is not an issue for Tesla buyers in the US, although charging times still are some issue for the early/current models....sounds like they have addressed that issue with their new truck maybe? They are no doubt doing similar charging station creation in other countries where they are permitted to do so, in order to eliminate the range concerns for new markets. Around major cities we have lots of EV only parking spaces, especially at Office Complexes, but also on city streets in some areas. If their new 18-wheeler can charge up in 30 minutes, that is about the time spent at a diner for lunch, a long sh** break...or as stated, the time it takes to unload the truck. No doubt Tesla will be installing charging systems at loading docks and truck stops all around the country as we speak. As for aircraft. I'm pretty excited about the progress being made. I have more faith in the relatively fewer moving parts in an electric motor than the thousands of moving parts in the engineering and computerized nightmares that are modern combustion engines. My only concern is lightning strikes tearing through the circuitry/wiring/cells, but am confident engine/battery compartments, and wiring harnesses are easy enough to Faraday Cage/Shield to prevent problems. Some charging thoughts: -I wonder if aircraft skins can be made into large capacitors to capture and store the static electricity that builds up on the surfaces...could that be trickled from a capacitor into the main bank via computer magic as a way of extending range? -Certainly incorporating solar cells into any available upper surface would help with charging on ground and a slight range extension in flight, if not actually adequate to power the plane in flight, to help reduce costs/dependence on charging stations. -And I assume (I hope) any aircraft supplied would come with it's own "power converter/charger" so that it could be plugged into normal 115-120V AC power (Or regional normals if different elsewhere) at an airfield and do the AC/DC conversion for charging internally. A last thought I just had: When a normal petrol aircraft runs out of fuel...it is Out of Fuel...thats it...done deal. Batteries on the other hand when they go empty will "regain" a small charge after sitting for a little while, and can give a short burst of power after a break. So in flight if an electric 'runs out of juice' like a normal aircraft it will have to glide to the nearest airfield, but unlike a regular aircraft, the electric has a chance to turn the motor back on briefly during approach for a short burst of power....could mean the difference between making the threshold or hitting a tree before it.
  9. VC collection

    Nice "Pits! All great VC, the DC-3 is classic Extra Grungy.
  10. Paint it black

    Nice set Al. A great looking jet from an era of great looking jets. Some of my fav's are from these days.
  11. Attacker

    That does look awkward to land, but no prop strike if it noses over.