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  1. Yeah, ground crews...unsung heroes of the wars. I love that a spitfire was able to give him a flyover sendoff. Perfect tribute! I lucked out and avoided any wars during my short duty. But I got to experience wrenching on aircraft from frozen ramp stands in horribad conditions, freezing rain, snow and wind...if not under fire or threat of aerial bombing. People that had to do that, but also sometimes with inadequate rations and or supplies under tight flight schedules to keep planes, tanks, ships, cars... to keep everything Working, then hand it off to a driver/pilots/crews and hope it all comes back alive and hopefully successful ... dayum. RIP Joe R.
  2. Must remember to go to a sauna sometime and take a smiley selfie...a nice steamy mug of Coffee.
  3. Mindless Repetition
  4. Shutter, ala photo finish
  5. Heya Oziee...Loic posted a link around here somewhere regarding a Ship Addon...a huge collection of all kinds of boats that ply the FSX and P3D world...not sure if it works in other sims than those. Search for it based on the file is on AvSim, you may need to create an account to access/download it. global_ai_ship_traffic_v1
  6. Especially doctors on holiday Brett. Loic, I have been flying the heck out of both of those planes, the Helldiver and F3F both give a very Immersive-Lite experience...easy and enjoyable to fly, lots of things to do in cockpit, sound great, look fantastic....and yeah, you don't drop anything in AH2 let alone a few cases of expensive Medi'zcal supplies. Wain, she was the scenery I was admiring the most.
  7. Take a Number and be seated.
  8. Very nice shots in there. Wishing to keep on flying is keeping me from doing a long overdue upgrade...I suspect a card or component may come down in price, or up in quality, by the time I finally bust down and do it. Graphic cards are already looking more affordable in the 1070 range. Hoping my patience/reticence pays off that way. Flying everyday in the meantime sure has it's value for sure.
  9. Mexico to Catalina. Departure was in the black of early morning from MMLM, Los Mochis, Mexico, about an hour or so predawn. I had emergency Medical Supplies on board for KAVX, Catalina, which looked suspiciously like a crate of tequila...that's one way to clear customs I guess. First shot is about 1/2 hour before dawn, first usable screenshot. Running lights on bright. Just before dawn, the glow lit side of the plane. Dashing over the much improved Mexico terrain thanks to Orbx. On my way to my pit stop at MMPE, Punta Penasco. After the refueling stop, I'm almost over to the coastline south of San Diego. Catalina is ahead after a bit of cloud dodging out of SD. The tourist season is well underway at Catalina. Down, shut down, and admiring the scenery after a long flight. Cheers. Coff.
  10. New competition

    Still not much gold in our fields, but a golden day to fly the F3F past the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.
  11. It's all WTF to me... Except I did recognize that ATWC part...Great news!
  12. Join In!

    I suspect it is a toy maker's version of his ideal of what a biplane looks like. I suspect they may have seen many pictures of planes from the racing era that the BeeGee racer comes from...the cockpit looks right up against the vertical stabilizer, a common look of that vintage. John's observations about the radial engine having the wrong number of cylinders makes me think the artist may not even have directly designed from actual pictures, but from recollections of pictures they had seen. Like, I as an artist can draw a fairly convincing representation of a blimp or zeppelin because I have drawn many of them before, but if you put one of my sketches on a forum and asked folks to ID the maker of the blimp that inspired would be anyone's guess. /2 cents from an artist perspective.