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  1. Leg-24b Rarotonga Intl - NCRG to The Rescue...to NTAA. Leg-2 of 2

    Oh, hell...I had forgotten to check back into Pat's thread to thank everyone for the comments...on Pat's behalf.
  2. FR792 STN-TSF. Transition to P3Dv4

    Nice job on the flight as well as the upgrade installation...the later never as enjoyable as the former.
  3. Hey Joe, I'll give one a shot. ^Quote phase completed^. Sending PM.
  4. Susan has big teeth

    And great big jugs, but I'd never say that to Susan's face.
  5. Word(s) association game

    Wind Up Clocks
  6. Word(s) association game

    Shorts Brothers
  7. Mix after the switch

    Great shots Dolf. So, what are you using here...what "Switched"?
  8. Runway & cliff 'excursion' in Turkey

    Where the Pilots vs PPrune accounts differ: The pilots claimed "the plane did not slow down" (indicating that the plane was on the runway for some amount of time, at least long enough for the nose wheel to touch down before any serious braking would have been applied) Then "The Captain took over"... Then "The right engine event occured". (..indicating there was some Pause between the landing contact, assessing that the aircraft was Not slowing down before the captain took over prior to the Engine incident). The PPrune account assumes that the Captain immediately took over once it touched down, before the Nose Wheel touched, at which point afterwards he executed a series of actions that should have slowed the plane down, but instead helps cause the TOGA event, which then suddenly spooled up the Rt engine and careened off the runway. (Which in my opinion, from the exalted position of the infallible wannabee pilot's couch, seems like the Careen event would have occurred earlier down the runway if the PPRUNE account timing is correct.)
  9. Leg 25: NTAA to NTTO

    Nice job with the VOR nav challenge completed Mr. Mike!. Old School spiral bound Notep'lanners can't be beat for setting up a route...and no way for squ...bugs to mess up a GPS plan while carrying a sensitive cargo. Def consider joining the MEBAR next time if you enjoyed that kind of thing...it's a VOR sightseeing blast, thanks to the fine work/advance planning of A.Godden good planner here on the board. "...can't think what someone might have dropped into his drink". Cheers, keep telling yerself and others that and everything will be just fine. Leave the ..bugs to (THR)us(Hush).
  10. North American F-82G Twin Mustang

    It was a brilliant solution to the gassy copilot problem.
  11. Word(s) association game

    SQUID! (false alarm...just a sheet flapping in wind)
  12. Sim addict?

    Same Brett...I only have FSX Accel/Lots of ORBx/Addons to flesh it out. I am in it for the variety it offers, relaxing ocean crossing while watching a couple episodes of this or that on Netflix (and earn 3million in Airhauler)...or pushing some poor addon beyond human limits carving crazy canyons for a YouTube video. But I do like a Goal in a game/sim. I tried TrainSim as well, YAWNnnnn. I tried a Modern version of Moon Lander with 3d environment and simulated systems, but their was no game in it, just "Land here in x-time" kind of stuff which lost my interest immediately. I really should be trying the Battle Flight Sims that are out now, especially the WWII and WWI stuff that I miss so much from old Janes' and MS-Combat days...however, I'm 54, so long out of Combat mode and mentality, these days I'd get my arse handed to me in a muliti-player combat environment. But G'dam those look amazing. :O
  13. Runway & cliff 'excursion' in Turkey

    That skid mark so far down jibes with their recount of the incident...there would have been a certain amount of "Oh Shit" occuring in the cockpit if they were still at speed that far down the runway...im betting a hasty/panic'd mis-grab at the throttles caused that right side engine to accelerate, adding to the OS-factor...but... I'm hoping for their sake some fault is found in the equipment rather than procedures. Crossing fingers for them.
  14. Word(s) association game

    Pain in the ...
  15. Piece Taker...Long hauling in a Convair.

    If there is a good play on words available I'll find it, if there isn't, I'll invent a bad one.