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  1. Nearly missed it! Happy Birthday big fella. I just happen to have a glass of red to hand, so I'm gonna raise it. Cheers Buddy.
  2. Kate asked me to pass her the tube of lip balm. I accidentally gave her a tube of super glue and now she won't speak to me.
  3. Th*nk$ f4r y0u¬ upda^te jOE; w0r<ing @t myyyyyyyyyy end.
  4. I have a great step ladder. I only wish I knew my real ladder.
  5. Speaking to a mate who is a chef I asked him what he thought about all these Masterchef type programmes. He said, "I don't know what all the fuss is about, it's only bloody lunch."
  6. Lovely shots Dolf. Being a fan of the famous Porto product, I spent a few days there enjoying it.
  7. +1 That means a Guinness to celebrate.