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  1. What do you do if a group of circus performers attack you? Go for the juggler.
  2. That's the best offer I've had all week Lucy.
  3. Is that a cross between a hippo and an alligator?
  4. High performance Mustang

    A beaut.
  5. She wore a yellow ribbon.
  6. Pax Exchange - not in the usual sense

    Me too Brett. be a walk in the park.
  7. BOAC

    Another nice set Al. Why BA dropped the Speedbird widget I don't know.
  8. Evening Shuttle, EGLC-EGPH

    Good ones Al.
  9. Shoutbox?

    No Wayne, it's more like Mutley's Masonic Lodge. Members have special aprons and garters with the Mutley's logo on.
  10. Looks like a good time is being had by all. Perhaps we should all have a Mutley meet and beer fest in Sorreto.
  11. Shoutbox?

    Aha! Thanks Brian, I'd just never seen it before until recently.