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  1. Saint Patrick's Day

    +1 That means a Guinness to celebrate.
  2. A few marauders

    Good pics JK.
  3. Glass and bottle.
  4. Asking for trouble!

    Nice knowing you Al.
  5. Piano keys

    Superb JK. Our Little Friends.
  6. A horse was having a couple of drinks in the pub when he sees a donkey sitting over in the corner. So he wanders over and asks the donkey if he might join him. They start chatting and the horse asks. "What did you do?" "I gave kiddies rides on the beach. What did you do?" asks donkey. "A racehorse." "Win anything?" Asks donkey. " Yes, the Grand National, St Leger, Gold Cup and the Derby." Anyway they chat along and arrange to meet at the donkeys house in a couple of days. Donkey thinks now how can I impress him, so he goes out and buys a large picture of a zebra and hangs it above his fireplace. Horse comes round to donkeys house. "Nice place you've got here. What's that?" he asks looking at the picture. "That's me when I played for Newcastle United." For those not in the know, Newcastle United colours are black and white.
  7. A10 One of those would clear the road for you.
  8. Do you ever get the feeling . . .

    "Looks like you've got a stalker" Really Joe, this is a respectable place.
  9. Caption the picture!

    "No, you misheard me Miss Kim, I didn't say show me your Mig."