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  1. New wheels!

    Now here's the car of my dreams, I've had a few Classic 900s but never the Aero.
  2. Boeing KC-97G Stratotanker

    Superb pics.
  3. Ireland bracing for Ophelia

    You're correct Martin, it is dust from the Sahara and some from forest fires on the Iberian peninsular. There's an orange/yellow tint to the sky along with the red sun. It's a bit like being on Mars.
  4. Ireland bracing for Ophelia

    Good timing for a visit Quick, hang on to your hat. If you get over the Irish Sea to South East Blighty give us a shout, I'll buy you a warm beer.
  5. It is John, say it out loud and it's Russian and it's no coincidence that our Great Leader is called Joe as in Uncle Joe.
  6. Especially if someone fires up that RB211. But Matt, it reads. ragnaH s'yeltuM
  7. Just to wish all who are going to Cosford this weekend a safe journey and a merry time at the show. And post some pics of the show and Mutley's stand and Mutley crew. I'd like to put some names to fae faces.
  8. Well done Al. Mutley's is like Hotel California. You can check out any time you want, But you can never leave.
  9. try again for size

    You got it Mike. Great shot too.
  10. Try and catch me

    A beaut!
  11. A Tutorial in RAT use.

    Or worse, a lawyer. A little anecdote gleaned from Pprune. A school teacher reprimanded a student and told him that he'll spend his life staring out the window. The student became an airline pilot.
  12. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1ff_1506347296