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  1. Silly me, perhaps it's time to put me six foot down under.
  2. Yes John the Kiwis are included, ANZAC;Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Thanks to our friends down South.
  3. George who? Thanks guys anyway, I wasn't aware that it was his day today. The myth is St George slayed a dragon. The truth is he murdered his mother in law.
  4. Thanks Roz. Maybe it's time to dust it off, haul it out of the hangar and see if I can remember how to fly it.
  5. Nice one Roz. Have JF got it working?
  6. The satirical laugh of the kookaburra. "Ha bloody ha!"
  7. Happy Holiday to all. I seem to have a glass of red in my hand, so I'll raise it. Cheers folks.
  8. Subjected to a nasty game of musical chairs.
  9. Re Public conveniences. Due to unforseen...