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  1. J G

    Autostar X

    Has anyone used Autostar X? This came up in another thread and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it? Also, I was wondering how it would sit with REX 3D?
  2. I decided to be adventurous and upgrade the content as well. I went down the upgrade route rather than the reinstall route and I am glad to say as fare as P3D went all is well. The content upgrade has given me the C130. I think it is the Captain Sim version as the textures seem to match those found in that models repaint. The VC detail is as good as you will get for what is essentially a free aircraft, so I am happy with that until someone comes up with something better. Worth the install? - yes I think so. I have had only one issue. TacPack doesn't work under v4.3. When the Sim starts to load it the start up fails with a message that TacPack cant start under v4.3. I have sent an email to the support email but I have not had a reply, not even an acknowledgment. I don't suppose this will cause many of you folks out there but I will be interested in seeing what comes of the issue. I am not a big fan of the developers of TacPack as they seem to want you to buy the whole thing again as soon as an upgrade happens. And it is not cheap.
  3. Ok thanks Wain. I plan to upgrade to v4.3 soon and was wondering if I should upgrade the client only or do the content as well on the assumption that the C130 would be in that part of the upgrade. I will play safe and upgrade the client only.
  4. One final question... How does it fit with ORBIX scenery?
  5. I heard that there was a C130 with 4.3. Is it true?
  6. Looks good! Can you adjust the number of stars you see? I have seen that many stars in the sky, but only when I was in the Sahara, miles away from any light pollution!
  7. Nice choice of aircraft Steph! I have this aircraft in my stable. It is so extraordinary I had to have it even though it goes against my "RAF only" rule. I got around my rule by doing a re-paint in Empire Test School colours and basing it at Porton Down! It was interesting to see the Osprey refuelling, At first I would have thought it easier to use a boom rather than a hose to refuel, but I suppose that requires the aircraft to be closer to pull it off. With those massive blades you probably want as much distance as possible between the tanker and refuelling aircraft.
  8. Great Pirep Matt. Four aircraft!! That will keep them guessing!
  9. J G

    Missing aircraft P3D v4.2

    That makes sense as some of the default aircraft are JF and they are not Impacted. I will reinstall the aircraft and see where that gets me.
  10. I think I must have changed a setting by accident or something similar but I cant seem to find out where. I now have invisible aircraft, both addons and those that came with P3D. At least from the outside. The interior views are fine, but all external views show nothing whatsoever. Not even a black aircraft shape. Its like the aircraft have a cloaking system! This situation survives a P3D restart and even a PC reboot. Can anyone suggest what it might be? Thanks in advance, JG
  11. J G

    Missing aircraft P3D v4.2

    Thanks Boss. Setting SEE_SELF to "1" seems to cure most aircraft. However the JF Hawk, JF Tristar and the JF Tornado remain invisible! It must be a JF thing I need to fix. J.
  12. I have to agree with you John. I run P3D v4.2 on a windows 10 64 bit platform and it is the best sim I have owned to date. There are a few issues with older add-ons but the best vendors are doing their best to bring their add-ons into the v4 world. Just Flight are probably the best at doing this, unfortunately Aerosoft doesn't seem to be. I am waiting for their Lightnings to show as being V4x compatible. I think I might have a long wait!
  13. Horsall Common (Just down the road from me!)
  14. J G

    Missing aircraft P3D v4.2

    For some reason the rotary encoder changes the Prepar3D.cfg SEE_SELF value to zero. Setting this value back to 1 solves the problem except for one view. Could some kind person please check their value of SEE_SELF and post it here? The issue seem like it might be something to do with the software I am using to interpret the Rotary Encoder output and the way it interfaces with FSUIPC. Thanks.
  15. J G

    Missing aircraft P3D v4.2

    Update. I deleted my Prepar3D.cfg file and this fixed the issue. I have managed to find the source of the issue. Its a rotary encoder I have set up to control the rudder trim. so it seems to be an issue with the encoder itself or with the software that controls it. I will post more here as I further my investigations.
  16. Michael Fish gave us a bum weather forecast the day before the 1987 storm, which has gone down in British history as probably the biggest weather forecast bungle ever. The Mexican woman above gives a bum weather forecast every day and nobody seems to mind, in fact people seem to love it! As our American cousins say: Go figure!
  17. Yesterday I landed at Gibraltar airport for the first time. For me this was an interesting event as this airfield is supposed to be one of the most dangerous airports in Europe. The runway is short, with the sea at both ends so any miscalculation is paid for in spades. I was in an Airbus 320, and our approach was from the east. It looked like we were going to land in the sea, but crossed the threshold just before touchdown and once the wheels were on the ground the air brakes were up and the reverse thrusters were deployed fully for what seemed to be a much longer period than usual. We stopped in time and turned around at the end of the runway to taxi back to the terminal, passing the traffic jam caused by the road closure made for us to land. Yes the main dual carriageway road crosses the runway and the traffic is stopped when an aircraft uses the runway. I will post photos and videos later when I am back in the UK. But until then I would recomend that you try a landing ar Gib on your sim, JF do a good add-on to make it that more interesting.
  18. This is a common mistake made by foreigners. The cloud is to be found over Wales. My son went to University in Bangor, North Wales. During freshers week he was advised to get a pair of wellies as, "if it isn't raining in Bangor, then it is just about to". After his three years there and visiting Bangor many times I think I only we there once when it didn't rain. However it was snowing at the time.
  19. A-ha Universal Exports eh? I use them a lot if is the same company. Is it the one located at Vauxhall Cross House 85 Albert Embankment in Vauxhall, London UK? Very reliable business, I believe both Jasmin and Clive work for them. Great flight! I hope you can keep down your next meal!
  20. @ Needles. What Brian isn't telling you is that the sunshine only last a couple of hours, 'cause its dark the rest of the day!