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  1. Screenie conversion

    Download the Gimp - It's free. You can use it to make screen captures and save them in any format you want. https://www.gimp.org/downloads/
  2. Russian Jetliner down at Moscow,

    What was the pilot thinking about when he declined de-icing? Given the conditions as evidenced on the crash site photos, my money is on icing.
  3. Lynx Avro

    I am very familiar with the 504K as it was much used in WW1. I have to admit I haven't come across the 504N before. it's a great looking aircraft! There is a gap in my timeline of RAF aircraft that runs from 1918 to 1936, this aircraft would plug that gap, going into service in the mid 1920's. Where did you get it from Alan?
  4. more freight...

    I cant see the screenshots! That's a shame, given the above comments.
  5. Cairns

    I must get around to taking a flight from Cairns, it looks great. I have flown into and from Cairns once, a long time ago.
  6. New type of cloud

    I am fascinated by clouds as well. They can be majestic and beautiful. Somewhere I hav an interesting book called Pilots Clouds. An interesting read if you can find it.
  7. Caption the picture!

    Kim Jong-un caught taking photos to satisfy his fetishism
  8. That is a fine looking aircraft. If they make it TacPac enabled it would be interesting to see how it handles a tactical nuclear weapon. RAF slang for a tactical nuclear bomb was 'a little bucket of sunshine'. Rather apt but really dark at the same time.
  9. PC Upgrade

    Thanks for the above Martin. I too love the Phantom it is a truly awsome machine. I remember as a boy when the Royal Navy first started to fly it. In those days the RNAS and RAF had always flown British built aircraft and I felt sad at that departure. But as soon as I had seen the aircraft at an airshow I fell for it completey. It lacks the elegance of the English Electric Lightning, and the grace of the Hawker Hunter, but it has that Sophia Loren look. Everything is not quite right, but the sum of them is beautiful. The problem I have with Phantoms in my FS is that I like to fly the British version. The only one on the moment is the MilVis one. All the others have the wrong nose with the chin mounted gun that was never used by us Brits . I would so love to get the MilVis Phantom going, but I have found that if it doesn't work it screws everything else up. A full rebuild is too much of a pain to risk.
  10. Pompen up the parrot.
  11. Happy Birthday hlminx

    Hi Steph. Sorry I missed you birthday. I hope that you had a good one and that you received lots of nice presents!
  12. Origin DNS error is something to do with your service provider I think. Its an error that occurs when your DNS cant be resolved and so incoming data cant be routed to you, at least that is how I understand it.
  13. PC Upgrade

    Good to hear all is well with your PC. I hope you don't mind but I have some questions about your new hardware. Are you running FSX or P3D? What is the spec of your PC? And here is the million dollar question...... Is the MilViz Phantom stable on your PC? I have a high end Chillblast PC and I cannot get the MilViz Phantom to run on it without screwing up my P3D v4 install completely. It's as stable as jelly even with a new build with just the Phantom installed and no other addon aircraft. I just cant get it to work without crashing. Its a real shame as I had it working on my older PC under FSX and really liked the aircraft, It was probably my favourite. As I now have P3D v4 and TacPac for P3D it would be great to get it working, but try as I might I cant. I am guessing there is a conflict with some other software in my PC but I haven't a clue what it is. Even if I uninstall it P3D still crashes.
  14. Poop Chute!

    That just reinforced my thinking on parachuting. Its very dangerous without having to dodge aircraft! Something went very wrong with communication somewhere,
  15. Blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus)
  16. The MilVis c130 has been promised since 2016. It is still on their 2018 roadmap, but as you so rightly point out, it is definitely not worth holding my breath!
  17. Having moved over to P3D v4 I have been looking for a good C 130 Herc. for p3d and i cant find one! It seems to me that all of the current offerings are FSX or older. Does anyone know of a Herc fit for P3D v4?
  18. After your second flying lesson

    So much can go wrong with a stunt like that. Nutters.
  19. It's an interesting concept. You could end up with what amounts to a guided cluster bomb.
  20. Do that at Heathrow these days and the boys in blue will desend upon you faster than you can say "Stinger".
  21. ATC Might Not Be at the Airport

    An interesting article John. London City is an airport I am familiar with and next time I pass it I will look out for the cameras. The concept seems to me to be a good one, factor in zoom and low light cameras for after dark activity and aĺl in all its probably better than the Mk1 eyeball. London City, while busy, is a small footprint airport and I can see the system working well there, I guess it would work well at places like Farnborough and other airports of that size. Heathrow? Probably not, although to augment other systems, perhaps.
  22. I have to disagree with most of the comments posted on this thread. I can fully understand how a peacock can be an emotional support, in the same way as any comfort food can.