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  1. J G

    EZDOK upgrade

    I have to agree with Joe. I had some compatibility issues with EzDok v1 and abandoned it a long time ago. I rely on the cameras that come with the aircraft and use CameraPosition X when I want a new one. It adds a new camera position or edits existing ones without having to run alongside the FS. And it is only £6.99 from JF.
  2. Indeed, but the mass of the batteries is in the bottom of the sub and stable. The mass of hydrogen would be at the top of the compartment and free to move. However it would be such a small amount so as to be negligible in effect. Unless someone wanted a smoke.....
  3. Hydrogen in a sub. That would make it a bugger to trim!
  4. J G

    a2a fsx

    Thanks Wayne
  5. I rather suspect they have become extinct. Who ever heard of a merman? If there are mermen then they must adhere to the fish way of reproducing. That would make all mermen w**kers!
  6. I see it states that some of the materials used to make modern batteries can give off dangerous gasses if they get wet. That sounds suspiciously lit WW2 submarine technology! I have been looking at changing my car lately. I wanted a hybrid that can take a large dog in the back. The Lexus RX looked good until I found it can only go 30 miles on electric power from its batteries. Oh hum - back to my trusty diesel and bugger the pollution!
  7. J G

    a2a fsx

    I understand that it only provides airline traffic. Is it possible to inject GA and military aviation into it? I know you can create new traffic, but is this by using aircraft that already provided by the program or can you add aircraft?
  8. I was in the Bay of Biscay on a ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth in a force 10 when I was a kid. All I remember was looking out of the restaurant window which faced the bow and seeing sea, sky, sea, sky etc. It wasn't for long, the view quickly changed to the inside of a stout paper bag.
  9. Beautiful old bird. Its no wonder they used to call them "kites".
  10. Hi Kevin. Carrier ops is high on my agenda as something to learn however I just don't have time at the moment Also most of the carriers I have found seem to be very poorly detailed and /or not Royal Navy. The two packages you point out look brilliant! I just might have to forgo my RAF only rule and get posted to the USN on detachment.
  11. Happy birthday Brett. Sorry its late, I hope you had a great day. 21 was it?