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  1. They are already on it. Have you eaten airline food recently?
  2. Caption the picture!

    I bet it is an arse to land!
  3. @ John. I dont trust the ba***rds either. Have you seen the Tom Hanks film The Circle? A very good film about the motives behind the workings of a Google/Face Book type of company.
  4. Caption the picture!

    OMG that is ugly ..... I need to get over my revulsion before coming up with a caption!
  5. I am not a smoker but from what I can see in the odd glimps behind the mandatory shutters is that there is only one brand and that is SMOKING KILLS. The branding isnt nice either, all sorts of tar soaked lungs and stuff. Advertising is weird in the tobacco industry in the UK.
  6. @ Brett. I love it. so true. We have a cat and a dog. The cat (Blowfeld) is white and small, the dog (Rio) is black and big. Every morning at breakfast they act out the scene with the musical watch in "A few dollars more" The cat wins.
  7. Just Flight VC 10

    It looks a real beautie, but I will wait for the RAF package next year.
  8. It wasnt this bloke watching you was it?
  9. Great leg Steph. the guy watching you wasn't........
  10. Brilliant! - Welcome to the dark side Steph!
  11. Cat Woman, Batman's crumpet.