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  1. Thanks Matt, Brett and Wayne. Shit happens, all the relatives are in their '80s and '90s so it is no surprise really. However, coming all at once is. .
  2. You may have noticed that things have ground to a halt in my historical adventures. I just don't have time to continue at the moment as I have had to ground myself at the moment. I plan to use all of my free time for the highly important ATWC 7. My reasons for doing this are simple. In the space of two months I have had to put my dad into a nursing home following a stroke, my Mum into sheltered accommodation as she cant cope with the large family home on her own and is starting to show signs of short term memory loss, and my aunt into an old peoples home as she has dementia. Also in this time my father in law has had a stroke, but thankfully he is showing signs of a good recovery, and has just moved back into his house with a carer. My cockpit (study) is full of "stuff" from my Mum & Dads house as well as from my aunts place. However my tunnelling efforts are starting to pay off and I caught sight of my FS PC for a while before a landslide of useless ornaments once more hid it from view. What has been said about having to sell your parents house to fund nursing care under a future Conservative Government is tosh. You have to do this already!
  3. Join In!

    Thanks Matt.... I will find something soon...
  4. Personally I would welcome the opportunity to stroll down to the marina from the bar G&T in hand to start my adventures.... Outboards would have to be strictly rationed on fuel and power.... But seriously, the impact of tides when sailing etc. would be a good thing to see.
  5. I have a couple of questions about Sailaway and where it is going. I can see its appeal for those who want to race, but I have a more adventure type of play in mind. I would like to see a better chart than the small map and to be able to enter and leave port. This last to start and end an adventure instead of having to start somewhere off the coast of...This would need better land scenery, to make it more of an FSX of the sea. Is this likely to happen? You would need an outboard engine, and proper mooring procedures. Also will Sailaway support third party add-ons as FSX does?
  6. Black Tower - we thought it was good wine in the 70's !!
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    Unfortunately the only way to restart the engine is to swing on the prop. Fortunately, as there were eight parachutists on board there were enough to get it up and running again.
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    How many European MEPs does it take to form a committee to make a decision as to whether a sky diver should jump or not?
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    The pilot was forced to shutdown one engine when it became apparent that it was infested with giant red parachute lice.
  10. Nice models, nasty buggers though.. One of my dads school friends mother was killed by the first one of so many that hit the Wimbledon area, and dad was nearly killed by one whilst on Wimbledon common. I had no idea that so many were launched towards Britain. It makes you realise that Islamic extremist suicide bombers are just a minor nuisance in the grand scheme of things. There morons think they can change our way of life by blowing themselves up. How stupid can you get? Sorry, I bit off topic there.