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  1. Better still book her in for the whole Spa package and while she is enjoying that you go to Cosworth.
  2. Transitioning to Electric Aircraft

    As we lose the ability to use fossil fuels through necessity or choice much of the international travel that takes place in terms of people and goods must revert to the sea. Boats can be wind powered either directly or by electricity generated from the wind. battery weight wont be a problem, range will be limitless and no carbon footprint. We all get a parrot for our shoulder, a wooden leg and free lessons on how to properly pronounce "Ha-Harr Jim lad! Shiver me timbers!". Further more we all get to know how to get rid of Seaman Staines, how Bosons mate and what Roger the cabin boy really entails.
  3. Another question for the painters and decorators... Aligning colours across different skin sections. How is this best done? I am trying to repaint an aircraft with the sort of camo you might see on a WW2 Spitfire. Where the stripes trace from one paint section to the next is very difficult to get the alignment right. I spend hours making fine adjustments, going through a long winded file conversion to get the right format, copying the file into P3D and finally running P3d to see if it is correct. Nine times out of ten it isn't quite right and I have to go through the whole process again. Its long winded and a real pain. Is there anything I can do, or a tool I can use to shorten this process? J
  4. Sounds like a plan. Not a sound plan though. My wife would no doubt sound off if I did that to her.
  5. Glossy aircraft?

    Thanks Brett. There seems to be no alpha channel on the main surface files. I still have the shine but a darker paint makes things better. Is there another way to make a paint shine?
  6. Simworks Phantom

    I love that chunk of iron! Good choice!
  7. I am sure you can be arrested for that!
  8. I have to echo the good Captains comments here. I always wait for some maturity in a produce unless I see that it has someone large behind it. P3D has LM behind it and has already proved its worth. But Dovetail? Sure they produce plenty of games so they should stick to doing just that. Any FS worth its salt is not really a game, again P3D is a good example of this, and if is seen as a game it will probably fail as it will never be able to produce the immediate full on action that a good game will. Microsoft's attempt at a re-entry into the FS world failed for this very reason. It was so dull that I cant even remember its name . MS Flight? I think we will only have a real choice of two FS products going forward. X-Plane and P3D. You have only to look at the pace of change with P3D to know that LM are serious about this product, no games developer can compete with it. My money is on P3D. Not because I think X-Plane is a bad product, I don't. It has been around for a long while, its very pretty to look at, has a good track record of development and it has a good market share. It will endure. I went with P3D for three reasons; firstly my roots are in MS FS and so the transition is easy, secondly I have a lot of faith in LM - they are a massive company with a good development model that brings a product to the market that satisfies FS users at all levels - and lastly there are a lot more military aircraft out there for P3D. (I only fly RAF aircraft - it keeps my add-on purchases in check!) In Johns post above (posted while I was writing this) he points out that "Apple has done very well with a closed shop and all "add-ons" having to come through them." Very true, but others have tried to do the same and failed. Sony tried with Betamax VCRs and IBM went off on an IBM only card slot in their PCs. Both lost out on their market share, IBM's PC business withered and Betamax quickly ran out of steam. There are signs that Apple are starting to loose out to Android devices as their fan base wakes up to the fact that there are phones and tablets out there with higher specs for way less money. Greed never works out in the long term. Steve Jobs might argue against that. But nothing worked out in the long term for him.
  9. I am repainting a Gazelle helicopter and have some problems with the gloss effect on the aircraft skin. The Gazelle comes with two aircraft types; A civil aircraft with a fantastic shine to it and a military version with a nice eggshell finish. My problem is that I want to do a repaint that shows the aircraft in Royal Marines colours. This aircraft will have to be a repaint of the civil aircraft as the French military aircraft has an engine filter that the UK versions never had. I have compared all of the files in the textures directories and there seems to be no difference except around the pilot and the filter. The skins for these two differenced are easily identified as they have textures that are totally unique to the object they cover. Both models contain Bump files for the outside skin of the aircraft as separate files and where there are Alpha Channels they appear to be the same. So my question to those of you with immense skill in repainting is; what causes the degree of shine on a skin. As I can find no difference in the structure of the files for either aircraft type what should I be looking for? I use the GIMP for my repaints and am able to see all layers in the paint kits file.
  10. new AC, where to go?

    Have a look here: http://indiafoxtecho.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Eurofighter Scroll down under the picture of the Eurofighter and you will see a link for an upgrade to P3D v4x. However, It is for 64 bit PCs only.