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  1. GA Boneyard

    I saw the above but couldnt see any harriers in the scrap. The only Harrier I could find was at the 11 o'clock position from the above. ita another square of red turned grey. if you trace a line at 11 o'clock zoomed in you will find it before you get to the small unnamed road near the outermost taxiway of the airfield.
  2. Caption the picture!

    A Pigeon racing control tower?
  3. Caption the picture!

    This is the new KTC (Kids Traffic Control) facility at your local playground. Grown up can use this tower to try to control their kids as they play around them.
  4. GA Boneyard

    I cant find the scrapped Harriers Any better clues as to where they are? So far I have found: Aa parked harrier. Two C130s. A three engined heavy (DC 10 or similar). A bunch of small helicopters and light aircraft A couple of Business Jets A civil Boeing 737. 2 Cobras An Apache A Bell A further C130. 15 Ospreys, 11 Jolly Green Giants, Another unidentifiable atack heilcopter, An abandoned Harrier An airframe in two parts (not sure what this is) And a partridge in a pear tree But no scrapped Harriers yet.
  5. Screenie conversion

    Download the Gimp - It's free. You can use it to make screen captures and save them in any format you want. https://www.gimp.org/downloads/
  6. Russian Jetliner down at Moscow,

    What was the pilot thinking about when he declined de-icing? Given the conditions as evidenced on the crash site photos, my money is on icing.
  7. Lynx Avro

    I am very familiar with the 504K as it was much used in WW1. I have to admit I haven't come across the 504N before. it's a great looking aircraft! There is a gap in my timeline of RAF aircraft that runs from 1918 to 1936, this aircraft would plug that gap, going into service in the mid 1920's. Where did you get it from Alan?
  8. more freight...

    I cant see the screenshots! That's a shame, given the above comments.
  9. Cairns

    I must get around to taking a flight from Cairns, it looks great. I have flown into and from Cairns once, a long time ago.
  10. New type of cloud

    I am fascinated by clouds as well. They can be majestic and beautiful. Somewhere I hav an interesting book called Pilots Clouds. An interesting read if you can find it.
  11. Caption the picture!

    Kim Jong-un caught taking photos to satisfy his fetishism
  12. That is a fine looking aircraft. If they make it TacPac enabled it would be interesting to see how it handles a tactical nuclear weapon. RAF slang for a tactical nuclear bomb was 'a little bucket of sunshine'. Rather apt but really dark at the same time.
  13. PC Upgrade

    Thanks for the above Martin. I too love the Phantom it is a truly awsome machine. I remember as a boy when the Royal Navy first started to fly it. In those days the RNAS and RAF had always flown British built aircraft and I felt sad at that departure. But as soon as I had seen the aircraft at an airshow I fell for it completey. It lacks the elegance of the English Electric Lightning, and the grace of the Hawker Hunter, but it has that Sophia Loren look. Everything is not quite right, but the sum of them is beautiful. The problem I have with Phantoms in my FS is that I like to fly the British version. The only one on the moment is the MilVis one. All the others have the wrong nose with the chin mounted gun that was never used by us Brits . I would so love to get the MilVis Phantom going, but I have found that if it doesn't work it screws everything else up. A full rebuild is too much of a pain to risk.
  14. Pompen up the parrot.