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  1. Who? ...... Oh you mean Charlie-boy. The Prince of Wales Lady Bracknell....Bracknell, Berkshire
  2. Very nice Alan. The Sea Vixen is one of my favourite aircraft.
  3. A dreadful thing indeed. A worrying moment for me as my wife works at St Thomas's hospital, only a couple of hundred yards from where it happened. Thank God she is safe. A sad day for all, but it wont stop a single Britton from going about their business tomorrow, These fools wont ever change our way of life.
  4. ....Joined by a Dove....
  5. Just Flight's new Heron flying from Southampton.
  6. Join In!

    From right to left: Jose could run fastest even though he was carrying a surf board, Jim thought it better to hang himself from his Nikon than be mauled by the bear, ginger was regretting the two extra pies for supper last night, and a surprise second place was Dave despite having had his left leg amputated at the knee.
  7. Join In!

    ......Moments before the runners realized the photograph was being taken by the other bear with the camera just nicked from the tripod in the background.
  8. Good choice. I have both. The Cat is a permanent feature of my set up. I don't have the Sunderland installed any more and wont be putting it on my set up any time soon. (Or later come to that).
  9. Nice pics Matt.