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  1. A winner! Over to you Paul
  2. This looks very good. EZdok was a great part of my sim until I went VR and I would be pouncing on this if it wasn't for the fact that VR and EZdok don't mix.
  3. I want one!
  4. I think I liked the old one better. The new one seems a bit unpolished. The English seems to be a poor or literal translation of the German, drop down menus are too large and occlude other parts of the page and do so even if you don't want them to; they are rollover menus and not clickable. Looking at FSX/P3D aircraft, there is an ability to filter the list of add-on aircraft but only by manufacture. There is no GA/Airliner/military type filtering and you cant seem to filter by P3D/FSX. Orders from the old site are available but not integrated fully into the new format but are added on to the new orders page at the end. If you look at an order it is not obvious how to get to your download. There is a button to bring up the order as a PDF (why?) but no button for download. There is a small red link after the product name that says [show serial] This will show your serial but will also provide download access to your products, not very user intuitive. I could go on......
  5. Hi Roger, welcome to the site! I couldn't see the WW2 airfield map, said you had to grant access.
  6. Holy Polar Lights Alan! That's a great job you have done there. Fantastic detail! I also wondered how Batman managed to fit a jet engine into the Batmobile and the underside shot answers that question! The nearest I have seen to a car with a jet engine was when I was working as a volunteer at the Brooklands museum. Some guy turned up in a Rover SD1 with a Merlin engine in it. It had two seats , the driver and passenger sat in the rear of the cabin as the gearbox and a third of the engine took up the front half of the cabin. The Rover's large boot was all fuel tank. The car did 4 miles to the gallon and would do 150 mph at 2000 revs. Nuts!
  7. I looks like Areosoft are remaking their website. Their homepage looks like this at the moment: There is nothing about a timescale, and you can still access their old download shop to get to your Aerosoft purchases
  8. Me...Again! Shows you what a warped mind I must have! Have a go at this:
  9. The way I see it is that everything is going to be obsolete one day. As that thing gets nearer to being obsolete, the cost of it will go down. Is going to happen anyway no mater when you jump on to any particular boat, it just the cheaper it is the nearer it is to being yesterdays toy. So if you see something you like and can scrape the cash together for it then go for it! I know that in five years time I will be able to buy something better for half the price, but that is then and this is now.
  11. Shoulder bolder holder
  12. That was quick, my lens inserts have arrived! They were boxed in a small but sturdy cardboard container, wrapped in bubble wrap. Inside the bubble wrap there is a lens case and in the bottom of the box is a lens cloth. Instructions on how to fit the lenses are found at a website detailed on the lens cloth. Have a look here if you are curious: Https://vr-lens-lab.com/howto The lens case is of good quality and neatly fits both lenses in it. However there was no lasting individual lens pocket so when you want to store the lenses away be sure to use something to separate them. I use the lens cloth supplied to keep my lenses apart in storage. The lenses are plastic, so you must be careful to avoid scratches. The lenses fit into the Rift using two lugs top and bottom to wedge them in place. This is not a perfect solution as they can move if the headset id knocked. Another thing that I found slighting irritating is that the lenses are not marked as left or right. One lens comes with a red spacer and the other with a black one, but I couldn't see which side lens was red. There are no instructions as to this important matter and I had to resort to looking through the lens to see which eye was which. This was not an easy thing to do especially as my prescription differs only slightly between my eyes. Below you can see the right lens in place but not lined up yet. I eventually went for red is left but I could be wrong! The lenses are installed in the opposite way to a standard spectacle lens. That is the lens curvature bends in toward your eye rather than the conventional away from the eye. Lenses in, I am ready to go. Watch this place for my evaluation of the lenses when used in a flight sim.
  13. Great flight Matt! You passed about 120 miles north of my place so no wave from me , I do have relatives in Norfolk, but not in Norwich itself. The Hun is a great aircraft, and I have enjoyed your delivery flights a lot. It makes me think I should do an historic flight and perhaps deliver a RAF Tornado. I should probably fly from Kandahar AB to RAF Marham in Norfolk, with a stop at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to mimic the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Leg 1: 2500 Miles, leg 2: 2,750 miles. If anything these numbers are too high for the ferry range of the aircraft, which is said to be 2,400 miles. So a mid-air fuel top up will be needed on each leg. All I have to do is to find a good FSX rendition of Kandahar AB and RAF Akrotiri J