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  1. Nice video! What did you use for the radio chatter?
  2. SE England! Give me a wave as you pass over Guildford.
  3. I am going to give this to Alan for his Eric the half a bee caption. I think that most of the bees in the picture are about to join Eric in being bisected accidentally! An honorable mention goes to Matt for his bee refugee caption. I guess a wall wouldn't work in this case. Edit: Should it be refugee or refubee?
  4. Don't be afraid to go with Windows 10 on a new PC, I find it marries up with FSX just as well as Windows 7.
  5. I like the pics the way they are, very nice. I am guessing that it's the Milviz add on, a great addition to anyone's FS. I really enjoyed reviewing it a while back. I tend to race about the skies when flying fast jets, so note to self, try a delivery flight some time and see how far I can get on a full Tank!
  6. Happy Birthday! Sorry this is late!
  7. That explains a lot!
  8. Ok its a fair cop!
  9. I haven't used the tutorial mode but it sounds like the powered up status is part of the scenario loaded up for the mode. A cold and dark setup is probably the default setting for the normal mode. I guess the designers don't consider the start up procedures part of the tutorial, however you may be able to do something about this depending on what you want. If you want to always start the aircraft sim up at the same point as the tutorial, then it is a matter of going through the start up procedure until you get to the point where the tutorial starts and then save the situation as a flight and call it something like "GR1-Started". Then you can load your non tutorial flights at the same place as the tutorial. The other way around might be difficult as the tutorial will undoubtedly have some customization. There is possibly a solution to this but I am not sure it will work. Try this: Start the aircraft in tutorial mode. Shut down the engines and all systems until the aircraft is colds and dark, use the switch and leaver positions in the normal mode (cold and dark) to ensure the aircraft is in the same state as a normal start. Then save the flight as something like Cold and dark tutorial" DO NOT OVER WRITE THE EXISTING TUTORIAL FLIGHT. Next time you want to do the tutorial, load the new flight and see what happens. If it doesn't work, then delete the new saved flight, and go with the original. You will have to teach your self to start up in any event as the custom tutorial wont cover the start up to ready to go state, at best it will cover the parts in the tutorial. If it doesn't work or you are reluctant to do the above, then you could start at cold and dark, set up the aircraft as far as the tutorial start and than close it down. call this a separate tutorial and once mastered move on to the flying tutorial. Good luck J.
  10. Errr .... John, shouldn't that be " New Airport Diagrams posted 1/12/17 "?
  11. I love the GR1 and use in VR - What do you want to know?
  12. Happy Birthday! have a great one.