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  1. Fantastic read Andrew. As you know I am fond of a bit of subterfuge my self. I had no idea that Cambodia could be a bit like Thailand's Patpong area. Many years ago a Thai friend took my wife and I for a tour of Bangkok which included the Patpong area. We were both amazed and partly horrified with what can be done with a pingpong ball, some razorblades and a birthday cake.
  2. It looks very good, I have spent many happy holidays in Southern Germany. I would like to get this and Northern Germany, they would go so well with A2A's Flying Fortress
  3. Caption the picture!

    Blast! I missed out on "Jayne Mansfield Airways takes to the skies for the first time"!
  4. Today's grumble....

    Glad to hear you got the manual. Would you care to share how you got it? I to visited their site and can verify there is nowhere to register. I know the content management system they are using, the registration link should be to the left of the login link at the top LHS of the page. It seems to have been disabled. It is always nice to see the manual before spending hard earned cash on an aircraft. Also I would just like to point out that I am English and I can trace my Englishness back to the year 1510. I think tea is the foulest most disgusting beverage the world has ever seen. That includes everything from English Breakfast right through the weirdest peppermint and ferret designer tea you can get. Give me coffee any time, and not the anaemic dishwater that you get in almost all major high street chains. Proper coffee with a good deep flavour and a bit of a kick for the mornings. (Rant over)
  5. Leg 12: VMMC Macau to VDSR Siem Reap

    Great PIREP Steph. Rather you than me with the bungee jump.
  6. Coffee Cargo Liveries

    Wow! How do you do that?
  7. Coffee Cargo Liveries

    Great repaints Matt! How about a cappuccino repaint? nice coffee fuselage with a creamy frothy roof!!
  8. Eurofighter armament

    I have the JF version but an looking at the India Foxtrot Echo version.
  9. An interesting one that. Climb it and you will have a heart attack getting to the top, eat it and you will have a heart attack getting to the bottom. Emm the word association bit...... footwear.... blister
  10. Eurofighter armament

    Nice screen shots! Which Eurofighter is it?
  11. Coffee has Photoshop

    I am sure the new liveries will help take the grind out of AH for you. You will be able to offer an Expresso service. - Especially to the Americanos
  12. Curious, I looked up DudeFoods Alphabet sandwich. It is one of those things that you really want to un-see but will stick in your memory for ever. Nightmare
  13. Leg 10 Part 2 - Wusu (ZBYN) - Lukou (ZSNJ)

    I fear the hand of Putinfeld was in this but not in the aircraft con! I am more worried about your bag, nothing stolen, but clearly someone had searched it. The question is why was it gone through?** Mind you, Who knows what a dodgy dealer like your aircraft conman might do. Could it have been him? Great couple of Pireps Kieran! But I think the game is afoot! At least you got a receipt for Mutley. ** When I was young, back in the mid '80s my newly acquired wife and I went backpacking around Europe. We dipped behind the Iron Curtain to visit Budapest. We managed to get accommodation very cheaply at the university as the students had all gone for the summer break. We went out to see the sights on our first night and on our return sensed that there was something not right. it wasn't for about five minutes until I realised what it was. Although everything was where it should be, things were too neat and tidy, or rather not haphazard enough. Some one had been into our room and searched everything we had. Very disconcerting, very unsettling, very communist.
  14. ...the bad and the ugly.