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  1. Join In!

    Here was see what greets a passenger on a well known Irish budget airline since the introduction of LSD impregnated tickets.
  2. Join In!

    Yes, yes it is all very well but there are no overhead lockers. So where do I put my hand luggage?
  3. +1 As well. The ANZACs had a bad time in what was a misguided venture. I had a great uncle who fought at Gallipoli, he was killed on his second day there.
  4. Brilliant! I cant wait! Better start my own kind of planning....
  5. Hmmmm... A tethered airliner. Great for a round trip!
  6. John, I think that you haven't quite understood meaning, or perhaps I am guilty of not explaining my self properly. There were two types of Harrier operational during the Falklands conflict. The Royal Navies Sea Harriers and the RAF's ground attack aircraft. The former were tasked with providing CAP over the fleet and the latter with ground attack missions against Argentine positions on the islands, although some Sea Harriers were used in a ground attack role in the closing stages against targets around Port Stanley, also a role they were designed to do. In the role of CAP at sea, the prime mission is that of interceptor, to meet and destroy any threats to the fleet. You would expect an aircraft to have a an advantage in an offensive role (all other things being equal) because of its close proximity to its base and therefore better endurance. But that's as far as it goes. In this role the Harrier performed superbly with no losses in air to air combat, and a total of six Harriers lost, two to ground fire and the rest to accidents. The Argentine air force lost a total of 98 aircraft of which only 14 were Island based helicopters, and a further 13 Pucaras destroyed on the ground. There were thought to be only 5 Argentine aircraft shot down by ship to air missiles. Not a bad record.
  7. I hope the F35 is proved to be an excellent fighting platform as the UK have most their eggs in this basket for the foreseeable future. Much as we can speculate in this forum the acid test is always conducted in combat: The English Electric Lightning is heralded as a great plane, but it was never properly tested in combat. I have my suspicions that if it had been it would have fallen short of what would have been needed, with its critically short endurance and its pathetically low armament. . I still love the aircraft, but for what it represents as an aircraft and not a fighting machine. On the other hand, the little Harrier which, at its entry into service was thought to be a gimmick and of no real practical value. however it was forced into combat during the Falkland's conflict and proved not only a superb air to air fighter, but also an excellent ground attack aircraft. I also love this aircraft, but for many reasons: I Love it for the aircraft it is, the typically British eccentricity of its design and for it proven battle capability. So where will the F35 fall? who knows. Its stealth capability is a good feature when remaining invisible to aggressors, it STOL and VTOL capabilities are an asset when required to land at a base with a damaged runway, its supersonic capability another useful feature. All of these attributes are untested, and the true value of the aircraft will not be fully realised until they are used in conflict. Lets hope that peace dictates that they are never called on to prove their metal in battle.
  8. Michael Bentine's Potty Time.
  9. Ian Hislop (P.E. Editor)
  10. Extract the Michael
  11. Thanks guys that should sort it!
  12. I spend my days designing software for the UK electricity industry. If you had asked me what my dream job would be when I was a teenager I would have probably described the job I do now. Things change and now I am looking forward to my next job which will be something on the lines of Andrews current job. Sadly I haven't the qualifications yet, I am working on it, but the exam date seems to get pushed back again and again!