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  1. Review

    Off course not, but for a prospective buyer it could be relevant information
  2. Review

    Good review there Jess, I agree with everything you said!! One note on the price tag though.. it's $99 plus local VAT, so with a 25% VAT here in Sweden for me it cost about $124.
  3. I'm guessing that removing that file did the same thing as removing EGHA in the AEC-tool for Global Vectors. But I'm also guessing it will come back the next time you run the automatic detection in the AEC-tool... As for documentation to read up on this I think it's available in FTX Central, but I'm not at home so I can't confirm or give any more detailed instructions at the moment. (and I still haven't installed version 3, so it really wouldn't be much help even if I was at home). An other option is to dig around in the ORBX folder in your FSX-folder. All PDFs with documentation is in there somewhere. You can also take a look at the video below.. jump to about 5 minutes in... it is based on an earlier version than the current one, but the method is the same as far as I recall..
  4. Just a thought here.. In order to be able to assign controllers in FSUIPC I think one needs the registered version....
  5. Assuming one have the bandwidth...
  6. By the looks of it I might wait a couple of days before installing the new Central... Seems like they have a few issues to sort...
  7. And it is now live, so I guess it's November 1st from an Aussie perspective
  8. Isn't there a setting in AH to disable those? Can't check now as I'm at work, but I'm pretty sure there is. Since they are generated from the AH client I doubt it's possible to disable them from within FSX. My guess is that they are generated via FSUIPC, so if it's not in AH perhaps there's a way to disable them in the FSUIPC settings.
  9. Welcome to Mutley's @Peter225! As you mentioned VoxATC, in case you missed it there is a free 60 day trial version of the upcoming version 7 available on their website!
  10. Yay... must try it as I really like the version I have... But I think you might need to edit the link @mutley... it's currently not working as expected as it point to www.voxatc.xn--com-0da Edit: Ehrm.. or I could always correct it myself.. so disregard the above, the URL is now pointing to the right place.
  11. Good luck with the event! Sadly I won't have time to join in, a friend's 40th birthday got in the way...
  12. What setting was it you changes? Could be good to know so I can refrain from changing it in my never ending search for better FSX-performance
  13. And ORBX Germany north was released late last night... Seems to be a popular release considering the slow speed I managed to get on my downloads (4 files of roughly 2 gigabytes each).
  14. Not an issue I've seen with my Saitek Trim Wheel... But I'm running with Saiteks drivers. It does seem to need to re-initialize itself once I've loaded my flight though.. At first nothing happens when I move it, then I get the windows sound indicating that Windows have found new hardware, and voila it works in FSX... at least on most planes.. Can't get it to function at all in the PMDG NGX or the FSLabs A320. In the NGX turning the wheel will always produce nose up trim regardless of the direction I turn the wheel, and in the FSLabs A320 I get no response at all in the sim
  15. ORBX are pretty close to finishing up their latest full region, Germany North. It should be released in the near future since their lead tester posted his "final shots" in their preview forum last wednesday.. that's usually a good indicator that a release is imminent. Take a peek here for his shots (you might need to sign up as a user on their forum to see it...) There's a Google Earth KMZ-file as an indication of the coverage of the scenery, as well as other screenshots available on the product page as well.