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  1. Took one of the Spit Mk 1As from Goodwood to Bembridge. As today was the RAFs 100 celebrations and flypast I thought I'd add a little something. High Flight by John G Magee Jr Thanks for viewing
  2. No Wain here for weeks! been very dry! .................................Good set of captures.
  3. Very nice set of my favourite GA aircraft.
  4. That is an impressive achievement. I must admit I do have a soft spot for those aircraft. They are undoubtedly the way forward. this my 1/48 scale one.
  5. dodgy-alan


    Nothing beats the feel of silent flight. well caught.
  6. Superb captures.
  7. Oops, forgot about that, been on holiday! Sorry Guys, Winner this tome goes to......Paul, (Holdit). Over to you buddy.
  8. Todays lesson is, "Always check your 6 before stopping!!"
  9. Given the wayu this government is cutting everything, one of each aircraft is probably our entire available Air Force!
  10. I daresay it will be on TV and on a DVD. I may go up to Heathrow to watch it.
  11. That will be good to see, just hope they don't lose it! They are impressive aircraft. Of course this paves the way for unmanned commercial aircraft operating in the skies. The technology exists already , but no passenger will want to board an aircraft without the guy in the pilots seat. However I could see where it would make sense to fly unmanned freighters given that airfreight is a major business these days. If Amazon are thinking of having delivery drones, why not up the game.