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  1. Word(s) association game

    Mussel shoals (recording studios)
  2. Taking it to the Max

    I have a few payware ones as well, but I don't fly airliners that often so don't buy that many. Some of the freeware ones are as good as, and in some cases better than, payware models. I guess it depends on how you are using the sim. For me it's just a bit of fun that I don't take too seriously.
  3. Taking it to the Max

    B737 Max 8 on a test flight over the Seattle area. Departing Boeing Field and after a circuit of the area landing at Everett. The Max series is the latest in the B737 and features a brand new wing, new more efficient engines and an interior based on that of the B787 design. Model is freeware but sadly only has a 2d panel . Hopefully at some point a definitive version will appear with a VC. tds_b737max8_base_package.zip Thanks for viewing.
  4. Taking it to the Max

    Thanks for the link. I now have this one downloaded as well .
  5. Taking it to the Max

    I disagree, many of the aircraft in my sim only have 2d panels yet I never have any problems operating them and running flight plans where needed. As far as I'm concerned a functional VC is nice to have but not essential. If it's an unusual aircraft and everything else checks out then I'm quite happy to run a 2d panel. I've been running Flight sims since FS98 so quite used to basic setups. However each to his own and if some find a VC essential then so be it.
  6. Runway & cliff 'excursion' in Turkey

    Yep, or a tailslide! LOL
  7. Word(s) association game

    Horseman of the apocalypse.
  8. Runway & cliff 'excursion' in Turkey

    There's that old much banded word again, "Nosedive" as used by reporters everywhere when they know nothing about aviation! It's a "Dive" end of! in this case it wasn't even that, the aircraft went off the runway and slid down a hill, It didn't dive anywhere, LOL. Someone will have questions to answer clearly, thankfully no-one was hurt but the aircraft recovery will be interesting, if indeed they bother. It may well be scrapped on site looking at the state of it.
  9. Aussie Flew!

    Good luck with the builds Steph. I look forward to seeing your photos.
  10. Aussie Flew!

    No, not this awful bug that's going around but a Beaufighter Mk21 of 93 Sqn RAAF. Finished yesterday, This is a repop of the old FROG kit from the 60s, It has a scratch built cockpit interior and a few other minor tweaks, plus a set of decals from Ropos. Thanks for viewing.
  11. Aussie Flew!

    Hi Steph, I don't know how experienced a modellr you are, but may I offer you a few tips. Just take your time with them, test every joint before gluing anything, use a liquid poly cement rather than the tube stuff. Depending on what sort of paint you intend to use you may need to prime the assembled model before painting. Enamels are usually ok to apply direct but acrylics generally need an undercoat. Allow the layer of paint to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. I would also advise washing the parts on their sprues in warm (but not hot) soapy water to remove any release agents from the plastic, then also wash your hands to remove any grease or sweat from them as this can have a detrimental effect to paint adhesion before beginning to tackle the model, and certainly before applying paint. If you have warped parts, they can be straightened by leaving in hot water for a few minutes to soften the plastic then very carefully pushing back into shape. When painting I tend to start with things like canopy frames etc first as that way you can still handle model reasonably well rather than try and do it with a paint soaked model . Start with the lighter colours first, give a couple of coats at least to get the colour depth, then when that is dry lay the darker colour over it. Weathering can be as subtle as you like depending on what sort of setting your model is to be depicted in. In Europe aircraft were used heavily and became scratched around access panels and wing roots etc. They also got fairly dirty and I tend to use a very dark brown water based wash over the whole thing to bring out things like panel lines etc. you can also add things like exhaust staining and soot marks around the gun muzzles etc. (I do mine by rubbing an HB pencil over a nail file board and then use the resulting black carbon applied with a cotton bud!) When applying decals, gloss the surface the decal needs to go on first with clear cote, this stops the edges of the decal from "silvering". I also use Micro Set and Micro Sol to make sure the decals bed down properly, especially on curved surfaces etc. When the decals are dry give them another coat of clear-cote to seal them. then apply the matt finish over the top. Hope this helps, and apologies if you already know all this.
  12. Piece Taker...Long hauling in a Convair.

    The B-36 was an amazing aircraft. Sadly, (like many of us I suspect,) I have never seen one in the metal as it were and doubt if I ever will. Always a good aircraft to fly in the sim though, just so majestic and stable.
  13. Too low?

    Not seen that before, thanks for the link.
  14. Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER Missing In Flight

    Didn't they find some pieces a few years ago, part of a wing and some smaller stuff washed up on a beach? The wing section was part of a flap and was positively ID'd as being from a 777.
  15. Marauder

    Will have to add to the hangar. I love this aircraft. Mr Shupe produces some fantastic work.
  16. 737 Short Landing at Katowice

    Bloody Hell, What a balls-up!
  17. Happy Birthday Quickmarch

    Best Wishes John, Have a great day.
  18. Auld Jock had been a religious man all his life. When rushed into hospital his family called a preacher to stand with them. As the preacher stood next to the bed, Jock's condition appeared to worsen and he motioned frantically for something to write on. He was lovingly handed a pen and paper and Jock used his last gasp of energy to scribble a note which he handed to the preacher and then he died. The preacher thought it would not be polite to look at the note at that time and placed it carefully in his jacket pocket. At the funeral, as he was finishing his eulogy he realised that he was wearing the same jacket as he had at the hospital. He said "You know, Auld Jock handed me a wee note just before he died. I haven't read it yet, but knowing Auld Jock I'm sure there's a word of inspiration there for us all" He opened the note and read out loud "Hi minister. Yer staundin oan ma oxygen"
  19. Todays lesson is, "Always check your 6 before stopping!!"