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  1. Why remake it? the original film is an all time classic! Leave it well alone. I'd rather they made a film about 617 Sqns ops with the Tallboy and Grand Slam bombs against the U-boat pens and Tirpitz etc. 617 did a lot more than just the dams raid. Looking at the model it looks good so far, Though I think the engine fire was caused by the pilot running off the runway during take off and getting some FoD in the the air intake!
  2. Harry Hill! (British Comedian for those who don't know him.)
  3. Tragic news indeed, especially on a day that is otherwise filled with joy over here. May all those that perished rest in eternal piece and may their loved ones find a quantum of solace.
  4. Imperial Airways HP-42 on the London to Paris run. The HP42 was big slow aircraft but was the height of luxury when she was in service before WW2. On the grass at Croydon departure climbing out crossing the coast over the channel crossing the French coast over the French countryside Paris dead ahead sunset arrival Slats deployed as she whispers in Parked at Orly Thank you for flying with Imperial Airways.
  5. Good to see one of these aircraft here. Well done.
  6. Beautifully caught shots.
  7. Happy Birthday old chap, Hope you had a great day.
  8. Hawker Sea Fury FB-X,802 Sqn, FAA, HMS Vengeance , dec 1948. 1/72 scale. Thanks for viewing.