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    Every Dominoes Pizza now comes with a free drone!
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    Italian air force trials new stealth UAV!
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    The way I see it. One flies over my place, triple A will ensure its my dinner for the evening! 😀
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    The captain just announced that his pet tarantula has got loose in the cabin!
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    Ok , which one of you farted in the cabin?
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    Air India Regional passengers still think they can sit outside to travel !
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    Easyjet are proud to announce their new budget service.
  8. Two Thai girls asked me if I wanted to sleep with them. They said it would be like winning the Lottery. To my horror they were right, we had six matching balls. I didn't dare ask for a lucky dip!
  9. My dad was almost killed by a V1 as well, he had been in a cinema near his home in Leytonstone. Apparently he came out, walked round the corner when there was an almighty bang. He turned round to see the cinema explode as a V1 landed right on top of it! They were pretty lethal weapons but heralded the way forward in modern warfare.
  10. Bell P59 Airacomet under test in New Mexico
  11. The Fieseler Fi103 V1 and the Republic/Ford JB2 Loon. The V1 earned a fearsome reputation when more than 10,000 of them were fired at Britain with devastating effect. They may have been crude, but by and large they worked! They were known to the Brits either Buzz-Bombs or Doodlebugs. They had a peculiar rasping engine noise and Londoners soon worked out that if one was overhead and that noise stopped, you RAN because it was on it's way down! The RAF managed to shoot down large numbers of them, but later evolved a method of tipping their gyros by getting a wingtip of the fighter under the wing of the V1 and tipping it off course. it took a lot of skill and nerves of steel to do it but they saved thousands of lives by doing so. When several captured examples fell into Allied hands, they were transported home and examined. In America the vehicle was reverse engineered by Ford to produce the JB2 Loon. Whilst superficially it resembled the earlier V1 it was fractionally bigger all round and there were a few other obvious differences, (The front engine pylon being the most obvious). Internally they were made from better grade materials and had a more reliable engine. They were going to be used against Japan but the war ended before they could be used. However post war many were used for experimental work and later as target drones. They were the forerunners of todays computer controlled Cruise Missiles and have rightly earned their place in the annals of aviation achievements. Both these models are in 1/48 scale. Thanks for viewing.
  12. and Villains
  13. Great Pics Roz.