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  1. Mix after the switch

    Great set of pics Dolf.
  2. Caption the picture!

    When operating in India, always remember that cows are sacred! They die, you die!
  3. Our Baby

    Great job.
  4. Runway & cliff 'excursion' in Turkey

    No doubt there will be dozens of virtual pilots worldwide all trying to replicate the accident and find out what happened! Turkey though does not have a good safety record for civil aviation. I doubt we'll ever know the truth about it. As has been said, it was a good job there was no fire as at that angle the fuselage would have acted like like a blow torch.
  5. Boeing B-50 Superfortress

    Lovely shots. I have this one in my hangar. Great old aircraft.
  6. North American F-82G Twin Mustang

    I always wondered what would happen if the pilots had a massive disagreement about which way to go and tried to go in opposite directions!
  7. North American F-82G Twin Mustang

    An interesting aircraft for sure. Inspired by the ME 109Z. Nicely caught.
  8. China flight

    Lavochkin LA-9 of the PLAAF on an afternoon sortie. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Max 9

    Following on from the 737 Max 8, the Max 9 is a slightly stretched version. Again from the hand of TDS but this one has a decent VC. Thanks to Jury for the link to this one. The flight was from Boeing Field , Seattle to Oakland (which seemed to be suffering from an exceptionally high tide when I arrived!) max rate climb out! Boy, has this bird got some power! Very comfortable flight deck! The Max 9 is actually bigger than the B707 for which the 737 was designed originally as a feederliner! Well I wasn't expecting that! Going paddling! Thanks for viewing