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    The I-15 seems to have several variations, so it's possible was based loosely on one, however, it could well be just a generic "Biplane" possibly made for a presentation piece etc. It is very crude by any standards.
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    Looking at that engine, it seems to have a shrouded cowling at the front, The design to me looks very similar to the Polikarpov I-15
  4. Thanks John, I believe the aircraft are in the main sim-objects, aircraft folder. will check out a few military bases that I know about and see if anything appears. I have a few military base add-ons that I would have thought would indeed have parking spots, i'll check those out first. All my system is FSX only when it comes to aircraft as I found that many FS9 portovers tended to lose window glass and have prop/rotor texture issues. I have JF Civil traffic on the system and that seems to work ok. Will keep trying with the military stuff to see if I can get it sorted out.
  5. Today we said our farewells to our friend Joe Roddis. Joe had joined the RAF in 1939 as ground crew, serving at a variety of stations before ending up at RAF Westhampnet, today known as Goodwood. Joe was a very humble man who didn't think that he was anything special. Yet he and his colleagues kep the RAF fighters in tip top condition throughout the Battle of Britain and beyond. Without the dedication of people like Joe, we would have been in a sticky situation to say the least. He was a warm , wonderful human being who would talk to anyone of any age. Only a few months ago Joe was guest speaker at a talk being given at Goodwood. He was quite happy to sign photos,( of which I am happy to say I have one) and copies of his new book. He was due to do a book signing within the next few days with his co-author Mark Hillier who runs a historical group on the airfield. His funeral took place at Chichester crematorium and was attended by not only his family, but by many members of the aviation world with whom he spent a lot of time after the loss of his second wife Betty a few years ago. After the service the guys at the Boultbee Flight Academy at Goodwood had organised a fly past, and bang on the nail at 2:45 a single Spitfire roared over the crematorium at low level, she then turned and came back pulling a beautiful victory roll as she came over. It was a great send off for someone who really was a local legend. Rest in Peace Joe. Your country salutes you. Blue skies always..
  6. Ok Guys, here's the question. A few weeks ago I installed Traffic PlusPak - Military Aircraft 2 onto my FSX set up. I have yet to see one of the aircraft appear in my traffic flow! I have other traffic packages that work fine, but not the military ones. During the install I followed the instructions on the screen and it said it had installed correctly. So what has happened? Does anyone have any ideas please. Thanks
  7. It just looks better there than it does in real life! Farnborough airport is a busy place with lots of industrial parks in the area, I prefer the look of your version!
  8. Looks like a challenging flight, i'm assuming that it wasn't Farnborough in Hampshire.
  9. I too have had issues with FSX right from the start, occasionally get the Fatal Error message or just simply freezing up at the most inopportune moment. I've been putting it down to having such a large amount of aircraft and scenery files. But I must admit it is bloody annoying. I only changed to FSX after my FS9 system kept buggering about when installed on the new W10 system as opposed to XP on the previous computer. After I'd changed a whole plethora of new FS9 aircraft suddenly emerged! Sods law! However that system is completely uninstalled now and many of the aircraft are long gone It's possible that my FSX system just needs refining, however I am not particularly computer savvy when it comes to messing about with programmes etc. and my PC engineer doesn't know much about the sim or it's requirements. He has no interest in aviation so has no idea as to what is supposed to do what when it's set up, sure he can put bigger drives and processors in etc but he works on the machines rather than customer introduced programmes. Ideally I need to get a Flight Sim expert to take a look at my set up and then optimise it for max efficiency. In the meantime I bumble along and hope for the best!
  10. Nicely done, that weather looks like it could close down quickly.
  11. Airfix's old Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle with decals by HDL. The markings depict an aircraft that was operating in the Biafran civil war around 1967. Had fun with this one as i'm waiting for a cataract operation on my left eye. It's made my depth perception a bit off at close range so at times I couldn't tell the distance between my paintbrush and the thing I was trying to paint! Still It got there in the end. Currently on the bench is a NAF Mig 17 to go with this one. Thanks for viewing, comments welcome.