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    Go on puss! Make my day!
  2. Sticks and Stones May break my bones But whips and chains excite me!
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    Straighten up and stay right! Cool down pussy don't you blow your top!
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    I got this idea from Dodgy-Alan's Hamster, their cat is shit scared of the Hammy ! So don't get any ideas Puss!
  5. great shot.
  6. Yes Alton isn't too far from there.
  7. Nice flight Dolf, Welshpool is a great little airport, i use it frequently myself.
  8. Great shots, love the Tin Triangle.
  9. Marie and I spent the day playing with steam trains yesterday. Had a wonderful day out and the weather was perfect. I took a lot of photos which I thought I'd share with you guys. Ok it's not aeroplane related but I thought you may like to see them. Admins, if you don't want them on here then feel free to delete. This is a big file so best viewed on a PC rather than a phone. I've also included a couple of edits. Hope you enjoy the ride...... Thanks for viewing
  10. Nicely seen, looks like a lovely spring day up there.
  11. Nice shots, It really is a nice aircraft to fly. I've had the pleasure of travelling in real ones on several occasions.
  12. Brentford FC. (The Bees)
  13. Lady Bracknell.