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  1. Word(s) association game

    RAS (Replenishment at Sea, always a fun exercise in seamanship!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o44tZjjcnxI
  2. Some C-46 Commando

    Great work, nicely caught.
  3. Rotate MD

    Nicely caught, done crew transfers on many of those, we had to park behind the aircraft so that the crew could come down the back stairs and straight into the coach. The only thing was though is that that aircraft has a very thin wing and it is virtually at eye level with our driving position meaning that under certain lighting conditions it was difficult to see. More than a few of us had close squeaks with those wingtips. Thankfully none of us ever hit one.
  4. Word(s) association game

    Shaggy, Mr Luvva Luvva !
  5. Attacker

    There have been several, mainly Russian. The Yak 15 being most notable.
  6. Paint it black

    RCAF Mcdonnell CF-101 Voodoo over Northern Canada Thanks for viewing
  7. Attacker

    The Royal Navy's first jet fighter. The Supermarine Attacker used the wing of the piston engined Spiteful which in itself was a direct descendant of the Spitfire. Because of this the Attacker ended up with a tailwheel undercarriage and this made for tricky handling when landing. The design later evolved to become the swept wing Swift .It had a fairly short career with the Royal Navy front line squadrons but did at least give the Navy experience in handling jets. The only export customer was the Pakistan Air Force. This one is from the Freeware files of Rob Richardson. http://www.robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/page3.html Thanks for viewing.
  8. Flycatcher

    One from my FS9 days, The Fairey Flycatcher was one of the Royal Navy's first aircraft specifically designed for carrier operations. Features added during it's career being wheel brakes and arrestor hooks, it could also be converted to float undercarriage fairly easily. It was highly manoeuvrable and was well liked by it's pilots. Thanks for viewing
  9. Boeing 314

    Good captures, I have this one in the hangar but rarely use her.
  10. VC collection

    Looks like some very comfortable offices.
  11. I meant your Son in Law to smack Trump in the mouth. LOL
  12. Pity he wasn't able to smack Trump in the mouth, accidentaly of course!