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  1. Nicely done, some good liveries there, I don't recall BOAC ever flying the DC-6, They had DC-7s and the smaller Canadair Argonaut which was basically a DC-4 with Merlin Engines and a later DC-6 nose. Other post WW2 props included the Super Constellation, Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, Handley Page Hermes, Bristol Britannia and Avro Tudor. Good looking livery on the aircraft though.
  2. Me too, I like to take them to the limit.
  3. Sad to hear of another accident.
  4. In this case the Ilyushin IL-62. These long served aircraft first entered service in 1967 and some are still in service today. They replaced the IL-18 turboprop on many of the long distance routes and had good short field performance due to the uncluttered wing. Both the IL-62 and the VC-10 are the only two airliners to have for rear mounted jet engines, the Lockheed Jetstar also had this feature but that was a small biz jet. The IL-62 has a good safety record among Russian aircraft and is comparable to western jets of the same era. The aircraft is well liked by passengers and crews alike due to it's good flying characteristics and quiet cabin. There are several available for both FS9 and FSX and these shots are a mixture of both; Спасибо для просмотра
  5. Rapper Will I Am has discovered has relatives in both Yorkshire and Ireland. The one in Yorkshire is called Will E Eckerslike and the Irish one is Will Oil Beef Hooked!
  6. Meridian Shopping Centre, Leeds
  7. Very nicely done. great set.
  8. You'll have a hard job landing at Filton these days, they're building houses on it! There's still a Concorde parked there, (now under cover) also the Police Helicopter operates from there. My friends live only 1/4 mile from the airfield and right under the flightpath. The husband used to work for Bristol Aerospace before it became part of Airbus.
  9. Damn that recruiting Sergeant! "Join the Condor Legion " he says, "Great Adventure", he says, "You'll go to Spain ", He says, "Always hot and sunny" he says! So why the hell am I patrolling the Pyrenees in a soaked flying suit, in a soaked open top biplane, in a bloody thunderstorm! Grrrrr! Thanks fo viewing.............if you can see me through this bloody rain! Göring du bist ein Arschloch!
  10. great shots, as has Been said, mountains and clouds make for tricky flying and woe betide if you haven't got your wits about you. Great fun though.
  11. Great pics, it looks like a good format, though I shan't be converting just yet due tot the amount of money spent on FSX, However never say never.....
  12. Party like a Russian!
  13. I was chatting to a guy the other day about childrens names. I mentioned about some people naming theirs after the places they were conceived, i.e. Brooklyn, Paris, etc. He replied, "Yeah we did that as well. We've got 2 boys and a girl, their names are, Transit Van, Tescos Car Park and Cineworld Basildon!