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  1. Good job it wasn't an A380 involved, the tail on those things are enormous! That skipper seeds some urgent retraining!
  2. Join In!

    Hi guys, thanks for waiting. I took this one in Somerset last week on the quayside at Watchet. it has to be Britains smallest Police Station! See what you can do with it.
  3. Join In!

    Thanks John will post something when I get home on Sunday.
  4. great shots of a seldom seen commuter liner.
  5. Hawker Hunter F6 out of RAF Valley Tac Weapons Unit. Chasing fish,jetliners and wind turbines! The aircraft is one of Dave Garwoods delightful creations and still a beautiful aircraft to fly. Most of the action took place over North Wales. Thanks for viewing.
  6. Nicely caught. The ground textures look really good as well.
  7. Many years ago on a misty evening a VC-10 belonging to BOAC tried to land on the A4 Bath Road which runs parallel to Runway 27R. He only pulled out when the crew realised that what they had mistaken for runway lights were actually the tops of the streetlight gantries poking out of the thin layer of ground mist. It was all over the local news at the time.
  8. Happy Birthday Fella, Have a great day.
  9. Colonoscopy!
  10. great looking Bird. well caught.
  11. Both pilots ok thankfully, but the aircraft will be out of action for some time sadly.
  12. Supermarine S6B, Gloster Napier and Machi M57. At the time they appeared they were the fastest aircraft in the world