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  1. It looks like I'm the only one who's going to give this any time right now. I'm just wanting an alternative to FSX and all it's bugs. I quit FSX because I was sick of the constant battle against the OOM and the incessant tweaking and editing of files just to get it to run anywhere near enjoyable. When it reached the point where I was spending more time messing under the hood than actually playing it I decided it was time to bail out (pun intended). This is why I'm so enthusiastic about this attempt at a new sim. Yes I know it's based on the old FSX engine but at least they're banging it out in 64 bit and hopefully will make addons more compatible in the future, too. I'm going to give them a fair shake and see how they do.
  2. I watched this from start to finish and I'm really encouraged by what I heard. I hope he manages to do everything he wants to with this sim.
  3. Hiya Brett. Likewise. Glad to be back. I abandoned flight simming for a while as I was sick of fighting the ever present OOM but now we finally have a 64bit alternative, I'm really hoping it becomes a success. I do have auto updates enabled. I was just a little confused over how someone could be commenting on the DA42 as it hadn't been released yet but later realised they must be talking about a preview copy they'd been sent. Anyway, I'm really quite excited to see how the full DTG flight sim pans out when they (hopefully), release it later this year. I have no idea how easy or hard it is to convert 32 bit software to 64 bit, or even if it's possible at all, but if it's relatively straight forward, surely many of those addons made for fsx over the years would soon start being converted for use in DTGFS?
  4. Well I'm going to buck the trend here and say I'm seeing no performance issues. I don't have an uber computer rig but I'm finding it runs very smooth even with the settings maxed. The one issue I do have with FS is just how quick the instructor is to take over the controls when he thinks you aren't doing as you're told, especially on the PPL check flight. He's so quick as to make it very difficult to successfully finish the flight. Other than that, I really don't see any major issues with it. Someone mentioned how good the add-on ac is that was supplied to the pre-orderers. That hasn't been released yet. I pre-ordered and haven't received the Diamond DA42 as yet.
  5. I watch the Steam forum for snippets of useful info but ignore the rest. That forum has been full of whiney arsed children since the very first video was released. Their whining bares no relation to reality. If they keep it up they'll kill it before it gets a chance to develop. Not to mention most in there are treating it like it's the full sim rather than just the flight school release.
  6. "This guy needs a medal"

    I must admit I was a little surprised when he said he had that lot running off of one computer.
  7. Canyonlands Utah

    Fantastic pics, James. Really shows the scenery package at it's best.
  8. "This guy needs a medal"

    I'm impressed. As he's indicated in the video, he's done it on a budget so I think he's done really well. I'd be happy with that rig in my sim room, that's for sure.
  9. B747 undercarriage view video

    Great video. That cameraman must have been freezing by the time they landed. Hope he had well fitting goggles.
  10. Flight Simulator Thunderbirds - A New Beginning

    Awesome work! Very impressive.
  11. Logitech Gamepad

    It does take some getting used to after using a joystick or yoke but in time it becomes second nature.
  12. On Location with the Yellow Legend!

    I didn't know there was another 2-seater Spit besides the Grace Spit. Nice pics and paint job, Alan.
  13. Logitech Gamepad

    March, I've been using the Logitech F710 wireless gamepad on FSX for months and it works just fine. Ignore the profile thingummie in the Logitech software and go straight to the FSX 'Buttons/Keys' tab in the 'Settings - Controls' section and just assign the buttons of the gamepad in the Joystick column. For some reason FSX recognises my Gamepad as an Xbox 360 gamepad but it works fine. Assignments is a personal preferance but if it helps I have mine set up as follows.... First, make sure the little 'Input Mode' button on the front is set to 'X'. Brakes (apply/release) = Button A (Repeat Slider full right) Elevator trim (down) = D-Pad Up (Repeat Slider full left) Elevator Trim (up) = D-Pad Down (Repeat Slider full left) Flaps (extend incrementally) = D-Pad Right (Repeat Slider full left) Flaps (retract incrementally) = D-Pad left (Repeat Slider full left) Landing gear (extend/retract) = Button X (Repeat Slider full left) Spoilers (extend/retract) = Left Shoulder/LB (Repeat Slider full left) Throttle (decrease) = Button B (repeat slider full right) Throttle (increase = Button Y (repeat slider full right) Rudder = LT and RT Pitch/Yaw = Left thumb pad Camera/look = Right thumb pad I'm not saying the above is the best setup, just the one I use.