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  1. problem solved! I just had an old version of REX, so i downloaded the "REX auto update" from the REX website and i updating the newest version and now works fine. Thanks anyway for your attention britfrog and brett!
  2. Hi everyone!, I have a problem with my REX Essential Plus. The issue is that when I create a flight plan in REX and I start to fly in the simulator everything is ok and the REX loads the weather perfectly, but when I'm about 30 min. of flying, the REX stops loading the weather and then I go to the windows desktop and I see that REX doesn't work, i get the box message "this program isn't responding". Someone could help me?. Thank you very much and best regards!
  3. Hi Joe, thank you very much for your attention. I have reinstalled REX and I'm having the same problem again but well, I'll try it with a new version of REX as you said and then I'll comment you if all goes well. Thank you very much again and best regards!
  4. Hello, greetings to everybody!. First, I want to apologize in advance if I'm wrong about writing this post in this section, I'm new here. Well, my problem is that when I open the flight planner of REX2 in my FSX, I can't see the weather map of the area, it doesn't appear. Anyway, i'm going to attached a picture to see it better. Thank you very much in advance and best regards!