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  1. WW2 sub batteries were simply large lead-acid batteries similar to what we use to start our automobiles but much bigger, with only one cell per jar. Mix sulphuric acid with salt water and you get chlorine gas. Also, lead-acid batteries give off hydrogen gas when charging. John
  2. I know this thread has seen it's day in the sun already, but I just stumbled on an article that reinforces my opinion of current battery technology and the prospects for radical improvements in same anytime soon... https://www.wired.com/story/building-a-better-battery/ John
  3. http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/05/18/cuban-plane-carrying-104-passengers-crashes-havana/ Bad crash in Havana, Cuba. Domestic flight - 737 - only three survivors reported. It happened shortly after takeoff and there are reports of an attempted turn-back, but not much known yet. John EDIT: 3 pages of posts at PPRUNE so far but not much known. There's a lot of conflicting information about who owned the AC and who was operating it, but it appears to be shaking out to be a pretty old 737-200 "wet leased" from a Mexican company and operated by a Mexican crew. I would not take any of that to the bank just yet. There's no info at all about the cause of the crash but it is looking like the pilot turned away from a populated area as he was nearing the ground, hit power lines and collided with terrain soon after. If so, he probably saved a lot of lives on the ground. No indication yet of any casualties on the ground. JDA
  4. Happy Birthday, Brett. Hope you're having a great one. John
  5. Hmmm - no action here at all. Here are more clues to make it a little easier... Runway length is < 3000' Airport name references a body of water Longitude is West (with the above clues, that narrows it down to 1/4 of the planet) John
  6. A man was looking for a place to sit in a crowded university library. He asked a girl: "Do you mind if I sit beside you?" The girl replied, in a loud voice. "NO, I DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH YOU!" All the people in the library started staring at the man, who was deeply embarrassed and moved to another table. After a couple of minutes, the girl walked quietly to the man's table and said with a laugh: "I study psychology, and I know what a man is thinking; I bet you felt embarrassed, right?" The man responded in a loud voice: "$500 FOR ONE NIGHT? ..... I`M NOT PAYING YOU THAT MUCH!" All the people in the library looked at the girl in shock. The man whispered to her: "I study law, and I know how to manipulate people too."
  7. There are some economic reasons for retiring US military aircraft to Davis Monthan and it's the general way things are done. Most importantly, it's a source of parts to keep others going but also serves as a repository for aircraft that COULD be re-activated if needed in an emergency. The environmental issues associated with scrapping large, complex military aircraft (e.g fluids, asbestos, mercury, lead) make it a difficult thing to do responsibly at sites that are not set up to deal with those things. Can't disagree with the idea of flight crew only for a final flight - one suspects a boondoggle ride for some, but maybe not. Military aircraft going to-from anywhere often carry service members on a space available basis for convenience and economic reasons. If the aircraft were considered so decrepit that the flight was considered abnormally risky, I suspect that they would not have made it without taking special precautions or performing necessary repairs first. Not sure what kind of budget the Puerto Rico ANG operates under either. If they're like the rest of the PR government organizations, they can hardly afford to pay attention. Don't know if that was a factor not, but can't rule it out. John
  8. One suspects technical issues, since it was a very old airframe, literally on its way to Davis-Monthan to be retired. RIP to the crew, peace to the families. It appears to be nearly miraculous no one on the ground was hurt or killed. John
  9. The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The last bundles updates were completed on 5/19/17. Bundle downloads are available here... The following bundles have been changed with new or updated airport diagrams added to them: Brazil - 1 added SNHS Santa Magalhaes - Serra Talhada, Brazil Canada - New Brunswick - 1 added CYES Edmundston - Edmundston, New Brunswick - Canada Canada - Northwest Territories - 1 added CBC2 Ford Bay - Ford Bay, Northwest Territories - Canada Canada - Ontario - 2 added CNE9 Essex - Essex, Ontario - Canada CYTJ Terrace Bay - Terrace Bay, Ontario - Canada Canada - Quebec - 1 added CSU2 Chisasibi - Chisasibi, Quebec - Canada Canada - Saskatchewan - 1 added CJJ8 Macklin - Macklin, Saskatchewan - Canada Chile - 2 added SCCH Gen. Bernardo O'Higgins - Chillan, Chile SCER Quintero - Quintero, Chile China - 1 added Z08T Dajiaochang - Dajiaochang, China Ecuador - 2 added SETE Mayor Galo Torres - Tena, Ecuador SETU El Rosal-Tcrnel Mantilla - Tulcan, Ecuador Germany - 16 added EDAJ Leumnitz - Gera, Germany EDAZ Schonhagen - Schonhagen, Germany EDCK Kothen - Kothen, Germany EDCR Rerik-Zweedorf - Rerik-Zweedorf, Germany EDEB Bad Langensalza - Bad Langensalza, Germany EDGM Mosbach-Lohrbach - Mosbach-Lohrbach, Germany EDGR Giessen-Reiskirchen - Giessen-Reiskirchen, Germany EDNP Pfarrkirchen - Pfarrkirchen, Germany EDNT Treuchtlingen-Bubenheim - Treuchtlingen-Bubenheim, Germany EDOB Bad Berka - Bad Berka, Germany EDOS Pennewitz - Pennewitz, Germany EDQF Petersdorf - Ansbach, Germany EDRH Hoppstadten-Weiersbach - Hoppstadten-Weiersbach, Germany EDTK Forchheim - Karlsruhe, Germany EDWN Lingen - Nordhorn, Germany ETND Diepholz AB - Diepholz, Germany Greenland - 1 added BGUK Upernavik - Upernavik, Greenland Iceland - 2 added BIKP Kopasker - Kopasker, Iceland BITN Thorshofn - Thorshofn, Iceland India - 1 added VOBZ Vijayawada - Vijayawada, India Japan - 6 added RJDM Metabaru - Metabaru, Japan RJDO Ojika - Ojika, Japan RJFG Tanegashima - Tanegashima, Japan RJFT Kumamoto - Kumamoto, Japan RJOA Hiroshima - Hiroshima, Japan RJOW Iwami - Iwami, Japan Kenya - 1 added HKNI Nyeri - Nyeri, Kenya Korea - 7 added RK0J R 522 - R 522, Korea RK1K R 712 - R 712, Korea RK1M R 710 - R 710, Korea RKJU Jeonju - Jeonju, Korea RKPE R-813 - Jinhae, Korea RKPP Busan Aero - Busan, Korea RKTO R 500 - Jeonju, Korea Malawi - 1 updated FWKA Karonga - Karonga, Malawi (updated) Mexico - 2 added MMIA Colima - Colima, Mexico MMLO De Guanajuato Intl - Leon, Mexico Peru - 2 added SPJE Shumba - Jaen, Peru SPMF Manuel Prado - Manuel Prado, Peru Philippines - 3 added RPLV Fort Magsaysay - Fort Magsaysay Apt, Philippines RPUO Basco - Basco, Philippines Z25M Taggat - Taggat, Philippines Sweden - 1 added ESNP Pitea AB - Pitea, Sweden Taiwan - 11 added RCAY Kangshan - Kangshan, Taiwan RCDI Lungtang - Lungtang, Taiwan RCFG Nangan - Matsu, Taiwan RCGI Lyudao - Lyudao, Taiwan RCGM Taoyuan - Taoyuan, Taiwan RCLY Lanyu - Lanyu, Taiwan RCQC Magong AB - Magong, Taiwan RCQS Chihhong - Taitung, Taiwan RCSQ Pingtung North - Pingtung, Taiwan RCWA Wang-An - Wang-An, Taiwan Z28U Highway Strip 58 60 - Tapei, Taiwan Tanzania - 13 updated HTIR Iringa - Iringa, Tanzania (updated) HTKI Kilwa Masoko - Kilwa, Tanzania (updated) HTLI Lindi - Lindi, Tanzania (updated) HTMA Mafia - Mafia, Tanzania (updated) HTMG Morogoro - Morogoro, Tanzania (updated) HTMI Masasi - Masai, Tanzania (updated) HTMT Mtwara - Mtwara, Tanzania (updated) HTMW Mwanza - Mwanza, Tanzania (updated) HTNA Nachingwea - Nachingwea, Tanzania (updated) HTSO Songea - Songea, Tanzania (updated) HTTU Tunduru - Tundura, Tanzania (updated) HTUT Utete - Utete, Tanzania (updated) HTZA Kisauni - Zanzibar, Tanzania (updated) Thailand - 1 added VTCM Lanna - Chiang Mai, Thailand United Kingdom - 2 added EGHQ Newquay - Newquay, United Kingdom (Freeware) X2LR RAF Little Rissington - Little Rissington, Gloucestershire - United Kingdom (Freeware) US - Alaska - 14 added 2Z6 False Island - False Island, Alaska - US 63A Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility - Petersburg, Alaska - US A23 Saginaw - Saginaw Bay, Alaska - US AQC Klawock - Klawock, Alaska - US CYM Chatham - Chatham, Alaska - US HYG Hydaburg - Hydaburg, Alaska - US KAE Kake - Kake, Alaska - US KCN Chernofski Harbor - Chernofski Harbor, Alaska - US KGZ Glacier Creek - Glacier Creek, Alaska - US KPB Point Baker - Point Baker, Alaska - US PAMD Middleton I - Middleton I, Alaska - US PAWS Wasilla - Wasilla, Alaska - US WSB Steamboat Bay - Steamboat Bay, Alaska - US Z81 Salmon Lake - Salmon Lake, Alaska - US US - Arizona - 2 added KPRC Love - Prescott, Arizona - US (2 plates) KSAD Safford Regl - Safford, Arizona - US US - Arkansas - 2 added 5M1 De Witt Mun - De Witt, Arkansas - US KASG Springdale Mun - Springdale, Arkansas - US US - California - 2 added KTRM Jacqueline Cochran Regl - Palm Springs, California - US L35 Big Bear City - Big Bear, California - US US - Colorado - 1 added KLHX La Junta Mun - La Junta, Colorado - US US - Florida - 1 added FL35 Eglin Field Nr 2 - Valparaiso, Florida - US US - Illinois - 1 added 1C5 Clow Intl - Bolingbrook, Illinois - US US - Indiana - 1 added KSER Freeman Mun - Seymour, Indiana - US US - Iowa - 2 added 3Y0 Wall Lake Mun - Wall Lake, Iowa - US 4C8 Albia Mun - Albia, Iowa - US US - Kansas - 2 added KEWK Newton City Co - Newton, Kansas - US KTKO Mankato - Mankato, Kansas - US US - Michigan - 2 added 07D Tackaberry - Avoca, Michigan - US KARB Ann Arbor Mun - Ann Arbor, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 2 added KDYT Sky Harbor - Duluth, Minnesota - US KFBL Faribault Mun - Faribault, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 1 added KUOX University-Oxford - Oxford, Mississippi - US US - Missouri - 1 added 16MO Findley Field - Beaufort, Missouri - US US - Montana - 1 added 7S0 Ronan - Ronan, Montana - US US - Nebraska - 1 added KODX Sharp - Ord, Nebraska - US US - North Dakota - 1 added D05 Garrison Mun - Garrison, North Dakota - US US - Ohio - 1 added KOXD Miami University - Oxford, Ohio - US US - Oregon - 2 added KHRI Hermiston Mun - Hermiston, Oregon - US KPFC Pacific City State - Pacific City, Oregon - US US - Rhode Island - 1 added 08R Richmond - West Kingston, Rhode Island - US US - South Carolina - 1 added KCDN Woodward - Camden, South Carolina - US US - South Dakota - 1 added KMDS Madison Mun - Madison, - US US - Tennessee - 1 added KMQY Smyrna - Smyrna, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 3 added 77F Winters Mun - Winters, Texas - US 8F5 Greater Morris Co - Daingerfield, Texas - US KBPT Southeast Texas Regl - Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas - US US - Utah - 2 added KRIF Richfield Mun - Richfield, Utah - US U13 Junction - Junction, Utah - US US - Virginia - 3 added KBKT Perkinson/Baaf - Blackstone, Virginia - US KCXE Chase City Mun - Chase City, Virginia - US KEMV Emporia-Greensville Regl - Emporia, Virginia - US US - Washington - 3 added KALW Walla Walla Regl - Walla Walla, Washington - US S52 Methow Valley State - Winthrop, Washington - US W56 Fly For Fun - Vancouver, Washington - US US - Wisconsin - 1 added 3D2 Ephraim Fish Creek - Ephraim, Wisconsin - US Venezuela - 1 added SVTJ Central Matilde - Central Matilde, Venezuela Water Runway Airports - 12 added 1C9 Frazier Lake - Hollister, California - US 2Z6 False Island - False Island, Alaska - US 63A Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility - Petersburg, Alaska - US A23 Saginaw - Saginaw Bay, Alaska - US AQC Klawock - Klawock, Alaska - US CYM Chatham - Chatham, Alaska - US HYG Hydaburg - Hydaburg, Alaska - US KAE Kake - Kake, Alaska - US KCN Chernofski Harbor - Chernofski Harbor, Alaska - US KDYT Sky Harbor - Duluth, Minnesota - US KPB Point Baker - Point Baker, Alaska - US WSB Steamboat Bay - Steamboat Bay, Alaska - US Last Updates: 6/20/17 New Bundles: 0 Updated Bundles: 55 New Diagrams: 125 Updated Diagrams: 14
  10. 5/2/18 Bundle Updates The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The prior bundles updates were completed on 4/2/18. Bundle downloads are available here... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ Algeria - 1 added DAAV Ferhat Abbas - Jijel, Algeria Argentina - 2 added SANT Benjamin Matienzo - Tucuman, Argentina SAVT Almirante Zar - Trelew, Argentina Australia - New South Wales - 1 updated YMAY Albury - Albury, New South Wales - Australia (updated) Bangladesh - 1 added VGIS Ishurdi - Ishurdi, Bangladesh Belgium - 1 updated EBAW Deurne - Antwerp, Belgium (updated) Brazil - 2 added SNDW Divisa - Encruzihada, Brazil SSIQ Itaqui - Itaqui, Brazil Cameroon - 1 added FKKU Bafoussam - Bafoussam, Cameroon Canada - Alberta - 1 added CZVL Villeneuve - Edmonton, Alberta - Canada Canada - British Columbia - 1 updated CYPS Pemberton - Pemberton, British Columbia - Canada (updated) Canada - Quebec - 2 added CSG3 Joliette - Joliette, Quebec - Canada CTK2 Senneterre - Senneterre, Quebec - Canada Chad - 2 added FTTL Berim - Bol, Chad FTTU Mao - Mao, Chad Chile - 1 added SCRG De La Independencia - Rancagua, Chile Colombia - 1 added SKMR Los Garzones - Monteria, Colombia Egypt - 1 added; 1 updated HEAR El Arish Intl - El Arish, Egypt HEPS Port Said - Port Said, Egypt (updated) Finland - 2 added EFEU Eura - Eura, Finland EFSU Suomussalmi - Suomussalmi, Finland French Polynesia - 1 added NTGD Apataki - Apataki, French Polynesia Germany - 18 added EDBS Sommerda - Sommerda, Germany EDBV Stralsund - Stralsund, Germany EDCO Obermehler/Schlotheim - Obermehler/Schlotheim, Germany EDEL Langenlonsheim - Langenlonsheim, Germany EDFS Schweinfurt Sud - Schweinfurt, Germany EDHM Hartenholm - Hartenholm, Germany EDNZ Haidberg - Zell, Germany EDOI Bienenfarm - Bienenfarm, Germany EDOL Oschersleben - Oschersleben, Germany EDOT Obergrochlitz - Greiz, Germany EDPO Neumarkt/Opf. - Neumarkt/Opf, Germany EDSH Backnang-Heiningen - Backnang-Heiningen, Germany EDTL Lahr - Lahr, Germany EDTQ Pattonville - Pattonville, Germany EDTZ Konstanz - Konstanz, Germany EDWF Papenburg - Leer, Germany ETSF Furstenfeldbruck AB - Furstenfeldbruck, Germany Z11O Feucht AAF - Feucht, Germany Guadeloupe - 1 added TFFB Baillif - Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe Honduras - 1 added GJA Guanaja - Guanaja, Honduras India - 2 added VABM Belgaum - Belgaum, India VEBS Bhubaneshwar - Bhubaneshwar, India Indonesia - 1 added; 1 updated WIHH Halim Intl - Jakarta, Indonesia (updated) WIME Aek Godang - Aek Godang, Indonesia Iran - 4 added OI16 Qeshm South - Qeshm South, Iran OIFK Kashan - Kashan, Iran OISJ Jahrom - Jahrom, Iran OITP Parsabade Moghan - Parsabade Moghan, Iran Iraq - 1 added OR0O K2 - K2, Kenya - 1 added HKML Malindi - Malindi, Kenya Libya - 1 added HL53 Sidi Salih - Sidi Salih, Libya Mali - 2 added GAAO Ansongo - Ansongo, Mali GAKD Dag Dag - Kayes, Mali Mexico - 1 added MMTC Torreon Intl - Torreon, Mexico Pakistan - 6 added OPBW Bahawalpur - Bahawalpur, Pakistan OPMN Miram Shah - Miram Shah, Pakistan OPPS Peshawar Intl - Peshawar, Pakistan OPQS Dhamial Army - Qasim, Pakistan OPRQ Shorkot Road AB - Rafiqui, Pakistan OPSB Sibi - Sibi, Pakistan Panama - 1 added MPCH Cap. Manuel Nino Intl - Changuinola, Panama Russia - 1 added UNBB Barnaul - Barnaul, Russia Saudi Arabia - 2 added OEAH Al Ahsa - Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia OEHL Hail - Hail, Saudi Arabia Senegal - 1 added GOTB Bakel - Bakel, Senegal South Africa - 1 added FAAB Alexander Bay - Alexander Bay, South Africa Syria - 1 added OSLK Bassel Al-Assad Intl - Latakia, Syria US - Alabama - 1 added 71A Pine Hill Mun - Pine Hill, Alabama - US US - Alaska - 5 added KCL Chignik Lagoon - Chignik, Alaska - US KWT Kwethluk - Kwethluk, Alaska - US PAKY Karluk - Karluk, Alaska - US PCK Porcupine Creek - Porcupine Creek, Alaska - US TSG Tanacross - Tanacross, Alaska - US US - Arkansas - 1 added AR12 McDonald's Strip - Rose Bud, Arkansas - US US - California - 5 added; 1 updated KLPC Lompoc - Lompoc, California - US KPVF Placerville - Placerville, California - US (updated) KRIU Rancho Murieta - Rancho Murieta, California - US L19 Wasco-Kern Co - Wasco, California - US O70 Westover-Amador Co - Jackson, California - US SRF Hamilton - San Rafael, California - US US - Florida - 1 added; 1 updated 01FA Rybolt Ranch - Orlando, Florida - US X13 Carrabelle-Thompson - Carrabelle, Florida - US (updated) US - Hawaii - 1 added Z29G Kahuku - Kahuku, Hawaii - US US - Idaho - 1 added S72 St Maries Mun - St Maries, Idaho - US US - Illinois - 1 updated KVLA Vandalia Mun - Vandalia, Illinois - US (updated) US - Indiana - 3 added II87 Twelve Oaks - Martinsville, Indiana - US IN45 4 Winds Aerodrome - Roachdale, Indiana - US KSMD Smith - Ft Wayne, Indiana - US US - Iowa - 1 added KEFW Jefferson Mun - Jefferson, Iowa - US US - Michigan - 4 added 13C Lakeview-Griffith - Lakeview, Michigan - US 34G Merillat - Tecumseh, Michigan - US 34I Somerville - Ada, Michigan - US KESC Delta Co - Escanaba, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 1 added KPNM Princeton Mun - Princeton, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 2 added KNJW Williams NOLF - Meridian, Mississippi - US MS30 Abide Airpark - Greenville, Mississippi - US US - Missouri - 2 added 03MU McDonnell - Archie, Missouri - US 0T3 Twin City - Marble Hill, Missouri - US US - Montana - 5 added; 1 updated 10MT Hoolie - Haxby, Montana - US 58S Whitefish - Whitefish, Montana - US 8U9 Canyon Ferry - Townsend, Montana - US KBHK Baker Mun - Baker, Montana - US KGTF Great Falls Intl - Great Falls, Montana - US (updated) KSBX Shelby - Shelby, Montana - US US - Nebraska - 1 added KLCG Wayne Mun - Wayne, Nebraska - US US - Nevada - 1 added KMEV Minden-Tahoe - Minden, Nevada - US US - New Jersey - 1 added KLDJ Linden - Linden, New Jersey - US US - New York - 3 added K31 Sharon - Sharon Springs, New York - US KHWV Brookhaven - Shirley, New York - US KMSS Massena Intl-Richards - Massena, New York - US US - North Carolina - 2 added 78N Rockingham Co-Shiloh - Reidsville, North Carolina - US N97 Hiatt - Thomasville, North Carolina - US US - North Dakota - 1 added 4V4 Northwood Mun-Vince - Northwood, North Dakota - US US - Oklahoma - 3 added; 1 updated 92F Chattanooga Sky Harbor - Chattanooga, Oklahoma - US KGMJ Grove Mun - Grove, Oklahoma - US KRKR Kerr - Poteau, Oklahoma - US (updated) OK93 Airman Acres - Collinsville, Oklahoma - US US - Oregon - 1 added 61S Cottage Grove State - Cottage Grove, Oregon - US US - Pennsylvania - 2 added 08N Keller Brothers - Lebanon, Pennsylvania - US PA48 Jim Shearer South - Blairsville, Pennsylvania - US US - South Carolina- 1 added KDLC Dillon Co - Dillon, South Carolina - US US - South Dakota - 1 added 8V3 Parkston Mun - Parkston, South Dakota - US US - Tennessee - 2 added KMOR Moore-Murrell - Morristown, Tennessee - US KUOS Franklin Co - Sewanee, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 3 added KMNZ Hamilton Mun - Hamilton, Texas - US KODO Odessa-Schlemeyer - Odessa, Texas - US T39 Archer City Mun - Archer City, Texas - US US - Utah - 1 added U55 Panguitch Mun - Panguitch, Utah - US US - Virginia - 1 added 98VA Glascock - Arcola, Virginia - US US - Wisconsin - 3 added KRYV Watertown Mun - Watertown, Wisconsin - US WI07 Waupun - Waupun, Wisconsin - US Y23 Chetek Mun-Southworth - Chetek, Wisconsin - US US - Wyoming - 1 added KBPI Big Piney-Marbleton - Big Piney, Wyoming - US Venezuela - 1 added SVGU Guanare - Guanare, Venezuela Western Sahara (disputed) - 1 added GMMA Smara - Smara, Western Sahara (disputed) Zambia - 1 added FLCP Chipata - Chipata, Zambia Zimbabwe - 1 added FVOT Kotwa - Kotwa, Zimbabwe Prior Updates: 4/2/8 New Bundles: 0 Updated Bundles: 70 New Diagrams: 129 Updated Diagrams: 10
  11. Plenty of that here. It must be Coff's fault. John
  12. Might not be a bad idea. I learned a long time ago that airshows are much more enjoyable when not being observed through a view-finder. Your idea may be along the same lines. John
  13. So the JF 152 is cheaper for a single platform and WAY cheaper if you need it for more than one. Got it! This bird might be attractive to the many, many real world pilots who learned to fly in one, including me. I have vivid memories of how much better it performed on my first solo, with that lard-arsed instructor standing out on the ramp trying not to look worried. Nice job on the review, Coff. Might be the first one here written on a boat. John
  14. Vee haf ways of making you talk...
  15. I did what Coff did above, but used a simple plastic battery box (3 X AA) with an on-off switch instead, with the cut-off female end of a USB extension cable soldered to it. It works great. Though the TrackIR normally plugs into a USB port, it's not an intelligent device, i.e. it neither sends nor receives signals. It just needs about 5 volts DC for the three IR LEDs on the ends of the stalks. Since I already used a wireless headset it was a pain to again be tied to the computer with a wire. This solves the problem. I've said before and still maintain that the TrackIR is the single most significant hardware game-changer for FS that I can think of. It makes FS a whole new experience. I know I'm preaching to the choir since everyone who's posted here is already using some form of head tracker, but for the lurkers and casual readers, if you don't have this, you're missing something really special. John
  16. I miss this feature, which has gone kind of dormant. I promised Mutley when he was here I was going to kick this off again soon, so here goes! Guess the Airport Clues: You've never heard of it. It has a 3-character ICAO code. The images and data are from stock FSX-SE and are likely the same in FSX and P3D. Scenery complexity is set to Extremely Dense, so you're seeing everything that's there. The top-down image may have been rotated - OK, it has been. It's in the northern hemisphere. Magnetic variation is large. An airport just south is a candidate for my Unfortunate ICAO Codes list. Airport elevation is 1,000 < X < 2000 feet MSL. That's enough for now. More clues in a few days if no one has it. John
  17. They'll probably be pushing FSX-SE and their train sim pretty hard. John
  18. Here's a link to their official announcement on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/games/389280/announcements/detail/3400657079148405506 John
  19. I believe that DTG in this case, and MS before them with MS F-Light, was looking at Apple and their success with the Apple App-Store with relish. Apple has done very well with a closed shop and all "add-ons" having to come through them. It's not hard to imagine that DTG and MS saw that with a gleam in their eye and thought maybe they could do the same for flight sim related DLC. It didn't work out for them, mainly since flight simming and phone apps are not the same kind of market at all - Apples and oranges if you'll excuse the pun. Can you think how much extra revenue MS could have generated over the years if all the FS add-ons for all the versions of FS had been through them with them getting a piece of the action? Even allowing for the stifling effect an arrangement like that might have had on independent development, it would have amounted to serious money over quite a long time. I'm not surprised that MS and DTG were tempted to try to make that happen, but I guess they didn't reckon with the fact that flight simmers as a community may not be quite so gullible as the great unwashed smart-phone-named-for-fruit users of the world. I'm not sorry for DTG, but am sorry for all the employees who will lose their jobs and am kind of bummed out that one of the successful licensees of MS software has mucked it up. Not sure if and when someone else will get a chance. DTG still holds and uses their license from MS for development at some level and distribution of FSX-Steam, but that's all now. I've thought for quite some time that P3D is where we will all be going eventually, though X-Plane is becoming an ever more promising alternative to the FSX-based sims. We'll have to wait and see how that plays out. Anyway, it gives us a couple of ways forward still, even with DTG having gone more or less static on FSX-Steam and out of the game for a 64-bit sim. For me, for now, FSX-Steam is good, stable and works well and P3D v 4 is very good and improving. John
  20. The earlier failure was in a conical hub section, not a blade per se - they lost the whole LP compressor section, about five entire stages as I recall. UT of blades is barking up entirely the wrong tree with respect to that one, though I don't have any comparable info on this new one. I guess it's possible that losing one blade could cause a cascading failure but I don't think that's what happened in the first event - the airbus that landed in Canada (Gander, Newfoundland?) John