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  1. Caption the picture!

    OK, this one seems to have gone quiet so I'm going to award it to Brett. His description of engineering "agility" is pretty good. I did like the jumping tower Al posted but in the end, had to cut the cards. Take it away, Brett. John
  2. Airlander 10 maiden flight

    Can you imagine the horror - thousands of innocent victims all talking like Donald Duck? John
  3. Air Canada pulls a "Harrison Ford"

    Interesting thread here too, about "FMS Approaches", including a discussion about some airlines having private, but approved approaches. Air Canada is not mentioned in the thread (that I noticed) but it is the KSFO Rwy 28 runways that are being discussed. https://www.pilotsofamerica.com/community/threads/fms-approach.16597/ John
  4. Airlander 10 maiden flight

    They did it again. It looks worse this time. As I noted above, a fundamentally bad idea. You cannot make chicken salad from chicken manure. British Hybrid Airship Suffers Second Serious Accident https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/aerospace/2017-11-20/british-hybrid-airship-suffers-second-serious-accident EDIT: "The fuel and helium within the Airlander was made safe..." I sure am happy to hear all that helium didn't cause a disaster. Oh, the humanity! Where do they get these writers? JDA
  5. Air Canada pulls a "Harrison Ford"

    https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/aug/03/air-canada-near-miss-picture-shows-how-close-planes-came-to-crashing There's a pretty good image (a pair, actually, merged into a single image) in this article. The more "evidence" I see the scarier this looks. There should be some "consequences" for this but it appears there won't be. "Accidental" loss of the CVR info and the presumption of innocence is probably going to save them, but it's hard to imagine that this was a "sterile cockpit" with two minds intent on the business at hand. I'm speculating, of course, but I strongly suspect that there was some kind of distraction in progress that should not have been permitted. A 20,000 hour and a 10,000 hour pilot with their game faces on could not have let this happen. Someone knows more than he's saying and the reason he's not saying it is to preserve his career, which is understandable at some level. John
  6. 11/20/17 Bundle Updates The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The prior bundles updates were completed on 10/20/17. Bundle downloads are available here... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ Argentina - 2 added SA25 Canadon Seco - Canadon Seco, Argentina SASO Oran - Oran, Argentina Australia - South Australia - 1 added YIMB Kimba - Kimba, South Australia - Australia Bangladesh - 1 added VGSH Shamshernagar - Shamshernagar, Bangladesh Brazil - 1 added SNBR Barreiras - Barreiras, Brazil Canada - Newfoundland - 2 added CCM4 Port Au Choix - Port Au Choix, Newfoundland - Canada CZUM Churchill Falls - Churchill Falls, Newfoundland - Canada Canada - Nunavut - 1 added CYSR Nanisivik - Nanisivik, Nunavut - Canada Canada - Ontario - 1 added CYYU Kapuskasing - Kapuskasing, Ontario - Canada Canada - Quebec - 1 added CYAD La Grande-3 - Sakami, Quebec - Canada Canada - Yukon Territory - 1 added CEX4 Carmacks - Carmacks, Yukon Territory - Canada Chile - 1 added SCAT Desierto De Atacama - Copiapo, Chile Colombia - 2 updated SKAS 3 De Mayo - Puerto Asis, Colombia (updated) SKIP San Luis - Ipiales, Colombia (updated) Cuba - 1 added MUSA San Antonio De Los Banos - San Antonio De Los Banos, Cuba Ecuador - 1 added SETM Camilo Ponce Enriquez - La Toma, Ecuador Egypt - 1 added HEEM Embaba - Giza, Egypt Ethiopia - 1 added HADC Combolcha - Dessie, Ethiopia France - 1 added LFMU Vias - Beziers, France Germany - 15 added EDAP Neuhausen - Neuhausen, Germany EDEQ Muhlhausen - Muhlhausen, Germany EDKO Brilon/Hochsauerland - Brilon/Hochsauerland, Germany EDLF Grefrath-Niershorst - Grefrath-Niershorst, Germany EDMI Illertissen - Illertissen, Germany EDOF Bad Frankenhausen - Bad Frankenhausen, Germany EDOX Renneritz - Renneritz, Germany EDQY Steinrucken - Coburg, Germany EDRB Bitburg - Bitburg, Germany EDRJ Saarlouis-Duren - Saarlouis-Duren, Germany EDRM Mont Royal - Traben-Trarbach, Germany EDVA Bad Gandersheim -Bad Gandersheim, Germany EDVU Uelzen - Uelzen, Germany EDWK Karlshofen - Karlshofen, Germany ETIE Heidelberg AAF - Heidelberg, Germany India - 1 added VOMD Madurai - Madurai, India Indonesia - 1 added WARJ Adisutjipto - Yogyakarta, Indonesia Iran - 3 added OI21 Semnan New - Semnan New, Iran OIBI Asaloyeh - Asaloyeh, Iran OIKM Bam - Bam, Iran Iraq - 1 added OR1B Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah - Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah, Iraq Japan - 1 added RJTK Kisarazu Aero - Kisarazu, Japan Jordan - 2 added OJ39 King Faisal - King Faisal, Jordan OJAQ King Hussein Intl - Aqaba, Jordan Kenya - 1 added HKFG Ferguson's Gulf - Kalokol, Kenya Libya - 7 added HL52 Martubah - Martubah, Libya HL59 Al Khadim - Al Khadim, Libya HL70 Al Khuwaymat - Al Khuwaymat, Libya HL73 Brach - Brach, Libya HLGT Ghat - Ghat, HLLQ Labraq - El Beida, Libya HLTD Ghadames - Ghadames, Libya Namibia - 1 added FYGF Grootfontein - Grootfontein, Namibia Netherlands - 1 added EHMZ Midden-Zeeland - Middelburg, Netherlands Norway - 1 added ENRO Roros - Roros, Norway Panama - 1 added MPFS Sherman - Sherman, Panama Peru - 1 added SPSO Pisco - Pisco, Peru Spain - 1 added LELN Leon - Leon, Spain Tanzania - 10 updated HTKD Kondoa - Kondoa, Tanzania (updated) HTLM Lake Manyara - Lake Manyara, Tanzania (updated) HTMC Maswa - Maswa, Tanzania (updated) HTMO Mombo - Mombo, Tanzania (updated) HTMS Moshi - Moshi, Tanzania (updated) HTPE Chake Chake - Pemba, Tanzania (updated) HTSE Same - Same, Tanzania (updated) HTSY Ibadakuli - Shinyanga, Tanzania (updated) HTUK Nansio - Ukerewe, Tanzania (updated) HTWK West Kilimanjaro - West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (updated) Turkey - 3 added LTBV Imsik - Bodrum, Turkey LTCK Mus AB - Mus, Turkey LTFB Selcuk-Efes - Izmir, Turkey US - Arkansas - 2 added KRUE Russellville Regl - Russellville, Arkansas - US M70 Pocahontas Mun - Pocahontas, Arkansas - US US - California - 1 added KAPV Apple Valley - Apple Valley, California - US US - Florida - 1 added 62FD Doctors Lake - Orange Park, Florida - US US - Georgia - 2 added 2J3 Louisville Mun - Louisville, Georgia - US KAMG Bacon Co - Alma, Georgia - US US - Illinois - 1 added KDTG Dwight - Dwight, Illinois - US US - Indiana - 1 added KPPO La Porte Mun - La Porte, Indiana - US US - Iowa - 4 added KGCT Guthrie Co Regl - Guthrie Center, Iowa - US KICL Schenck - Clarinda, Iowa - US KSPW Spencer Mun - Spencer, Iowa - US KTVK Centerville Mun - Centerville, Iowa - US US - Kansas - 1 added KGLD Renner/Goodland Mun - Goodland, Kansas - US US - Maine - 2 added 57B Islesboro - Islesboro, Maine - US ME27 Double A - Glenburn, Maine - US US - Michigan - 3 added KDUH Toledo Suburban - Lambertville, Michigan - US KOSC Oscoda-Wurtsmith - Oscoda, Michigan - US Y70 Ionia Co - Ionia, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 3 added KBRD Brainerd Lakes Regional - Brainerd, Minnesota - US KFRM Fairmont Mun - Fairmont, Minnesota - US KXVG Longville Mun - Longville, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 1 added KPCU Picayune-Pearl River Co - Picayune, Mississippi - US US - Montana - 1 added 5U6 Fairview - Fairview, Montana - US US - Nebraska - 1 added KAHQ Wahoo Mun - Wahoo, Nebraska - US US - Nevada - 2 added 61B Boulder City Mun - Boulder City, Nevada - US KELY Ely - Ely, Nevada - US US - New York - 2 added KART Watertown Intl - Watertown, New York - US KMTP Montauk - Montauk, New York - US US - North Carolina - 1 added N83 Ds Butler Farm And Airfield - Oak Ridge, North Carolina - US US - North Dakota - 2 added D24 Fessenden Mun - Fessenden, North Dakota - US KRUG Rugby Mun - Rugby, North Dakota - US US - Oregon - 1 added 6OR2 Chenoweth Airpark - The Dalles, Oregon - US US - Pennsylvania - 1 added N30 Cherry Ridge - Honesdale, Pennsylvania - US US - South Carolina - 2 added KGGE Georgetown Co - Georgetown, South Carolina - US KOGB Orangeburg Mun - Orangeburg, South Carolina - US US - Tennessee - 1 added KCSV Crossville Meml-Whitson - Crossville, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 2 added KATA Hall-Miller Mun - Atlanta, Texas - US KCOM Coleman Mun - Coleman, Texas - US US - Virginia - 2 added KPTG Lee Co - Pennington Gap, Virginia - US KPVG Hampton Roads Executive - Norfolk, Virginia - US US - Wisconsin - 2 added 3CU Cable Union - Cable, Wisconsin - US C59 Lake Lawn - Delavan, Wisconsin - US Uzbekistan - 1 added UT1O Beleuli North - Beleuli North, Uzbekistan Venezuela - 3 added SVAC Oswaldo Guevara Mujica - Acarigua, Venezuela SVHG Higuerote - Higuerote, Venezuela SVPC Gen. Bartolome Salom - Puerto Cabello, Venezuela Water Runway Airports - 1 added ME27 Double A - Glenburn, Maine - US Prior Updates: 10/20/17 New Bundles: 0 Updated Bundles: 61 New Diagrams: 105 Updated Diagrams: 12
  7. The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The last bundles updates were completed on 5/19/17. Bundle downloads are available here... The following bundles have been changed with new or updated airport diagrams added to them: Brazil - 1 added SNHS Santa Magalhaes - Serra Talhada, Brazil Canada - New Brunswick - 1 added CYES Edmundston - Edmundston, New Brunswick - Canada Canada - Northwest Territories - 1 added CBC2 Ford Bay - Ford Bay, Northwest Territories - Canada Canada - Ontario - 2 added CNE9 Essex - Essex, Ontario - Canada CYTJ Terrace Bay - Terrace Bay, Ontario - Canada Canada - Quebec - 1 added CSU2 Chisasibi - Chisasibi, Quebec - Canada Canada - Saskatchewan - 1 added CJJ8 Macklin - Macklin, Saskatchewan - Canada Chile - 2 added SCCH Gen. Bernardo O'Higgins - Chillan, Chile SCER Quintero - Quintero, Chile China - 1 added Z08T Dajiaochang - Dajiaochang, China Ecuador - 2 added SETE Mayor Galo Torres - Tena, Ecuador SETU El Rosal-Tcrnel Mantilla - Tulcan, Ecuador Germany - 16 added EDAJ Leumnitz - Gera, Germany EDAZ Schonhagen - Schonhagen, Germany EDCK Kothen - Kothen, Germany EDCR Rerik-Zweedorf - Rerik-Zweedorf, Germany EDEB Bad Langensalza - Bad Langensalza, Germany EDGM Mosbach-Lohrbach - Mosbach-Lohrbach, Germany EDGR Giessen-Reiskirchen - Giessen-Reiskirchen, Germany EDNP Pfarrkirchen - Pfarrkirchen, Germany EDNT Treuchtlingen-Bubenheim - Treuchtlingen-Bubenheim, Germany EDOB Bad Berka - Bad Berka, Germany EDOS Pennewitz - Pennewitz, Germany EDQF Petersdorf - Ansbach, Germany EDRH Hoppstadten-Weiersbach - Hoppstadten-Weiersbach, Germany EDTK Forchheim - Karlsruhe, Germany EDWN Lingen - Nordhorn, Germany ETND Diepholz AB - Diepholz, Germany Greenland - 1 added BGUK Upernavik - Upernavik, Greenland Iceland - 2 added BIKP Kopasker - Kopasker, Iceland BITN Thorshofn - Thorshofn, Iceland India - 1 added VOBZ Vijayawada - Vijayawada, India Japan - 6 added RJDM Metabaru - Metabaru, Japan RJDO Ojika - Ojika, Japan RJFG Tanegashima - Tanegashima, Japan RJFT Kumamoto - Kumamoto, Japan RJOA Hiroshima - Hiroshima, Japan RJOW Iwami - Iwami, Japan Kenya - 1 added HKNI Nyeri - Nyeri, Kenya Korea - 7 added RK0J R 522 - R 522, Korea RK1K R 712 - R 712, Korea RK1M R 710 - R 710, Korea RKJU Jeonju - Jeonju, Korea RKPE R-813 - Jinhae, Korea RKPP Busan Aero - Busan, Korea RKTO R 500 - Jeonju, Korea Malawi - 1 updated FWKA Karonga - Karonga, Malawi (updated) Mexico - 2 added MMIA Colima - Colima, Mexico MMLO De Guanajuato Intl - Leon, Mexico Peru - 2 added SPJE Shumba - Jaen, Peru SPMF Manuel Prado - Manuel Prado, Peru Philippines - 3 added RPLV Fort Magsaysay - Fort Magsaysay Apt, Philippines RPUO Basco - Basco, Philippines Z25M Taggat - Taggat, Philippines Sweden - 1 added ESNP Pitea AB - Pitea, Sweden Taiwan - 11 added RCAY Kangshan - Kangshan, Taiwan RCDI Lungtang - Lungtang, Taiwan RCFG Nangan - Matsu, Taiwan RCGI Lyudao - Lyudao, Taiwan RCGM Taoyuan - Taoyuan, Taiwan RCLY Lanyu - Lanyu, Taiwan RCQC Magong AB - Magong, Taiwan RCQS Chihhong - Taitung, Taiwan RCSQ Pingtung North - Pingtung, Taiwan RCWA Wang-An - Wang-An, Taiwan Z28U Highway Strip 58 60 - Tapei, Taiwan Tanzania - 13 updated HTIR Iringa - Iringa, Tanzania (updated) HTKI Kilwa Masoko - Kilwa, Tanzania (updated) HTLI Lindi - Lindi, Tanzania (updated) HTMA Mafia - Mafia, Tanzania (updated) HTMG Morogoro - Morogoro, Tanzania (updated) HTMI Masasi - Masai, Tanzania (updated) HTMT Mtwara - Mtwara, Tanzania (updated) HTMW Mwanza - Mwanza, Tanzania (updated) HTNA Nachingwea - Nachingwea, Tanzania (updated) HTSO Songea - Songea, Tanzania (updated) HTTU Tunduru - Tundura, Tanzania (updated) HTUT Utete - Utete, Tanzania (updated) HTZA Kisauni - Zanzibar, Tanzania (updated) Thailand - 1 added VTCM Lanna - Chiang Mai, Thailand United Kingdom - 2 added EGHQ Newquay - Newquay, United Kingdom (Freeware) X2LR RAF Little Rissington - Little Rissington, Gloucestershire - United Kingdom (Freeware) US - Alaska - 14 added 2Z6 False Island - False Island, Alaska - US 63A Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility - Petersburg, Alaska - US A23 Saginaw - Saginaw Bay, Alaska - US AQC Klawock - Klawock, Alaska - US CYM Chatham - Chatham, Alaska - US HYG Hydaburg - Hydaburg, Alaska - US KAE Kake - Kake, Alaska - US KCN Chernofski Harbor - Chernofski Harbor, Alaska - US KGZ Glacier Creek - Glacier Creek, Alaska - US KPB Point Baker - Point Baker, Alaska - US PAMD Middleton I - Middleton I, Alaska - US PAWS Wasilla - Wasilla, Alaska - US WSB Steamboat Bay - Steamboat Bay, Alaska - US Z81 Salmon Lake - Salmon Lake, Alaska - US US - Arizona - 2 added KPRC Love - Prescott, Arizona - US (2 plates) KSAD Safford Regl - Safford, Arizona - US US - Arkansas - 2 added 5M1 De Witt Mun - De Witt, Arkansas - US KASG Springdale Mun - Springdale, Arkansas - US US - California - 2 added KTRM Jacqueline Cochran Regl - Palm Springs, California - US L35 Big Bear City - Big Bear, California - US US - Colorado - 1 added KLHX La Junta Mun - La Junta, Colorado - US US - Florida - 1 added FL35 Eglin Field Nr 2 - Valparaiso, Florida - US US - Illinois - 1 added 1C5 Clow Intl - Bolingbrook, Illinois - US US - Indiana - 1 added KSER Freeman Mun - Seymour, Indiana - US US - Iowa - 2 added 3Y0 Wall Lake Mun - Wall Lake, Iowa - US 4C8 Albia Mun - Albia, Iowa - US US - Kansas - 2 added KEWK Newton City Co - Newton, Kansas - US KTKO Mankato - Mankato, Kansas - US US - Michigan - 2 added 07D Tackaberry - Avoca, Michigan - US KARB Ann Arbor Mun - Ann Arbor, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 2 added KDYT Sky Harbor - Duluth, Minnesota - US KFBL Faribault Mun - Faribault, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 1 added KUOX University-Oxford - Oxford, Mississippi - US US - Missouri - 1 added 16MO Findley Field - Beaufort, Missouri - US US - Montana - 1 added 7S0 Ronan - Ronan, Montana - US US - Nebraska - 1 added KODX Sharp - Ord, Nebraska - US US - North Dakota - 1 added D05 Garrison Mun - Garrison, North Dakota - US US - Ohio - 1 added KOXD Miami University - Oxford, Ohio - US US - Oregon - 2 added KHRI Hermiston Mun - Hermiston, Oregon - US KPFC Pacific City State - Pacific City, Oregon - US US - Rhode Island - 1 added 08R Richmond - West Kingston, Rhode Island - US US - South Carolina - 1 added KCDN Woodward - Camden, South Carolina - US US - South Dakota - 1 added KMDS Madison Mun - Madison, - US US - Tennessee - 1 added KMQY Smyrna - Smyrna, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 3 added 77F Winters Mun - Winters, Texas - US 8F5 Greater Morris Co - Daingerfield, Texas - US KBPT Southeast Texas Regl - Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas - US US - Utah - 2 added KRIF Richfield Mun - Richfield, Utah - US U13 Junction - Junction, Utah - US US - Virginia - 3 added KBKT Perkinson/Baaf - Blackstone, Virginia - US KCXE Chase City Mun - Chase City, Virginia - US KEMV Emporia-Greensville Regl - Emporia, Virginia - US US - Washington - 3 added KALW Walla Walla Regl - Walla Walla, Washington - US S52 Methow Valley State - Winthrop, Washington - US W56 Fly For Fun - Vancouver, Washington - US US - Wisconsin - 1 added 3D2 Ephraim Fish Creek - Ephraim, Wisconsin - US Venezuela - 1 added SVTJ Central Matilde - Central Matilde, Venezuela Water Runway Airports - 12 added 1C9 Frazier Lake - Hollister, California - US 2Z6 False Island - False Island, Alaska - US 63A Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility - Petersburg, Alaska - US A23 Saginaw - Saginaw Bay, Alaska - US AQC Klawock - Klawock, Alaska - US CYM Chatham - Chatham, Alaska - US HYG Hydaburg - Hydaburg, Alaska - US KAE Kake - Kake, Alaska - US KCN Chernofski Harbor - Chernofski Harbor, Alaska - US KDYT Sky Harbor - Duluth, Minnesota - US KPB Point Baker - Point Baker, Alaska - US WSB Steamboat Bay - Steamboat Bay, Alaska - US Last Updates: 6/20/17 New Bundles: 0 Updated Bundles: 55 New Diagrams: 125 Updated Diagrams: 14
  8. FSW - Planned Developments

    Roger that, Sam - welcome aboard. John
  9. FSW - Planned Developments

    It seems safe to assume they meant "...all too aware...". I love ironic typos. John
  10. Same question. Does anyone in that photo look angry with the president? Al, when you're in a hole, stop digging. John
  11. Extreme Water Cooling!!!

    My PC is already immersed in a non-conducting fluid. It's called "air". John
  12. It has been - to him. His personal carbon footprint is only exceeded by the wealth this stuff has brought him. John
  13. Why would the president want to smack my son-in-law in the mouth? John
  14. The tall guy on the lower right, behind the short girl with glasses... John
  15. Nice shot. My Son-in-Law, who is stationed at Yokota, was in the front row at the speech and shook the President's hand. John
  16. Scamming the Scammers

    I did, and got an e-mail back offering me ground-floor investment opportunities in Bill Gates' new "Smart City" in Arizona and the e-mail address of a Nigerian prince who needs some help moving some unclaimed funds to the US... OK - just kidding - no response yet. John
  17. I've often been tempted to screw with scammers by pretending to be interested or even setting up a bank account with about $0.10 in it and letting them talk me into revealing the routing information, pin numbers, etc. Invariably, I don't do it, not because they don't deserve it but out of concern for the possibility of focused retaliation as opposed to the normal broad-based scam-bait. Well, maybe I'll get my wish. This looks like a pretty interesting project and I can't really see the downside of it. Nothing goes on your computer. You just forward the scam e-mail(s) to them and they use a bot to scam the scammers by wasting their time responding to bot-generated responses to their scam e-mail that appear to be coming from real, almost-hooked victims. It looks brilliant and I think I might just give it a try. https://boingboing.net/2017/11/08/somebody-wrote-an-email-bot-to.html John
  18. Scamming the Scammers

    @J G - Thanks - I appreciate the advice. I have never succumbed to the temptation to go the minimal bank account route - not so much for the reasons you gave but out of concern that a frustrated scammer/hacker may decide that they'll try to teach me a lesson. That's a risk I've decided not to take, tempting as it is. As for the other, I have pretty robust, paid anti-virus software running, run a full scan each night and, of course, the firewall is turned on. My e-mail provider has a pretty good filter and routes the dodgy stuff into Suspect Mail and Known Spam folders that remain on their server, i.e. don't download to my PC and they auto-delete after a while from their server. I don't have to download any of them to my PC unless I choose to. I only get a scam e-mail directly into my e-mail client Inbox on the PC very rarely, maybe one every three months or so that somehow slips through the ISP's filters and gets by my AV software without being flagged. It happens, but not very often, and even when it does, I have a pretty keen sense of smell and am VERY careful about clicking on links in e-mails. As a for instance, even if I get an e-mail from a vendor announcing an update, etc. I don't click the link in the mail - I open a browser and navigate to their site and conduct any necessary business from there. I rarely click ANY link contained in an e-mail. As for the folks scamming the scammers, I'm willing to take the risk that they'll sell my e-mail address to someone - I take that kind of risk at some level pretty much every time I click on a web site anyway, and I do that a few hundred times a day. My name has probably been sold thousands of times. It's my only claim to fame. I'm careful but am not going to hide in a corner and pull the rug over me either. If these guys do what they say they do it might be worth it. I sent them this one today... "Dearest in the Lord. Greetings in name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Mrs Claudia Darpino From Poland,widow of Late Dr. Bogdan Darpino From Poland, I have very important matter to discuss with you over donation of Seven Hundred Thousand Euros(�700,000,00)for charity work. Please if you can do write and let me know so that I can explain more better. May God bless you Yours Sincerely Mrs.Claudia Darpino." Most of these things, like the one above, are laughingly inept, but it's easy to see how some people who aren't really tuned into computer and Internet things might get taken in on this stuff. John
  19. Troubleshooting Aid

    Are they saying Windows 7 because it only works for 7 or is it because of the vintage of the video? They don't mention any of the later versions, as if perhaps they don't exist yet. Maybe it works in later versions of the OS too. John
  20. B-21 Bomber

    Actually, many years ago we did pull off some skullduggery in the Sea of Okhotsk, involving an underwater communications cable and a submarine. They suspected the cable was somewhere thereabouts and found its exact location by surveying the shoreline through the periscope to find "Do Not Anchor" signs (probably in Russian). After that became public in the book "Blind Man's Bluff" they probably replaced those signs with "No Cable Here" signs, in English. John
  21. B-21 Bomber

    "A top secret desert assembly plant starts ramping up to build Northrop's B-21 bomber" http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-fi-northrop-bomber-20171110-htmlstory.html I don't know how credible this is but it's interesting. The LA Times is not a highly credible source but it's not quite a yellow journalism tabloid either, so it's probably mostly true, in general if not necessarily in detail. John
  22. Caption the picture!

    Thanks, Captain Coffee.... This one has some interesting possibilities, but then, all of them do... EDIT: I've got to get in here with mine - can't resist. Sorry. This one jumped out at the engineer in me. Copilot: Too bad you didn't hit it harder - it would have fallen forward and only damaged the wing.
  23. B-21 Bomber

    It kind of reminds you of that click-bait thing that said, "21 things only the president knows about Air Force One", doesn't it? John