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  1. Guess the Aircraft

    Thanks, Andrew. Will post one tomorrow. It's time to start slaving on five more airport diagrams tonight. John
  2. Guess the Aircraft

    I'm going to go with the Bacon Super T-6. But you're right, it was a pretty tough one. John EDIT: Only one built. It didn't exactly sell like the hotcakes that normally go with bacon. EDIT EDIT: It looked enough like a Yak-18 that I spent a fair amount of time disproving that it was some little-know variant of that. It's not. John
  3. Word(s) association game

    The Galloping Ghost of the Japanese Coast It's not Shakespeare, but if you know the story, it's pretty cool. This was written about the USS Trigger, a WWII US submarine that gave the Sons of Nippon a pretty hard time, by one of her crew. I'M THE GALLOPING GHOST OF THE JAPANESE COAST By Constantine Guiness, MOMM 1/C, USN I'm the galloping ghost of the Japanese coast. You don't hear of me and my crew But just ask any man off the coast of Japan. If he knows of the Trigger Maru. I look sleek and slender alongside my tender. With others like me at my side, But we'll tell you a story of battle and glory, As enemy waters we ride. I've been stuck on a rock, felt the depth charge's shock, Been north to a place called Attu, and I've sunk me two freighters atop the equator Hot work, but the sea was cold blue. I've cruised close inshore and carried the war to the Empire Island Honshu, While they wire Yokahama I could see Fujiyama, So I stayed, to admire the view. When we rigged to run silently, deeply I dived, And within me the heat was terrific. My men pouring sweat, silent and yet Cursed me and the whole damned Pacific. Then destroyers came sounding and depth charges pounding My submarine crew took the test. Far in that far off land there are no friends on hand, To answer a call of distress. I was blasted and shaken (some damage I be taken), my hull bleeds and pipe lines do, too I've come in from out there for machinery repair, And a rest for me and my crew. I got by on cool nerve and in silence I served, Though I took some hard knocks in return, One propeller shaft sprung and my battery's done, But the enemy ships I saw burn. I'm the galloping ghost of the Japanese coast, You don't hear of me and my crew. But just ask any man off the coast of Japan, If he knows of the Trigger Maru.
  4. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    Just drop off the 'Bus, Gus. No need to discuss much. Just shear off the key, Lee, and set yourself free. John
  5. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    Well, in either case, it's a matter of something that was once your fan no longer serving the function that it did previously. EDIT: With apologies to Artie and Paul, there must be fifty ways to leave your Airbus. JDA
  6. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    It was apparently a pretty instantaneous event, as in now-you-see-it, now-you-don't. If it had to happen, that's a lot better than a prolonged sequence with a massive imbalance causing severe vibration. More like leaving in the middle of the night without prior warning or a note, rather than a trial separation. John
  7. Farts may be green, but they aren't GREEN. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is several times worse than that infamous we're-all-gonn'a-die Carbon Dioxide.
  8. Second monitor

    Happy to hear it went well, Phil. John
  9. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    Agreed, though maybe R-R are not the happiest of campers. John EDIT: - OOPS - Correction - make that GE/P&W. R-R are probably ecstatic.
  10. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    It sounded earlier when they were talking about a 3-engine ferry flight as if the certifications necessary to do that were going to be pretty involved. Flying a spare engine into Goose Bay on an AN-124 and fitting and testing it in the somewhat primitive conditions there (probably no hangar large enough for an A380) can't have been cheap or easy but in the final analysis must have been the best of a sorry set of options. John
  11. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    The damaged Air France A380 finally to leave Goose Bay https://airlinerwatch.com/the-damaged-air-france-a380-finally-to-leave-goose-bay/ It seems the original plan to do a 3-engine ferry flight were changed somewhere along the way. "...the replacement engine was transported to Goose Bay on November 23 by an An-124..." "...the flight was operated on four engines..." "...confirmed to CBC News that the four engines were working."
  12. System spec guidance, and software advice

    Keep us in the loop. We'll help if we can. Our advice is free and worth every penny. John
  13. Caption the picture!

    As if the Short commuter wasn't ugly enough already... John
  14. System spec guidance, and software advice

    I agree with everything QM says about joysticks - all true. I'll add two things... 1) You can map two keys or buttons to left and right brake to provide differential braking for taxiing; with autorudder set on, aileron deflection also steers right or left on the ground and deflects the rudder, but an assist from differential braking and/or asymmetric thrust (on multi-engine AC) is often required. Big taildragger twins are especially bad to handle on the ground because you can't really get an effective blast of propwash on the rudder as you can in a single and tailwheel steering just doesn't really get it done. 2) If you can manage a stable cross-controlled approach (aerodynamically, a slip) with a twist-grip joystick you deserve the Nobel Prize for eye-hand coordination and can probably rub your stomach and pat your head or fly a helicopter without difficulty. John EDIT: Note that mapping brake functions, either common or differential to a button rather than a control axis or a "rotation" (same thing really) means that you give up the ability to modulate braking, so it's all or nothing. Bumping the button in a series of brief actuations is usually about the best you can do. It works but it's not as good as a proportional control such as pedals.
  15. System spec guidance, and software advice

    Welcome to Mutley's Hangar. I'd say FSX-Steam is probably the best choice and should do OK on the laptop with the specs you've listed. Not having pedals should not be a huge impediment - turn on auto-rudder in FSX and you can do most things just fine. John