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  1. Word(s) association game

    Circuses = Parliament and Congress John
  2. Al Jazeera investigates, the Dreamliner

    I happened across this old thread and had a look to see how the 787 has panned out so far. Almost 600 built to date. No serious problems or accidents that I'm aware of since the FAA battery issue grounding was lifted following re-design of the system. They started flying again in April 2013, I believe, over a year before this article was written. I think I recall that there was one fire, above a galley, that turned out not to be related to the earlier battery issues. It's not exactly raining Dreamliners so far, so I guess they must be doing something right in Charleston after all. John
  3. 8/20/17 Bundle Updates The monthly update of the Airport Diagram bundle files has been completed. The prior bundles updates were completed on 7/20/17. Bundle downloads are available here... http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/topic/23067-airport-diagram-download-center/ The following bundles have been changed with new or updated airport diagrams added to them: Antarctica - 1 added SAWB Base Marambio - Base Marambio, Antarctica Argentina - 1 added SAWJ Cap. D. Jose D. Vasquez - San Julian, Argentina Bolivia - 2 added SLAP Apolo - Apolo, Bolivia SLCH Chimore - Chimore, Bolivia Brazil - 5 added SDRK Rio Claro - Rio Claro, Brazil SDVE Vera Cruz - Vera Cruz, Brazil SNTL Tamboril - Tamboril, Brazil SSAD Fazenda Ribeirao - Fazenda Ribeirao, Brazil SSPG Paranagua - Paranagua, Brazil Canada - Quebec - 1 added CYZG Salluit - Salluit, Quebec - Canada Chile - 2 added SCFM Capitan Fuentes Martinez - Porvenir, Chile SCKD El Cardal - El Cardal, Chile China - 1 added ZLLL Zhongchuan - Lanzhou, China Colombia - 1 added, 1 updated SKBO Eldorado Intl - Bogota, Colombia (updated)(2 plates - was 1) SKCC Camilo Daza Intl - Cucuta, Colombia Costa Rica - 1 added MRBA Buenos Aires De Osa - Buenos Aires, Costa Rica Czech Republic - 1 added LKKU Kunovice - Kunovice, Czech Republic Ecuador - 5 added SE59 La Mina - La Mina, Ecuador SEAM Chachoan - Ambato, Ecuador SECU Mariscal Lamar - Cuenca, Ecuador SEIB Atahualpa - Ibarra, Ecuador SEMA J M Velasco Ibarra - Macara, Ecuador Egypt - 1 added HETB Taba Intl - Taba, Egypt Ethiopia - 1 added HABD Bahir Dar - Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Gabon - 1 updated FOOL Leon M'ba - Libreville, Gabon (updated) Gambia - 1 updated GBYD Banjul Intl - Banjul, Gambia (updated) Germany - 19 added EDAM Merseburg - Merseburg, Germany EDBR Rothenburg/Gorlitz - Rothenburg/Gorlitz, Germany EDFL Lutzellinden - Giessen, Germany EDKU Attendorn-Finnentrop - Attendorn-Finnentrop, Germany EDLM Loemuhle - Marl, Germany EDNS Schwabmunchen - Schwabmunchen, Germany EDON Neuhardenberg - Neuhardenberg, Germany EDOZ Schonebeck-Zackmunde - Schonebeck-Zackmunde, Germany EDPM Donzdorf - Donzdorf, Germany EDRF Bad Durkheim - Bad Durkheim, Germany EDTH Heubach - Heubach, Germany EDTN Nabern/Teck - Nabern/Teck, Germany EDUA Ferchesar - Stechow, Germany EDWA Bordelum - Bordelum, Germany EDWY Norderney - Norderney, Germany EDXE Eschendorf - Rheine, Germany EDXM St Michaelisdonn - St Michaelisdonn, Germany EDXT Hof Altona - Sierksdorf, Germany EDXY Wyk Auf Fohr - Wyk Auf Fohr, Germany Greece - 2 updated LGEP Epitalion - Epitalion, Greece (updated) LGRP Diagoras - Rodos, Greece (updated) Iran - 5 added OIAJ Omidiyeh AB - Omidiyeh, Iran OIFM Shahid Beheshti - Esfahan, Iran OIHS Nogeh - Hamadan, Iran OIKQ Dayrestan - Gheshm Island, Iran OIZH Zahedan Intl - Zahedan, Iran Iraq - 1 added ORAT Al Taqaddum AB - Al Taqaddum AB, Iraq Japan - 1 added RJTH Hachijojima - Hachijojima, Japan Kazakhstan - 1 added UASS Semipalatinsk - Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan Libya - 1 added HL69 Al Jufra - Al Jufra, Libya Luxembourg - 1 updated ELLX Luxembourg - Luxembourg, Luxembourg (updated)(1 plate, was 2) Mexico - 2 added MMTO Lic Adolfo Lopez Mateos Intl - Toluca, Mexico MMZH Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Intl - Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico Peru - 1 added, 1 updated SPGM Tingo Maria - Tingo Maria, Peru SPZO Tnte Fap Alejandro Velazco Ast - Cuzco, Peru (updated) Philippines - 2 added RPMJ Jolo - Jolo, Philippines RPML Cagayan De Oro - Cagayan De Oro, Philippines Puerto Rico - 1 added TJMZ Eugenio Maria De Hostos - Mayatuez, Puerto Rico Saudi Arabia - 2 added OE44 Thumamah - Thumama, Saudi Arabia OEJB Jubail - Jubail, Saudi Arabia Somalia - 1 added HCMI Berbera - Berbera, Somalia South Africa - 2 added FALM Makhado AB - Makhado, South Africa FAMM Mafikeng - Mafikeng, South Africa Spain - 1 updated GCLP Gran Canaria - Gran Canaria, Spain (updated)(2 plates) Tanzania - 1 updated HTSN Seronera - Seronera, Tanzania (updated) Tunisia - 1 added DTTR El Borma - El Borma, Tunisia United Arab Emirates - 1 added OMDM Minhad AB - Minhad AB, United Arab Emirates United Kingdom - 1 updated EGLC London City - London, United Kingdom (updated)(2 plates) US - Alabama - 1 added KGAD Gadsden Mun - Gadsden, Alabama - US US - Alaska - 5 added A29 Sitka - Sitka, Alaska - US AK62 Nichin Cove - Tuxaken Island, Alaska - US KOT Kotlik - Kotlik, Alaska - US PADY Kongiganak - Kongiganak, Alaska - US PASP Sheep Mountain - Sheep Mountain, Alaska - US US - Arkansas - 1 added KMPJ Petit Jean Park - Morrilton, Arkansas - US US - California - 2 added, 1 updated KCMA Camarillo - Camarillo, California - US KMAE Madera Mun - Madera, California - US NGZ Alameda NAS - Alameda, California - US (updated) US - Colorado - 1 added 07V Cuchara Valley Apt At La Veta - La Veta, Colorado - US US - Florida - 1 added X51 Homestead Gen Aviation - Homestead, Florida - US US - Georgia - 1 added 25GA Miller Farm - Douglasville, Georgia - US US - Idaho - 1 added KSMN Lemhi Co - Salmon, Idaho - US US - Illinois - 1 added 1H8 Casey Mun - Casey, Illinois - US US - Iowa - 2 added KMPZ Mt Pleasant Mun - Mt Pleasant, Iowa - US KOXV Knoxville Mun - Knoxville, Iowa - US US - Kansas - 6 added 5KS4 Hall Farms - Kanorado, Kansas - US 9K1 Wilroads Gardens - Dodge City, Kansas - US KFSK Ft Scott Mun - Ft Scott, Kansas - US KMYZ Marysville Mun - Marysville, Kansas - US KPTS Atkinson Mun - Pittsburg, Kansas - US KPTT Pratt Industrial - Pratt, Kansas - US US - Michigan - 2 added Y87 Empire - Empire, Michigan - US Y95 Hillman - Hillman, Michigan - US US - Minnesota - 4 added 08MN Christenson Point - Chisholm/Hibbing, Minnesota - US 27D Myers - Canby, Minnesota - US KFFM Fergus Falls Mun-Mickelson - Fergus Falls, Minnesota - US KGHW Glenwood Mun - Glenwood, Minnesota - US US - Mississippi - 1 added KMBO Campbell - Madison, Mississippi - US US - Missouri - 3 added 1H3 Linn State Tech College - Linn, Missouri - US 6K1 Marceline Mun - Marceline, Missouri - US KVER Viertel Meml - Boonville, Missouri - US US - Montana - 2 added 07MT Glasgow Industrial - Glasgow, Montana - US M26 Drummond - Drummond, Montana - US US - Nebraska - 1 updated KOMA Eppley - Omaha, Nebraska - US (updated)(now 3 plates) US - New Jersey - 1 added 16NJ Hummel - Island Heights, New Jersey - US US - New Mexico - 1 added E89 Conchas State Park - Conchas Dam, New Mexico - US US - New York - 2 added, 1 updated 4G2 Hamburg Inc - Hamburg, New York - US KLGA La Guardia - New York, New York - US (updated)(3 plates - was 2) NY70 Chaumont Bay - Chaumont, New York - US US - North Carolina - 1 added 2NC0 Mountain Air - Burnsville, North Carolina - US US - Ohio - 1 added 7G8 Geauga Co - Middlefield, Ohio - US US - Oklahoma - 4 added 2F6 Skiatook Mun - Skiatook, Oklahoma - US KCSM Clinton-Sherman - Clinton, Oklahoma - US KGOK Guthrie Mun - Guthrie, Oklahoma - US KSNL Shawnee Rgnl - Shawnee, Oklahoma - US US - Oregon - 1 added 5S9 Valley View - Estacada, Oregon - US US - Pennsylvania - 1 added H11 Sunbury - Sunbury, Pennsylvania - US US - South Carolina - 2 added KCKI Williamsburg Regl - Kingstree, South Carolina - US SC72 Chandelle - Greer, South Carolina - US US - Tennessee - 1 added KSRB Upper Cumberland Regl - Sparta, Tennessee - US US - Texas - 5 added 50XS Hughes Ranch - Qu/emado, Texas - US 58TE McNabb Farm - Ropesville, Texas - US F49 Slaton Mun - Slaton, Texas - US KILE Skylark Field - Killeen, Texas - US KINK Winkler Co - Wink, Texas - US US - Virginia - 1 added KBCB Virginia Tech/Montgomery Execu - Blacksburg, Virginia - US US - Washington - 1 added KEPH Ephrata Mun - Ephrata, Washington - US US - Wisconsin - 1 added KPCZ Waupaca Mun - Waupaca, Wisconsin - US Venezuela - 1 added SVVL Dr. Antonio Nicolas Briceno - Valera, Venezuela Water Runway Airports - 5 added 08MN Christenson Point - Chisholm/Hibbing, Minnesota - US 16NJ Hummel - Island Heights, New Jersey - US A29 Sitka - Sitka, Alaska - US AK62 Nichin Cove - Tuxaken Island, Alaska - US H11 Sunbury - Sunbury, Pennsylvania - US Zambia - 1 updated FLLS Lusaka Intl - Lusaka, Zambia (updated) Prior Updates: 7/20/17 New Bundles: 0 Updated Bundles: 69 New Diagrams: 122 Updated Diagrams: 14
  4. Word(s) association game

    Brittle failure John
  5. Very nicely done, sir. A great yarn backed up by really good photos and graphics. I liked all of it, including the choice of aircraft. Putinfeld indeed! BTW, I updated all the older charts for ATWC VII and there are newer versions of those two available in the ATWC VII Sector 1 bundle. I think it was a master stroke for you to use outdated charts to lend some credence to the "navigational errors". You sly dog! John
  6. Air Canada pulls a "Harrison Ford"

    Naah - they missed "nose dive", that ubiquitous term that journalism schools teach must be used in every story or article remotely related to aviation. Mainstream media seldom miss a chance to use it and probably face formal disciplinary measures if they do. John
  7. Ahh - misread that then. I thought it was the civil aviation authorities who stopped them flying. More technical details would be interesting, but that's just the engineer in me talking. John
  8. Air Canada pulls a "Harrison Ford"

    Obviously visual checkpoints and landmarks are useful during a visual approach, but why would any pilot not tune the Localizer if one is available and use that as an aid as well? This event was near midnight so I suspect visual aids other than the various forms of airport lighting weren't much of a factor. I wonder if the taxi lights of four airliners, all pointing more or less directly toward him weren't somehow mistaken for a string of runway lights - both are white lights. The blue taxiway lights are considerably dimmer and might have been lost in the glare of the taxi lights of four airliners all of which were nearing the approach end of the taxiway. It seems as if the authorities have decided to cover this event in the usual way - with a pillow, until it stops moving. Aviation authorities should take a lesson from US railroads - if there is an accident or event, all crews of the involved trains are quickly subjected to testing for drugs and alcohol. It's regulatory-driven, and is a standard, expected action that is routinely taken after any event. John
  9. Interesting event, and one that includes a phenomenon I've always considered possible... "Fragments of the fan blades accelerated forward..." The fan or first stage compressor blades are trying to screw themselves into the air while turning. They are mechanically constrained from moving forward so exert a forward force on the engine shaft. If suddenly freed, until they lose momentum in the moving air flow, the will move forward from their original locations. That happened in this event. More broadly, losing both engines to a single bird strike is unlikely - but obviously possible - if on the ground, as in this event that occurred during the take-off roll. Having that happen in flight seems much less likely, approaching impossibility. Good for the crew in executing the "...rejected take-off..." safely, though when you think of it, it's not like they made a conscious decision to not proceed with the takeoff. With two engines out on an A319, the proceed choice has already been removed from your list of options. http://avherald.com/h?article=4ad17d93&opt=0 John
  10. Tally ho!

    Very nice trio... I'm kind of partial to the Corsair, or Whistling Death as the Japanese came to know it. John