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  1. I heard once that a priest described listening to nun's confessions as much like being stoned with popcorn. John
  2. GA Boneyard

    Brett, you appear to be wired just like me. Would love to do that. I wouldn't touch anything, honest. In that climate most of that stuff probably has copperheads living under it anyway. John
  3. GA Boneyard

    I can't see any of this or what JG tables out at Yuma, either in your linked image above or in GE. Where are they? John
  4. Caption the picture!

    This is not a valid entry since I posted the photo, but I have to make an observation here. See all the safety features? Little Johnny would have climbed up the outside of it. John
  5. GA Boneyard

    I found this by accident while poking around on Google Earth. It's on the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri at an airport 2M1, Truman Regional. The airport is in FSX and is pretty well represented, but there's no representation of the artifacts there, just the basic airport, taxiways, buildings, etc. If any of you guys are in the central US and are interested in cockpit-building, this looks like the place to get a cockpit... Not exactly Davis-Monthan but still a pretty formidable collection of aircraft hulks. John
  6. Caption the picture!

    This one kind of tickled me. Lets see what you guys can do with it. John
  7. Caption the picture!

    ...but... but... but the first entry and the longest captions never win. I was double-protected. Need to re-check the algorithm. OK , thanks - later tonight. John
  8. Screenie conversion

    Try using "bmp to jpg bulk converter" as a search term. I got more hits than I could read. John
  9. Appears to be ugly WX and ugly terrain, and an airline not permitted to operate in the EU, running old equipment. What could possibly go wrong? Agree Alan - RIP to the victims and peace to the families. What a tragedy. John
  10. Russian Jetliner down at Moscow,

    Vodka. John
  11. Flying Bath Tub

    I can't say much for the guy's judgment and he proves it when he walks in, goes straight past the sweets and buys a sandwich. John
  12. Russian Jetliner down at Moscow,

    If you assume that it's not just forgetfulness, inattention, etc, the next most plausible thing, given it's Russia is Vitamin V. John
  13. Russian Jetliner down at Moscow,

    Maybe the CVR tapes will contain a clue why they were not turned on. It wouldn't be the first time someone acknowledged a checklist item without actually performing the action, or confirmed an item as being in accordance with the checklist when it wasn't. I think the Palm Air crash in the river at Washington DC many years ago was one example of exactly that - not pitots but cowl de-icing that affected engine EPR indications. John
  14. Bluegrass Airlines is about to kick off their Great Australian Air Rally 2018. Registration and test flights appear to already be open and the window for the first leg is 16-FEB to 19-FEB. Time is short. Don't delay getting in on this great event. http://bluegrassairlines.com/operations/gar_gp/2018/index.html A bundle of airport diagrams for the 12 GAAR 2018 airports has been created and is available in the Events section of the Airport Diagrams Download Center here at MH. John
  15. Airport Diagram Download Center

    = = = = = = = = = = GAAR 2018 Airports.zip = = = = = = = = = = = Click to download GAAR 2108 Airports.zip - Link to OneDrive folder for Events Bluegrass Airlines Great Australian Air Rally 2018 - Airport Diagrams Created 2/14/18 This zip file will not be updated unless changes are made to the official route by the event staff. 13 Airports, 13 files NOTES: These diagrams are also contained in their respective country/state bundles, as appropriate. The list below is in ICAO code order, not the route sequence. This zip contains airport diagrams for... - YBHM Hamilton I. - Hamilton I, Queensland - Australia - YBNA Ballina - Ballina, New South Wales - Australia - YBPN Whitsunday Coast - Proserpine, Queensland - Australia - YDYS Dysart - Dysart, Queensland - Australia - YFLI Flinders I - Flinders I, Tasmania - Australia - YIFL Innisfail - Innisfail, Queensland - Australia - YKRY Kingaroy - Kingaroy, Queensland - Australia - YMDG Mudgee - Mudgee, New South Wales - Australia - YMGI Mungindi - Mungindi, New South Wales - Australia - YMHB Hobart - Hobart, Tasmania - Australia - YNAR Narrandera - Narrandera, New South Wales - Australia - YORB Orbost - Orbost, Victoria - Australia - YTNG Thangool - Thangool, Queensland - Australia