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  1. Great liveries mate especially the ones for the DC6.
  2. Nice shots, the FJS Q400 was my first ever X-plane payware aircraft purchase.
  3. Nice, is the the LES model from X-Aviation?
  4. Nice shots mate and she is a great one to fly.
  5. Starting to snow at Bella Coola XP11 using X-Enviro weather.
  6. Good stuff mate. X-Aviation do take time to respond for some reason. Im now using X-Enviro weather in 10 and 11 and is pretty good.
  7. Thanks Jim, I've not seen you on Twitch recently mate.
  8. A couple of shots of the default Cessna 172 in X-Plane 11 with the Payware Bella Coola scenery from Beti-X Shots taken on the 5k iMac running the sim at 1440p 1 2
  9. Thanks everyone for all your kind words.
  10. Too bad really for us XP users but then again there is a lot of high quality scenery out there that's all free.
  11. Nice shots of a fine aircraft.
  12. Here are a few photos of a Trident 3 on static display at Manchester Airport, i think i took these shots a couple of years ago.
  13. The default recorder does not play any sound as far as I'm aware, at least not in XP10 rather like FS recorder for FSX. I've not tried it in XP11 yet though.
  14. I have added some photo scenery by simply copying it over from my XP10 custom scenery folder and tried a few aircraft too, mainly the Carenado ones but they are not quite looking right. I have an Apple iMac too and have installed XP11 on that as it's a much higher spec than my Windows system apart from the GPU which is it's only let down. the photo scenery does help improve frames a bit on the Windows system and SMP v4 does not impact too much on the FPS. I have the Jrollon CRJ200 from X-aviation which is now done for XP11 and that is nice. I'll post some screenshots of that soon from a flight I did on the iMac.
  15. Very nice mate, i have got SMP v4 now and even bought X-Enviro but the clouds in that are terrible at the moment, SMP v4 looks great in both XP10 and 11.