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  1. Happy Birthday Ros!

    Happy birthday Rosario.
  2. Chasing Irma

    Very nice shots seen here, some of them look real.
  3. Saitek Yoke not working in Win10

    When I installed Windows 10 I connected my Saitek Yoke and it just worked without issue. I personally don't use the Saitek software and just configure the Yoke in the Simulator settings.
  4. Aug 2017 - The King's New Clothes

    Nice one Wain, a very striking livery indeed.
  5. Some recent flights

    Great shots, is that the Volcano i think i am thinking of in the second shot?
  6. UKJim Stream Starting Soon

    I will be tuning in to say hello.
  7. Airfoillabs C172SP

    Yes I have it for XP11 and it is a great aircraft to fly. I can't compare it to the A2A as I don't have that but lists of people who do say it's almost just as good or better. Just moving away slightly the default C172 in XP11 is very good with a mod out there from simcoders.com to make it even better. Adding to this another great tool that applies to all aircraft that's a bit like EZDock I highly recommend is XP-Realistic and adds a lot of immersion. I hope I have been of help.
  8. I've often wondered why FOD (foreign object debris) guards are not fitted at the front of engines but I suspect they have a big impact on the amount of air being ingested and indeed if the guard itself would break loose and damage the engine. When I flew RC jets I had a FOD guard to prevent the turbine from being damaged but some people thought it was a bad idea.
  9. Spotted an MD-82!

    I saw one of these at Naples airport when we arrived a week ago. Perhaps I might get the opportunity to get some photos when we eat to fly home.
  10. Evening Shuttle, EGLC-EGPH

    Really nice set of shots here.
  11. Tally ho!

    Great shots, love the glow in the first one.
  12. first trip 737 to EGCC

    Looks great, I must admit I'm tempted to buy P3d v4 as I already own the PMDG 737.
  13. Air Berlin gone bust?

    I read this on a Facebook group but have no idea if it's true or false at this time.
  14. Mutley's Hangar delegation in Sorrento

    It was a great pleasure meeting Ros and his family.