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  1. Flight Factor A320 Ultimate.

    You can check for updates using the X-Updater client in the FF A320 folder as with their other aircraft.
  2. Flight Factor A320 Ultimate.

    Hi mate, just to let you know the FF A320 has now been released for sale. Enjoy this beauty of an aircraft.
  3. UKJim Stream Reminder

    i am going out this evening for a while but i may find time to drop by and say hello.
  4. Flight Factor A320 Ultimate.

    Hi mate. I am finding it a superb aircraft to fly although there are still a few bugs with the systems but i'd say the release of it will not be too long but Flight Factor may decide otherwise. The JAR A320 is not too bad but in comparison it is not a patch on the FF.
  5. more freight...

    Nice set of screenshots. Is this the FF757?
  6. Poop Chute!

    That was too close for comfort.
  7. XP11 737

    Somewhere over Lincolnshire in the UK heading for Central Europe. b738_98 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  8. Happy Birthday Bumblebee

    Happy Birthday Bumblebee.
  9. Sim addict?

    i have only ever had flight simulators and started with MS FS98 all the way up to FSX then P3D v3 before settling on XP. I have not even thought about train simulators as id personally find them a bit boring.
  10. Happy Birthday Phil White

    Thanks everyone, i had a great day yesterday.
  11. A nice addition.

    The Default XP11 737 800 seen here with split scimitar winglets flying over a cloudy Frankfurt this evening. b738_97 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  12. XP 172 Livery finished

    Very nice mate, it looks good.
  13. XP11 Default 737 800

    I recently downloaded a mod for this aircraft along with an incredible sound pack all for free and that brings this almost to PMDG level. b738_89 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_88 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_87 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_85 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_84 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_83 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr b738_78 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  14. Looks great and i'd like to mention that this scenery is also available for X-Plane 11.
  15. monitor advice needed please

    I assumed maybe newer ones = better more clear picture, am I wrong? Thats correct, i suspect your current display will have a TN panel but do look for an IPS panel as i have already mentioned as these are more clearer and show better colours.