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  1. Last night i purchased the Just Flight C52 for XP11 and its a really nice aircraft. Thank you Just Flight for this and look forward to others being released for XP11.
  2. Happy Birthday and have a great day boss!
  3. The higher the resolution the better the detail as a general rule.
  4. Looks great, it’s one I’ve been considering purchasing.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on this one Joe, A possible new addition to my XP hangar here.
  6. EGR valves are the bane of my life, i am a mechanic so know first hand.
  7. The same applies to X-Plane, so if you install a 2560x1440 monitor then this will be seen in the simulator settings for you to select although it will more than likely default to this.
  8. Lovely shots, have a hop over to Tenerife while you're there too.
  9. An addition to my XP sceneries. I am glad to see that ORBX and also Fly Tampa are now doing sceneries for us XP users. 1 JF_PA28_Arrow_50 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 2 JF_PA28_Arrow_47 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 3 JF_PA28_Arrow_45 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 4 JF_PA28_Arrow_44 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 5 JF_PA28_Arrow_43 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 6 JF_PA28_Arrow_38 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 7 JF_PA28_Arrow_53 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  10. Finding my way into TNCM. I know that KLM don't operate the 737 to there but i do like flying the 737. This scenery has just been released in recent days. 1/ b739_3 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 2/ b739_1 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 3/ b738_207 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 4/ b738_209 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 5/ b738_206 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr 6/ b738_205 by Philip Whitehead, on Flickr
  11. Looks great, i used 1.06 for ages and stayed away from 1.07 as i read bad things about it then i updated to 1.08 upon release and was not impressed. For now i am using Ultra Weather XP2.2 and its pretty good however i am going to give XE v1.09 a go.
  12. Sadly i can't attend as with my new job i have to work every Saturday.
  13. As the title says, plus this happens to be my local field as i live about 8 miles away and its good to see that ORBX has released a second offering for X-Plane and i look forward to more of their work too and along with Flytampa doing XP scenery too its an exciting time ahead.
  14. I admire you all for being able to do this, I have tried creating my own liveries and fail miserably each time.
  15. Agreed, i bought a 4Tb SSHD last year and it was inexpensive.