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  1. I read on several forums that people are getting OOMS or Out Of Memory issues with P3D even though they have very high spec and expensive systems, not sure if anyone ever experienced this with FSX though as they are both 32bit.
  2. As most of you will probably know i mainly use X-Plane but i do have P3D v3 and it never really ran well on my old system and i am tempted to install it on my new machine. P3D is very good though in my opinion.
  3. I have finished building the new computer and have it up and running. The motherboard overclock function is very easy to use, simply turn a dial to the overclock you want and press a button and job done, From 4.2 to 4.8ghz in no time.
  4. Great shots mate, BTW i think that Blue Sky Star are working on a sound pack for those new engines!!
  5. Great shots..... i find Photobucket a real pain recently and need to find an alternative
  6. I chose 3200mhz for the ram, No i am not intending to de lid the CPU and i am using a Corsair H115i cooler. The system is now built and running at stock speeds currently. My old 3570k CPU was overclocked to a stable 4.2ghz whereas this 7700k is 4.2ghz stock speed so i might over clock it very slightly and see how it goes. My motherboard has a great over clock utility that over clocks by simply turning a dial and thats it so any guess work is removed.
  7. Most of them can be seen in my signature strip at the bottom of my posts, apart from what you see I got a 500gb SSD and a 4tb SSHD and the EVGA card is the Classified version. The monitor being the single most expensive component.
  8. I've just bought the 7700k myself along with a whole new set of hardware for my new build. I will let you know how it performs.
  9. I got from here.
  10. Yes it is FREE photo scenery available to download, you can get the whole of the UK and most of Europe and North America. Plenty of hard drive space is required though.
  11. Thanks for looking.
  12. Nice helicopter the 407 and I've not flown it in quite a while.
  13. Welcome to the world of X-plane 11. There are lots of free scenery and airports available to download that are payware quality. I am not sure if i am allowed to post links on here to the websites as i don't want to break forum rules.
  14. I have modified the cabin safety announcement to be Easyjet specific for this aircraft as Easyjet is the only livery i fly on this A320.
  15. Great liveries mate especially the ones for the DC6.