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  1. Thanks John that's good news, we have only to look out for Gators, May Bugs and Micky Mouse.
  2. Almost home guys that's another run compleated
  3. John great I have just booked a two week holiday in May to Orlando. you better find this snake abit quick as my wife won't get off the plane if she reads this post. How do I hide a laptop, any ideas ? cheers Mike
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    I am not that small, it's the plane that is too BIG
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    I have done all my class work, now just waiting for someone to turn up and swing the prop and then give me a leg up.
  6. Great shot Sam Well done
  7. Flying high is what we do best.
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    Father are we there yet ? No my son we have not taking off yet.
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    Honest I did not drink some of your drink, why don't you just smell my breath. I don't bite.
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    Clever Lily puts her paw in my glass to test the temp. for me.
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    Who let the Dogs out