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    Honest I did not drink some of your drink, why don't you just smell my breath. I don't bite.
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    Clever Lily puts her paw in my glass to test the temp. for me.
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    Who let the Dogs out
  4. Finished

    Thanks alot guy's for your nice comments. You all posted some great looking shots too.
  5. Finished

    Thanks Joe for picking one of mine, the airport I was attempting to land in was Southampton. I just clipped the fence, there goes my no claims. Thanks I think I may need Braces too
  6. Wishing you the very Best on your Birthday Steph, good luck on updating your windows.I hope you have got a few spare days free.
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    Pilot to Tower - I am not very happy with these VR Head Sets Tower to Pilot - Try putting them on the right way round
  8. Have a good one Tim Happy Birthday
  9. Now that's what I call one beautiful looking aircraft,nice set of pic's dolf
  10. Falling Leaves ( autumn )
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    Ist sighting of a new airline B E E Z Z Y JET
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    New jet engines now have a Sting in their tail pipes.
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    Bees have found that if they breathe in Jet AI fumes they can fly for longer and a lot faster.