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  1. Something I found recently on another forum. It's a link to a dissertation on debunking the myths surrounding SSD's. https://www.howtogeek.com/256859/dont-waste-time-optimizing-your-ssd-windows-knows-what-its-doing/ Caveat Emptor March
  2. Troubleshooting Aid

    Good idea, Coff - give it a whirl
  3. Scamming the Scammers

    Did you send it to Re:scam? Let us know how it goes.
  4. Scamming the Scammers

    Ooohhhh!! I like it. I've often thought that all retired people who have a bit of computer savvy should be tasked with a once-a-day requirement to help de-nut these creeps. However I don't do it for exactly the same reason @allardjd notes. " I don't do it, not because they don't deserve it but out of concern for the possibility of focused retaliation as opposed to the normal broad-based scam-bait". You really need a throw-away email address to do this. Sounds like Re:scam is the daddy. I watched the video - very cleverly done. Here's a URL for a TED talk done by someone easily recognisable by a large part of our MH crowd who asked the same questions you're asking "What if I.....":
  5. Troubleshooting Aid

    I don't know the answer to that John, I only have one Win10 machine in the house, and I haven't had the need to run the sub-routine. It is invoked by typing "psr.exe" in the windows search box, then running the software while you duplicate a problem. Some one on MH might like to try it out on a Win10 platform. Looks pretty harmless. It takes a running snapshot of a process and writes it to a file that can be transmitted for viewing by, say, support personnel. Kind of a moving screenshot. I ran across it when I was (still am) having a problem with a piece of software not doing what it was supposed to be doing. YMMV
  6. Ran across this today, first I've seen it. As a lot of us are still using Win7, it's an interesting way to get your problem description to someone who may be able to help. It's a short Youtube video describing the process.
  7. A word of warning!

    Like I said - Windoze is a virus. If any other piece of software acted like this, we'd have filters in place (or software) to prevent issues.
  8. A word of warning!

    Someone told me Windows is a virus. I believe him. Unfortunately, it's what we have if we want to run FSX. My wife, on the other hand, bailed to Apple. She's happy, so I'm happy.
  9. That's one heck of a password Picture perfect
  10. Some V4.1 questions

    No, you're right on JA. Not only was the box ticked to keep repeating the instruction as long as the button was pressed, but it still stops the sim even without the box being ticked. There is another box, just below that one that says something like "send the instruction only once". Any way once that is clicked the switch works normally. I didn't get any responses to the question about all the aircraft that are in Simobjects but don't show up in the sim - I'm assuming AI aircraft, but would like to hear from someone who knows for sure. @Wain - the P3Dv4 seems to accept the Lear45 ok. The LM website indicates that there should be no issues porting over the "stock" FSX aircraft. I'll try another tomorrow.
  11. Some V4.1 questions

    Hello Lads (and Lassies), Some questions from a newbie to P3Dv4 (actually v4.1): First, a list of equipment -Win7 Pro, FSUIPC5, CPU i7 4470 @ 3.4Ghz, GPU Nvidia GT730, 1920X1080, 2Gb video RAM, 8Gb DDR3 Memory, High-end 500 Gb HDD. All drivers up to date and all Win7 updates are current. There are a whole lot of airplanes in the xxx\P3Dv4\SimObjects\Airplanes sub-directory that don't show up in the "Select Vehicle" splash screen. An example is the Lear 45. It has a sub-directory entry, complete with (dot)air and (dot)cfg files and a few liveries. However, it does not show on the list of flyable aircraft. Is this, and others like it, AI airplanes that show up as air traffic from time-to time? This specific one caused me some grief because I particularly like flying that plane. It has a sub directory with exactly the same label as FSX (Lear45). So I copied the P3Dv4 directory out to my desktop and renamed it "SAVELear45". I then brought the entire Lear45 file over from FSX and loaded it in place of the folder I'd moved. This process worked seamlessly in P3Dv3, but it is giving me fits in v4. The airplane shows up in the "Select Vehicle" menu. Loads with no issues and flies just fine. Even records logbook hours as it should. This might be a good time to remark that all of my axis controls and some of my button controls are configured using FSUIPC5. Some of the button controls that are configured are the switches at the bottom of the lever travel on my Saitek throttle quadrant. These switches, one at each lever, throttle, prop, mixture, are activated by moving past the lower lever detent and are assigned to; (throttle) = thrust reverser, (pitch) = prop feather, and (mixture) = mixture cutoff. The re-assignments work well when flying any aircraft in FSX or P3Dv3. The grief comes when I shut the engines off by using the switch at the bottom of the mixture lever travel (Idle Cutoff, Cntl-Shft-F1). The engines shut down as they are supposed to, however the keyboard also completely shuts down. None of the keys do anything. The mouse still works OK, so I can get at the on-screen menu and exit the scenario and the sim. Originally, I thought this was an issue exclusive to the ported over Lear, however, such is not the case. The default F22 Raptor does exactly the same thing when I kill the engines this way. This does not happen if I shut the engines down by pulling back on the throttle levers (in a military jet) in the Virtual Cockpit to the idle cutoff stop. It also does not occur if I use the keyboard entry cntl-shft-F1. It only happens if you leave the mixture lever in the idle cut-off position (continually sending the cntl-shft-F1 instruction to the Sim. I've yet to try this in FSX, but seeing as its never happened to me before, I'm going to guess that this is a P3D/FSUIPC5 thing.
  12. Air Hauler 2 - I can't pass the Type Rating flight

    See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimli_Glider This one was a question of a fuel volume mixup, not altitude. Happens to the pros too.
  13. Hard Drive Question

    All good advice, JA. 12GB is not enough to cover the inevitable stuff that defaults on install to your C: Drive. It IS going to bite you at some time in the future. I had exactly the same problem. I still have the 120GB SSD only now I use it for music storage. My system is not complex enough to need the speed of the SSD so I replaced it with a 500GB HDD (a good quality, fast one). It never ceases to amaze me how sloppy programmers are these days. an operating system that requires 108GB - ??? Begs the question: what is it doing? March - still using Win7.
  14. few questions, help needed

    Hey @wain, Any chance you have a paid copy of FSUIPC? Key and axis assignments are really easy with that software. That said; I use a Saitec throttle quadrant and it has a feature where going past the bottom (idle position) of the throttle range engages a switch. I have that switch assigned to keypress "F2". Gives me reverse thrust on anything that has a beta range (turboprops) or any jet. Works in FSX and P3Dv3. I have yet to convert to P3dv4. I notice that there is a specific FSUIPC version for use with ver 4. I'll be getting to that sometime soon. Also, If I read @The red barron 's statement "2, Go into Settings > Application > untick "Use system time for default scenario" this should then use the local time for wherever you are." - I think that the sense is reversed. With the box ticked, the sim uses computer (presumably local) time to set the flight time. If it is unticked, the sim uses whatever time you input. I cannot try this without removing FSUIPC as my system has that box unticked in FSX but ticked in FSUIPC. When I load a flight, the clock shows computer time. I have two clocks set in my computer - local and UTC. On those aircraft where the clock has a "mode" button, I can switch between local and UTC easily. If I want to change my flight time, I have to go in to the menu "Current Time and Season" in the FSX default flight splash screen and make the change. One word of note - FSX does not seem to be able to resolve for Daylight Saving Time. With the box ticked in FSX "General" settings, I get Local Time, not adjusted for DST.