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  1. Irma

    I'll likely (hopefully) miss them. I'm off to Kinsale via Dublin tomorrow afternoon (here). Arriving Wednesday
  2. Irma

    My wife's parents had a condo on Marco island, right down on the point beside the old Tracking Station. Wilma gave the area. a severe thrashing and I got tasked with the job of going down there to supervise the cleanup. It was really interesting to see the ground damage, trees, etc, as the hurricane did a direct hit on Marco with the eye passing right over the island. There were trees down with their tops facing North and then another lot down with their tops facing South. The counterclockwise winds in the leading edge blew down a bunch, then the clockwise winds in the trailing quadrant knocked some down in the opposite direction as it passed. The old folks condo wasn't too bad - mostly driven rain (water) damage. The sliding glass doors allow water under them when the rain piles up on the balcony. Their condo was on the 10th floor. The wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the apartment was completely wet. You should see how the modern (made from pressed wood chips and glue) furniture sucks up water and balloons to unbelievable proportions. I also had to cut away and dispose of three feet of drywall from the floor up as it was water soaked. The big worry there is mold. Fortunately, they sold that condo years ago or I know where I would have been heading tomorrow. Good to hear it's all over John. I hope you didn't sustain any damage.
  3. Irma

    That's good news, John. Significant reduction in wind strength.
  4. Irma

    Sorry to hear that, John, that puts you smack in the path of what sailors call "the most dangerous quadrant". The North East corner of a Northern Hemisphere hurricane. Keep your powder dry
  5. Irma

    Our thoughts with you, JA.
  6. Idiot Media Strikes Again

    A note to "Idiot Media": (don't remember where I saw this, but it stayed with me, slightly altered to suit this subject) The difference between pounds and kilograms is the difference between me having a sip of wine and and 30 seconds with your daughter and me having a bottle of scotch and an evening with her
  7. Idiot Media Strikes Again

    Now, that's a bomb. Hey Coff, looks like they had taggers back then, too.
  8. Idiot Media Strikes Again

    There's probably a Youtube video
  9. Idiot Media Strikes Again

    Looks like they may have got it adjusted, weight-wise. Local newscast reported 1400 lb bomb. Might be a bit of a sphincter-tightening process to dig that baby up with a backhoe.
  10. ReTripping. C46 to Portland via Lake Magone, Oregon.

    Tried to upload a pic, but as usual, I'm unmanned by the plethora of choices. Give it another go- If you're seriously into wrenching, this is a good route to go. I've been advised to stay away from the newer BMW's. If not, try the Yamaha Super Tenere. Good old Japanese motorcycle reliability
  11. ReTripping. C46 to Portland via Lake Magone, Oregon.

    Nice looking ride, Coff Interesting that my ride on this side of the pond is also a 1990 machine. It's an R100GS. I get some spare time tomorrow morning, I'll edit this with a pic. Here's the pic: (well, that didn't work) BTW those 747's on the roof. They're a kiddie theme park. One of them has water slides coming out all the exit doors. No, I didn't get invited to try.
  12. ReTripping. C46 to Portland via Lake Magone, Oregon.

    Great trip, Coff, Some eclipse content: Watched the eclipse, sitting on a fold-up camp chair on the sidewalk in front of my condo (Victoria, BC). We got approx. 90% here, so was well worth it, but not as good as the 100% you experienced. Some sailing content: watched the last one (was it 2009 or '10) from the deck of my boat in Morea, French Polynesia. Some motorcycle content: heading over to Europe, Ireland, France, Spain in a bit. I have a Super Tenere stored in Ireland. Hoping to visit with BritFrog in Perpignon, France. Finally, some aviation content: McMinnville is just down the track from Portland. I hope you caught it. Fabulous aviation museum which includes Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose. See: https://www.evergreenmuseum.org/ Right on the path of totality. Note QM Avatar - sitting in the left seat of the SG. Now, that's a handful of throttles!
  13. Mossie Plans Found

    The Kiwis re-built that one. I was at a party South of Auckland, 2011 or 2012, where the process was being talked about and I met the guy who was the wood importer. Pretty fascinating story. The group made many references to having a set of plans to work from. That newspaper article is referencing a new find. By no means the only drawings in existence. Also, see: http://www.vicair.net/mosquito.html. One that was rebuilt at CYYJ just up the street from my condo. New Zealand is a fabulous place to be if you're interested in warbirds. There's Mastereton, see this site for a pretty complete listing - http://www.warbirds.co.nz/sites.htm. There are many other facilities like Omaka - where they build brand new aircraft with new rotary engines, see: http://www.omaka.org.nz/. Then they go out and fly them. The nice thing about NZ is that they are actually allowed to do this sort of thing. They do this by clipping all the lawyer's wings.
  14. Reprinted from a post sent to me by a sailing friend: "Sailors Beware" (@Loic - that's you, me and Capt'n Coffee) Sometimes things don’t go according to plan – and then you have a choice. Either you mope around and feel sorry for yourself, or you laugh about the situation and keep looking forward. When Norwegian CJ had an embarrassing incident in the shower with his newly bought IKEA stool, he decided to do the latter – and shared his experience in a humorous Facebook post. What he didn’t know was that the story would become an internet sensation. What happened was that CJ had a bad knee, so he decided that it would be a good idea to get a stool so he could sit down in the shower. After looking at different alternatives at IKEA, he decided to go for the “Marius” stool since it was made out of steel and plastic, and was comfy. But there was one thing that C had forgotten about: the stool had 8 small holes in it, something that would soon cause an uncomfortable problem. On his Norwegian Facebook page, he writes about the incident: “Once I got home, I put my new piece of furniture in the shower and got in, this time without clothes. I calmly sat down on the stool and soaped up my whole body, including the ‘captain’ and his ‘two sailors’. As you might imagine, the sailors are what dangles between my legs, but since this is a public Facebook post I’ll stick to more flowery language.” Source: CJ Facebook “So, when the deck got slippery and the captain and his crew got dizzy from all the foam, they started sliding around like drunk sailors!” C writes, and continues: “Then something terrible happened. A sailor unwittingly made his escape and slid down one of the holes in the stool. I didn’t notice at first, but as you know things tend to expand when they are warmed up. And when a sailor gets really hot, then he really expands in size. I didn’t notice this until I tried standing up, only to find that the stool was hanging on behind me, and a searing white pain went through me like lightning. That good-for-nothing sailor was stuck in the hole!” “So there I sat. And sat. I was thinking about my predicament and trying to figure a way out of it. I couldn’t pull up the sailor, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to push him up from below without having to go to the hospital. So I kept sitting there, pondering,” C writes. But as he was sitting there in the accidental trap, the problem started solving itself: “I sat there until I ran out of hot water – and when the hot water runs out, you get cold, terribly cold.” he writes, and continues: “Since I started getting cold, I thought about how I could keep warm, so I tried reaching for the hair dryer… and guess what happened?!? The cold had made that damn sailor shrink again, and with a pop I was a free man once more!” Source: Facebook Post The honest story made readers double over with laughter, and in just one day he received 25,000 likes and 12,000 shares. On the same day, IKEA wrote an ingenious Facebook comment “Hello C. We’re sorry to hear that your crew got in trouble and that the Coast Guard almost had to intervene. We recommend you take this stool out of the shower and put a nice flower pot on it. If you do decide to keep it in the shower, then make sure that you’re wearing the right clothing for a rough day at sea – we recommend putting on a sou’wester. Have a great day,” writes IKEA. I think this was a great example of someone able to laugh at themselves!
  15. We're All Gonn'a Die...

    May the Force be with you