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  1. XP11

    Interesting shots!
  2. Hmm, never flown chocolate planes, but the shots are great Matt!
  3. Very nice caps Alan!
  4. Super shots these!
  5. Fantastic set Wayne!
  6. Bristol Plymouth Bembridge trips,
  7. Leeds to Bristol
  8. Yep Wayne, A2A's 182, thanks for the comments. Btw, my next UK FP starting in Leeds to Bristol
  9. Crossing the skies of Great Britain with the 182 these days, some shots, Parked on Leeds in last shot.
  10. Exellent set nice!
  11. Awesome Spit shots Alan!
  12. So you're P3D now, looks great!
  13. Magic shots Wayne, this is Xplane you use wright? Looks fantastic!
  14. FSX gold still BeeJay Thanks a lot for your comments all, glad you like'm!