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  1. The beauty of South Italy
  2. Very nice set Alan, love the sunsets!
  3. Nice green grass, great shot.
  4. NY

  5. Finished

    Congrats Mike, that's nice and big heavy plane shot!
  6. Downloaded the updated one Joe, found your link on FB Thanks!
  7. It is Wayne, will propebly post some more shots from here Thanks for the comment!
  8. Thanks guys, love this plane!
  9. Thanks guys, a2a 182 indeed, a JEWEL!
  10. Nice paint from Eberhard Haberkorn for the a2a 182
  11. Thanks guys! Flight from YWOL - YPEC and YPMQ. Thanks for the comment.
  12. Thanks a lot folks for your comments, glad you like them!
  13. Checked my install version Joe, says 29/12/16, guess it's not the latest update, maybe in the comming days. Bought it at FSPilot shot together with Drzwieki NY v2 wich gives me CTD all time. My PC is too light I think and getting old