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  1. Chile

    Yep, like it too, just need more free time to fly all the great stuff
  2. Chile

    Thanks for viewing and comments! No fine weather to fly I know, but forcasts looks not that bad, so I decided to land earlier on a local field Thanks for the comments.
  3. Steak and Eggs

    Awesome set!
  4. onward to LSGG...

    Very nice set!
  5. Caption this...

    Nice one !
  6. Destination Zurich

    All great shots again!
  7. Coming back to base

    Very nice shots!
  8. first trip 737 to EGCC

    Great shots these Wayne!
  9. My new toy - A2A Connie

    Great choice Jim, nice shots!
  10. NZ trip

    Pilot's ultimate NG + Rex TD4 enhanced ove ORBX NZ with A2A 182
  11. Catalina to Ganser-Seaboard C46 Cargo.

    Exellent shots Matt!
  12. first trip 737 to EGCC

    Outstanding shots these!
  13. New toy

    Awesome shot!
  14. My new toy - A2A Connie

    Nice shot and plane Jim!