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  1. G91Y

    A glorious aircraft, nice one.
  2. Some C-46 Commando

    With the new SP this aircraft is close to perfect.
  3. VC collection

    Nice collection!
  4. Some C-46 Commando

    Thanks Brett!
  5. Some C-46 Commando

    Thanks guys They have done a nice work on the FDE, IMO. I see someone on JF forums suggesting some tweaks to rudder authority.
  6. Rotate MD

    An iconic aircraft and very detailed as your shots show.
  7. Paint it black

    Nice jet and cracking shots!
  8. Leg 16 - Mau Hau (WADU) to Broome Intl (YBRM)

    Each shot in this pirep is nothing short of amazing. A great read too. Hat off!
  9. me & my MU- 2........

    Fine aircraft and superb shots!
  10. SabreJet!

    Very nice captures!
  11. Early beginnings,

    You had to be brave to ride that one, nice shots Al.
  12. Dite ciao a papi (Say hello to daddy)!

    Coffee will be ready then
  13. Borrowed the plane from @wain and here I am passing right over my house
  14. Welcome to New York!!

    Breathtaking pics Phil.
  15. Fake dogfighting fun.

    Nice one, thanks for sharing!
  16. Leg 15 (1) - Tunggul Wulung (WIHL) - Selaparang (WADA)

    Nice one! My stomach is a bit off after that descent.
  17. Do-228

    Superb pics!
  18. Dite ciao a papi (Say hello to daddy)!

    Indeed! 😁
  19. Dite ciao a papi (Say hello to daddy)!

    Vesuvius is in the middle of the bay and has never been dangerous to Naples. The so called "red zone" only includes small portions of the East side of town. Pompei, Ercolano, Torre del Greco, San Sebastiano (destroyed in 1944) and all the towns around the volcano base are the most vulnerable. I fear most the eruption of Campi Flegrei, the supervolcano west of Naples. His last eruption happened 35.000 years ago and built Naples bay as we see it today. It also made Neanderthals disappear from southern Italy. As of today, we have the gift of a wonderful landscape which I would like to enjoy for many years! 😁
  20. TransNZ

    Very nice, both aircraft and landscape!
  21. Woah we are going to Barbados

    Great shots and super presentation!
  22. Bad day for delivery ,,,,rain.....rain....

    One of the planes I fly most, gorgeous shots.
  23. Beer is best

    What a fine repaint it is
  24. EHAM to EGCC

    Beautiful and iconic aircraft!
  25. Heavy afternoon

    I didn't know my good old MD-11 would still work with FSX-SE.