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  1. I have an old version of Picasa installed which automatically saves all the BMPs to JPG. But I think it's not downloadable anymore.

    You can anyway download Irfanview, which I use since years. It has a "batch" function so you'll be able to convert all your files with just one click.

  2. The default airports are not up to date with the ICAO charts, so you will likely find some parkings scattered around the apron with no relation with real ICAO charts. You may look for an updated afcad at the usual sites (avsim, flightsim.com, ...) and have the exact location of the stands. I've learned how to edit an airport layout using simple tools such as Airport Design Editor and try to stay up to date, at least with the airports I use most.

    Or you may download the excellent charts by @allardjd from Mutley's archive here which are based on default FSX airports.

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  3. Nice shots.

    Biplanes are a lot of fun to fly. Some years ago with some friends we have flown the route from Rome to Tokyo with the SVA. It took almost one year to perform all legs.





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  4. 4 hours ago, dodgy-alan said:

    I too find that problem at times, but other things that annoy me are a proliferation of trees in the runways of some add-on airports. Our local airstrip at Bognor Regis is one such case in point, the airfield in real life lies in open land bordered by the railway on one side and a golf course on the other. There are only a few scruffy hedgerows with a couple of small trees. When the airfield appears it is like trying to take off through a rainforest! LOL The airfield is rather special to me as it is owned by a friend of mine and it forms the base for the Bognor Regis Gliding Club.  I'd love to have the airfield appear as it really is!  https://www.brgc.co.uk/


    I may try to create a simple EGKC AFD for you if you want. That should be easy.


    Edit: well, it took 15 mins to complete. This is the kind of work I often do for those small airfields wich are not well designed in FSX or missing at all (as EGKC). I call them BTN (better than nothing) airports! I've added the main runway, the apron entrance (the reference image from Google Maps shows some work in progress at the field), a windsock and a flatten/exclude area. Looking at the site you linked, I've added some runway markings too (which are not in the pics below).

    Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gR3C4s0YGOxMfsp8of7TpF_JlyLMxOO2/view?usp=sharing

    Please extract the two files in "Addon Scenery\scenery".

    Hope it is a good temporary solution.










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