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  1. Although the Power Pack and more liveries are soon to be released, I find it easy to customize with my own repaints and preferences. I think you should be good to go with no hassle anyway.
  2. No need for this as I purchased the "soft" edition some months ago.
  3. Great! I've been using the soft release since the early days. Downloading now. Thanks for heads up, Joe.
  4. It is. I've been on hold for months with this one but I have to say it is a game changer.
  5. Flysimware Learjet 35A. I like the pilot with white hair. He looks quite like me, with a smaller belly
  6. I'm looking at it now, interesting. Thanks!
  7. " Missed the Touch, but here is the Go." As some may say, "less is more". This is a nice way to enjoy a flight. Really nice screenies and I hope your pilot license is ok!
  8. A dramatic sky, stunning shots.
  9. Great deals at PCAviator indeed. Yesterday I took your same way for the Flysimware Learjet 35A. What a blast it is!
  10. My first traffic pattern in P3Dv4.1 Boy oh boy, this is a whole new world to me!
  11. Well after the initial enthousiasm I reverted to FSX-SE. Simply can't stand without IVAP and some of my preferred addons which are not compatible as of today. I could have kept both installs but not enough space on my SSD. Sad thing I have to say, the 64bit environment is such a huge step forward. Maybe on next PC upgrade.
  12. Nice choice, the Malibu is a performer.
  13. Some nice shots and that's what I call clouds!
  14. I did some IVAO tours in Chile and you will find a great variety of terrain in that narrow space!
  15. rosariomanzo


    Nice captures Wayne, I second what the boss said. I have to say I've spent a lot of time down under.