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  1. Nice Al! Maybe we can collect all these situations in this post?
  2. You are absolutely right. Stunning.
  3. Insane weather there. Superb shots.
  4. rosariomanzo


    Gorgeous! Is it the Real Air in P3D4?
  5. Happy new year gents, looking forward to another great one at the hangar.
  6. rosariomanzo


    Flysimware Cessna 402C Businessliner in P3D v4.1 with Orbx Global+Vector, AS P3D4 and UT Live.
  7. Nicely done and Tamworth is a great background
  8. Nice aircraft Al. I have the Aicraft Factory model which I liked a lot but can't use it in P3D4.
  9. Very nice aircraft and shots.
  10. Decided to reinstall P3D. It is just too good to leave it on the backup drive! A short hop from Bari to Naples in my new Flysimware Conquest, grabbed at Just Flight for half the price. I do like this kind of aircraft. Maybe not the top of modeling and texture quality, but ARAIG system wise. Same goes for their Learjet 35. More, they are not heavy on my system. I need some peace these days. I thought a flight would help. And I was right. Merry Christmas everyone.
  11. Joe, thank you and all the hangar for your thoughts and the group hug. I feel comfortable here! I was ready for this leg. I even edited the two airports with custom afcads. But thursday morning my father has passed after being ill 7 years. We all were prepared for this moment, but you can be the strongest man in the world, this hurts so bad. I enjoyed your flight. Thank you so much.
  12. Happy to report that on the other PC everything is smooth as silk. So it was a matter of minimal requirements and so another reason to change desktop PC!
  13. Hi friends I've purchased the REX/Milviz WX advantage radar, mostly because all reviews say it has little to no impact on frame rate. Well sadly I see a consistent frame rate loss instead. I've installed it on my old i5 PC at the moment so I have yet to see how it behaves on the new and more powerful machine. But I would like to know if anyone has got issues with this product? Maybe is something about the ATI graphics card? I run the sim with generally conservative settings and rarely got this kind of impact from any addon. I've tried it on two aircrafts with the panel already implemented: Milviz C310R and Flysimware Learjet 35A. Both have the GTN installed too. Maybe the two gauges don't like to work together lol. Have not tried yet what happens installing it as a simple 2d-panel. Thanks in advance for any help, captains.
  14. Elegant lines on that jet. Great shots!
  15. As reported by Joe while stalking that TUI , you set traffic sliders at 0 in sim and fine tune the sliders in the UTL user interface.
  16. An iconic aircraft and I do like these colors.
  17. Nice choice Al. Look for some fine repaints by our talented fellow simmer Jan Kees.