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  1. Boeing KC-97G Stratotanker

    Fine shots and the landscape looks gorgeous
  2. IVAO flight

    Thanks Jury. Sadly, Ivap hasn't an android interface yet. Will check these apps!
  3. IVAO flight

    View of my small cluttered laptop screen during an IVAO tour. Maybe it's time to add a second monitor.
  4. Douglas A-20 Havoc / Boston

    All lookers, cheers!
  5. Mapping Russia

    Nice shots, I have to download and try this one.
  6. A few A-20 Havoc shots.

    Great plane. What about sounds?
  7. Douglas A-20 Havoc

    Nice aircraft and JK paints are always an extra touch.
  8. B787-9 Demo

    Nice pics
  9. Phew! Took some time to read it all, but I enjoyed the whole story. An amazing pirep and great images too!
  10. Black Magic

    What a looker, such a nice plane! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Smoke smuggler

    Hope everything will settle soon, Captain. Nice shots, btw.
  12. Thanks for sharing these nice pics Joe. I hope to be there next year!
  13. Tiger Tiger

    Excellent aircraft for sightseeing, great shots.
  14. Tiger Moth over Eire

    Nice aircraft and landscape!
  15. The Hearts Content

    Nice set Al!