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  1. Beautiful lines on this aircraft, great shots.
  2. Terrific shots Jim
  3. Top notch!
  4. Hey, it's me! 😁
  5. The lines of this aircraft are so elegant, great shots.
  6. Join In!

    I do not get in this game because of my language limits, but I often lurk and you guys make my day!
  7. XP11

    Great! Keep us posted!
  8. XP11

    Looks good. Maybe the photoreal lacks a bit of contrast. I don't know if you can edit the tiles with a simple image editor to get more vivid colors.
  9. Looking good!
  10. New competition

    White delta
  11. Oh, beef, please be careful! (My surname is Manzo, which is the italian word for beef) Wonderful shots.
  12. Outstanding shots!
  13. Great work!