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  1. I had this one on XP9, a very nice aircraft IMO.
  2. Roger, will take a look! Ciao
  3. Very nice set
  4. Great photos, I like those showing the cockpits. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nice pics and aircraft Alan!
  6. New competition

    This one is my favorite these days! Fly me to the moon.
  7. Nice captures!
  8. Great shots!
  9. Those wings are long!
  10. One of the hardest approaches, very nice video as always. Are you planning a circle to land on rwy 33 at LICR? The italian Kai Tak, you will have fun!
  11. Familiar places, nice one!
  12. @mutley IMO It is much better than the Wilco one, which I own too. Systems are functional and the FMS has updatable airac. The VC looks a bit aged when compared to Carenados, but if you want to *fly* i think this is a very nice one.
  13. This is the Eaglesoft v2.
  14. Flying FL390 at M0.85
  15. Nice one!