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  1. Hawk

    Hard to catch this one with my camera!
  2. new SOCAL company

    Good luck with your new company and the pics looks amazing!
  3. C46

    A gorgeous model indeed. Maybe you could add a GPS window yourself by editing the panel.cfg.
  4. Nicely done, great pirep and what a fine aircraft the Canberra is.
  5. High performance Mustang

    Aircraft Factory P51-H
  6. Tally ho!

  7. BOAC

    Elegant! Great shots.
  8. Catalina to Ganser-Seaboard C46 Cargo.

    This aircraft is such a looker. Great shots and useful suggestion about the cargo load.
  9. Mutley's Hangar delegation in Sorrento

    That would be fantastic!
  10. Mutley's Hangar delegation in Sorrento

    Yes, 12 now. He's growing so fast! That was my wife's beer!
  11. I've had the pleasure to meet forum member Philip aka phil white in Sorrento for a nice chat and a fresh beer. Nice to know we share common passions between flight simming and photography, and Phil is really good at wildlife photography. I often say that Mutley's Hangar is one of the finest communities around, full of nice people. That's the truth! I hope to see you soon again in Sorrento!
  12. first trip 737 to EGCC

    Nice work and great pics!
  13. Faithful Annie

    Cheers guys. Maybe not up to A2A standards, but modeling and texturing are superb on this aircraft.
  14. Leg 4: Tallinn (EETN) to Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE)

    Nice pirep Tim!
  15. Faithful Annie

    Irish colors over Brindisi, Italy