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  1. Hi again John Everything is good now, they were all user errors. Just can't figure how do I activate the GPS cursor (e.g. to highlight the airports or VORS in the NRST page).
  2. A really nice aircraft!
  3. Great atmosphere!
  4. That landscape looks magnificent
  5. Superb captures
  6. I think the Corsair is a brand new product. Nice choice of acs!
  7. Hi John, thanks for suggestions, I will check it out asap.
  8. Wonderful set
  9. Can't get much better than this, great pics!
  10. Spectacular!
  11. I managed to perform a complete flight, with many difficulties. I'm sure that it's user error and maybe the model is too demanding for my old system. Startup is still rocket science and autopilot is a mistery to me (even if it's similar to the Vulcan). Will keep trying!
  12. Hi Just to check with you guys, I have some issue with the Canberra. 1) throttles are stuck. Even if I open the cocks, they do not move. 2) engines are constantly spooling, even if I have not started the startup sequence. Sim is FSX-SE (standalone) on Win7-64. Edit: while writing this post, everything is fine? I don't understand but... I think it's ok! Time to fly
  13. Thanks to Just Flight and their Pick'n'mix, I've just added this beauty and the Canberra to my hangar. Quick familiarization flight with the Hawk, one of my worst landings ever!
  14. Indeed!
  15. Looking good!