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  1. Number Six (The Prisoner, remember that ?)
  2. Churchill, one of the great speech writers.
  3. On a wing and a prayer.
  4. Skeletons.
  5. Delusions of grandeur.
  6. Air Force One, the Presidential aircraft....a great movie too.
  7. AAC Middle Wallop, home of The Museum of Army Flying.
  8. A Royal County, no less.
  9. Maturing, like a fine cheese perhaps.
  10. Decaffeinate, tea or coffee.
  11. Fully agree. The Sunderland is kinda pretty tho, a very nostalgic toy.
  12. Why is it a school/shoal of fish, dolphins, porpoises and squids for example, but rather a pod/gam/herd/mob of whales?