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  1. Grimethorpe Colliery Band,
  2. Ambleside...a Town to the north of Lake Windermere
  3. ...Lane, a touch of nostalgia.
  4. A place of confinement and not of the maternity variety.
  5. Gold, a precious metal.
  6. Theological slant perhaps. Are the rumours true ?
  7. RAF Nutts Corner, the original, now disused airport for Belfast.
  8. Cheap quality or bad style?
  9. Prefer a Rural Habitat myself.
  10. Used to prefer a bottle of the above, rather than a petal.
  11. Ah yes, I remember it well :- Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men.
  12. ...of Pond life.
  13. Struth !! £20+ a bottle. Glad I now follow the path of abstinence.
  14. Ah, finally managed to get my fix. Been having terrible withdrawal symptoms. Hope all the new hosting sources fulfill your needs.