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  1. I see one major group missing and that is Vatsim, how come such a major is not in the show?
  2. SAS MD-80 night at busy German airport

    Looking good, you could alway's bribe the tower for advancment to the head of the Q with a promise of some duty free's.. :D
  3. Electra

    Sometimes a plain paint is shown to be very attractive. Love it JK
  4. We just catch a Turkish departing Palma de Mallorca as Iberia Regional awaits boarding. Thomas Cook will be next to depart. I have been updating My Traffic 2013 paints with the new logo's that have appeared over the time since release.. Thomas Cook has turned out quite well..
  5. New update for My Traffic

    I have been busy re-painting my ai traffic aircraft to the new airline colours as they appear. Here is a shot of my Iberia files for the A319 and A321. All my Iberia traffic now sport the new logo's:
  6. How can I fly this ?

    You got me thinking now Bruce, maybe this senior thing is getting to me also, will double check and get back..
  7. sinking jetways

    See this linc http://www.simflight.com/2015/07/28/fsx-scenery-designer-sode-it/ Video:
  8. Evening depature

    Iberia Regional departing Asturias for Madrid: Chris Bell's Spain night lights are a bonus for photoscenery..
  9. Sundown over Spain

    The daylight about to give way to the dark matter as I approach Reus in Spain:
  10. How can I fly this ?

    When you have your plan in PFPX completed, before you compute the plan look for any short span deviation waypoints and delete them off, Then compute the plan and use that one to submit to ATC. Remember the route chosen by PFPX can always be altered before submission to ATC for the flight.. Airlines look for fuel saving these days and the straighter the route then that means saving fuel..
  11. Enroute from PHNL to KLAX

    Great to see you have become a busdriver..
  12. September morning

    Those shots remind me it's time to dig out the winter woolies.. Good to see the Caravan working..
  13. How can I fly this ?

    With such a short course to the waypoint, would it not be better to delete the waypoint and continue to the next waypoint. I use PFPX, but when I program the flight into the FMCU (Airbus driver) inputting the Airways and VOR it by-passes some waypoints. I have notice this happening as I use Aivlasoft EFB to follow the flight.
  14. sinking jetways

    When the jetways were designed, they were designed as one piece with the legs. As a result the only way to get them to align with the aircraft, is that sinking feeling you see in the sim.. Don't forget the design of the simulator is from a time in the past, but all is not lost as technology improves. A new system is called SODE it allows for better more realistic animation, so expect to see it gradually being introduced by the addon market..
  15. UK photoreal scenery

    I have both and Horizon is best. MSE UK is bad..