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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys, I've dusted off my Win 7 PC and reinstalled Steam, but I've hit a problem trying to install FSX. It won't install the XAudio2.1 dll file needed by FSX. I've tried all of Microsoft's downloads for the DX drivers and nothing works. My machine is 64 bit and I can't run DX 9.0 C. My Win 10 machine installed FSX with no problems on Steam but the graphics card has gone down and I can't afford another for some time. I'm hoping someone here has some suggestions?
  2. Hi guys, After struggling with Windows 10 and Air Hauler 2, I've gone back to my old Windows 7 machine and Air Hauler original. I hate Windows 10 with a passion and I just cannot get on with Air Hauler 2, they are both too erratic for an old sod like me. :-) I'm using FSX Steam now and although I've tried most of the other modern simulations, I'm sticking with FSX. I've still got my old company files for Air Hauler and I'm looking forward to flying around Europe and the Middle East again. I have so much software that won't run on Windows 10 properly and although it's old it works for me.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys, I already feel at home here amongst the haulers and March I feel for you slogging it out for your Beaver. I tried starting a company in the PNW but was beaten by the mountains in my poor little Skyhawk. Things are much easier in the UK and I soon leased a Baron 58 and hired a young guy to help out with short hauls out of Boscombe Down. As soon as my reputation allowed I took out a loan and leased a Cargomaster and the cash really started to build when I went back to the bank to lease a DC3 and took on an experienced captain to fly it for me. I opened a couple of bases in Brize Norton and Marham and the contracts began to roll in. I hired every pilot I could find with a reputation over 80% and leased two more DC3's. I flew 2 or 3 jobs a day and my fleet flew 24/7 - it was bloody hard work but I had to pay off the loans. By February I had paid off the bank and bought myself a beautiful King Air 350 which I love flying and I leased two more DC3's. Things were running smoothly and the cash was rolling in, the bank was happy so I opened bases in Hamburg and Grenoble. By the beginning of March my reputation was 65% and I was a 1st Officer with a credit rating of 50 million so I took out a maximum loan and leased 4 Airbus 321's. My monthly overhead was pretty high but the Airbus carries a lot more cargo than a DC3. Now I was a serious hauler with my eyes on Europe.
  4. Hi guys, I started this company a couple of months ago by hauling my sorry ass around the UK in a Skyhawk and gradually built a reputation which allowed me to buy better aircraft and take on some pilots to further my ambitions to create a major hauling operation in Europe. I took out a maximum bank loan and bought a fleet of DC3's and expanded my bases into France and Germany and a couple of weeks later I traded in the DC3's for Airbus 321's on lease. I paid off the bank and opened bases around the UK and as my reputation increased I took on some experienced pilots who don't bend the planes too often and leased a 737 - 800 so I could get some experience on big jets. I fly most of my contracts with a King Air 350 but I want to fly heavy metal in the future. I began an expansion further into Europe by opening bases in Italy and Spain then leased a 757 - 200 Freighter. I am pretty well over-extended now with my financial state and I've settled back to just make some capital to buy the leased aircraft. I have 20 bases now and Western Europe is well covered with plenty of contracts coming in from satisfied clients. My future planned expansion will take me to the Middle East and I look forward to flying out of Dubai. I want a fleet capable of going all the way to Hong Kong eventually, but that's in the very distant future when I can run 747 - 400's. I've recently retired and now thanks to Air Hauler I can run an airline - I love FSX and it's the perfect waste of time for me now.