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  1. OK to keep things moving along how about a word(s) association game? Just reply with the first thing that comes into your head, it doesn't have to be aviation related and no smut please! I will start- AIRPORT
  2. ANNOUNCING… PREPAR3D V4 05-23-17 Lockheed Martin is proud to announce that the next generation of simulation and training will start on May 30, 2017 with the public release of Prepar3D v4. The release culminates over eight years of Lockheed Martin development and welcomes major enhancements and new capabilities. Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v4 – available May 30, 2017 Prepar3D v4 completely changes the simulation landscape with a comprehensive baseline update to a 64-bit architecture. Higher resolution visuals, more objects, increased data precision, larger scenarios, and improved performance are now all possible at levels never seen before in the product’s history. The sky’s not the limit! Additionally, the release brings dynamic lighting, rain/snow particles, global 3D trees, a fully reworked software development kit (SDK), new default vehicles, and countless improvements. More details will be released over the next week with Prepar3D v4 being directly available from on May 30, 2017 at 2:00pm EST.
  3. Over on AVSIM you can download a 159 page document from Rob advising how to get the best out of Prepar3D. This AVSIM Prepar3D Guide will cover the following topics to help users get the most of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D platform. Some of the information in this guide is applicable to prior versions of Prepar3D (V2.x and V1.x), however the primary focus of this guide will be for Prepar3D V3.x onwards: Installation and purchase Updating to a more recent Version Configuring Graphics Settings Working with Configuration Files Configuring 3rd Party Add-Ons SimConnect Troubleshooting Hardware, Overclocking, Performance Input Control Devices (TrackIR, Yokes, Throttles) The basic flow of this guide will take you thru; basic purchase and installation process, how to update your Prepar3D installation when new versions are released, configuring your graphics settings, exposing what settings increase process loads, adjusting you 3rd party products configuration settings to improve performance, some Prepar3D configuration settings (often called “tweaks”), setup of SimConnect (used by many 3rd party products), working thru compatibility with older FSX products, a quick guide to basic overclocking, and finally setting up input control devices (controllers). This document will assume limited computer experience, but it will cover both easy and advanced topics. Parts of this document will expect users to understand how to use a text editor (like Notepad) to edit/modify content in text files. Hopefully there is some information to be gain in this document for the new user and the experienced user. You need to be signed in to AVSIM to view..
  4. This is the launch video with background to the sim and some live footage.
  5. Leave it with me
  6. Hi Lucy, I don't think you can really overkill the specs if you can afford it. What you posted above looks great! Don't forget, you can get an extra £25 off Chillblast flight sim PC's because you are a Mutley's Hangar member, by quoting "mutleycode15"
  7. Thanks for your kind thoughts John, I'm going to lock this post as a mark of respect to the victims so the terrorists are starved of the publicity.
  8. FlightSimCon Reaches New Heights with Impressive Speaker Lineup WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn—May 22, 2017—FlightSimCon is proud to announce an impressive speaker lineup for the 2017 event, which is scheduled for June 10-11, 2017 at the Sheraton Hartford Hotel attached to Bradley International Airport, just outside of Hartford, CT, USA. There will be a plethora of educational, entertaining, and informative seminars throughout the weekend. Flight-simulation focused seminars will occur on Saturday, and presentations with a real-world focus will occur on Sunday. “We’ve decided to give each day a specific focus”, said event manager Nicole Glander. “Doing this allows for a better transition between seminars, especially as one may build off of the next”, she continued. On Saturday, June 10, attendees will hear more about virtual reality in flight simulation from FlyInside’s Daniel Church. Seminars on home cockpit building, featuring Tom Gauvin, Nathan Palmer, and Sebastian Moebius, will show attendees how to create realistic, at-home “sim pits”. But the highlight of the day on Saturday will be the Flight Simulator Developer Panel, featuring representatives from FlightSimWorld and Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, and X-Plane. Chaired by FlightSim.Com’s Nels Anderson, the panel discussion will be driven by questions from the audience and feature an interactive look at the future of the industry’s most prominent flight simulation platforms. On Sunday, June 11, the lineup features pilots, dispatchers, and military personnel. Airline pilots Matthew Canon and Myron Ashcraft will discuss how their work relates to the flight simulation world, and just how realistic some of the high-quality add-on aircraft can be. Flight Dispatch Training Instructor Mike Collier talks about how to create flight plans and determine routes like a pro, using simulation software PFPX. Finally, Major Adam Cybanski of the Royal Canadian Armed Forces, will discuss the value of flight simulation for military aviation. Attendees can stay up-to-date and create customized agendas on the conference app, Whova. Attendees can download the app on their phone and connect to the conference, allowing for access to the attendee list, all exhibitors, an interactive map of the layout, and much more! On Sunday, the conference is pleased to welcome Stephen K. Brown, Manager, FAA Safety Team, from the Boston FSDO. Stephen will be presenting an FAAST-approved presentation on the benefits of flight simulation for real-world aviators. In addition to the engaging seminars, attendees will be joined by over 35 exhibitors from around the industry, from colleges and universities to hardware and software developers. The full list of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors may be found at Attendees of the event will also have the opportunity to win prizes from Big Fat Simulations, David Clark, ImagineSim,, Navigraph, and TrackIR. Registration for the event is available online now. Advance registration online is strongly encouraged, and is discounted off the on-site price. Register now at
  9. I probably looked at the same videos you did Wayne as I don't have it. Would it help looking at the manual first?'
  10. Looking very nice Wayne. Regarding the ILS, I expect the magnetic variation for the airport has changed has changed since FSX/P3D was first built. The P3D version is 065/245 with 3° W variation and the latest RW figures are 064/0244 with 0°W variation. If Navigraph is based on current real world data then that may be the reason. John Allard's terminal charts are based on the simulator data and can be incorporated into Plan-G.
  11. It's Spring here in the UK and we have fields of bright yellow Rapeseed, which besides playing havoc with peoples hayfever, can look stunning against dark skies or on a cross country flight. So this month, we would like to see a shot from a cross country flight, showing of the colour of the fields. Contest finishes 31st May 2017 - Gool luck!
  12. Dovetail Games' new flightsim FSW is now available via Steam! For a first look at this Early Access version, read our review here
  13. You better believe it! Our product is like a grown up SAP, especially in warehouse/stock management, forecasting, JIT purchasing, SPA's and contact management, but our systems are generally not retail, except for Jewsons who dabble a bit. We use touch screen terminals as well, web ordering and HHDs, so we're well advanced. I work in development rather than implementation, so our days are shorter and we are not customer facing (thank relevant deity here) .. Phew! Oh! and we are in the final stages of the planning for ATWC 7, once Micke pulls his' finger out and chooses the route, we can get under way. Are you and Lance coming to Cosford this year? A nice ride out for the weekend and I am sure we will have cake!
  14. Further to the above there is now a ticket system for bug reporting and can be found here:
  15. Wayne, they have a forum, look here (you may have to register)
  16. Just superb Loic, what a great place to sightsee!
  17. You're a real trailblazer Wayne! Thanks for the looksee, I think for a first view, very early on, they have done well. However, it looks like they started with the user interface, which looks slick but that appears to be at the sacrifice of the fine tuning options we are used to. Flight simmers, in general, tend to be happy to get their hands dirty under the bonnet/hood, so I hope they de-sanitise it so we can tweak to our heart's content. I am not confident at the moment that they can deliver a non-gamey product, but I really hope I am proved wrong.
  18. It looks very dreamy Wayne!
  19. Dear All, I would like to invite you all as Mutley's news hounds! We all have our own connections, media feeds and FS site favourites etc. so if you see any interesting or entertaining news that might interest our members then please post in this forum. In turn, I can syndicate your posts to literally millions on Twitter and Facebook! Flight sim is great! Let's share it! Cheers, Joe
  20. I can sense @J G will be wanting this one as soon as it it out!
  21. It must be relentless Nice post Ed...
  22. Just published is Jess' review of Flight Sim World. There have been a few videos and many screenshots posted recently but here is what you really want to know! Read on...
  23. The old ones are the best! Feel free to add your joke here but keep it clean. (Alan !) I'll start........ Two Irish hunters got a pilot to fly them to Canada to hunt moose. They managed to bag six. As they were loading the plane to return, the pilot said the plane could take only four moose. The two lads objected strongly. 'Last year we shot six. The pilot let us take them all and he had the same plane as yours.' Reluctantly, the pilot gave in and all six were loaded. However, even on full power, the little plane couldn't handle the load and went down. Somehow, surrounded by the moose bodies, Paddy and Mick survived the crash. After climbing out of the wreckage, Paddy asked Mick, 'Any idea where we are?' Mick replied, 'I think we're pretty close to where we crashed last year.' Cheers
  24. Not sure my memory isn't that good! ..But it would have to be my first cross-country solo (without GPS!)