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  1. The old ones are the best! Feel free to add your joke here but keep it clean. (Alan !) I'll start........ Two Irish hunters got a pilot to fly them to Canada to hunt moose. They managed to bag six. As they were loading the plane to return, the pilot said the plane could take only four moose. The two lads objected strongly. 'Last year we shot six. The pilot let us take them all and he had the same plane as yours.' Reluctantly, the pilot gave in and all six were loaded. However, even on full power, the little plane couldn't handle the load and went down. Somehow, surrounded by the moose bodies, Paddy and Mick survived the crash. After climbing out of the wreckage, Paddy asked Mick, 'Any idea where we are?' Mick replied, 'I think we're pretty close to where we crashed last year.' Cheers
  2. OK to keep things moving along how about a word(s) association game? Just reply with the first thing that comes into your head, it doesn't have to be aviation related and no smut please! I will start- AIRPORT
  3. FSL 320 issue

    More here Wayne : https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/02/19/flight-sim-group-put-malware-in-a-jet-and-called-it-drm/
  4. Group picture

    Classic paint jobs and very well presented, love the formation flying.
  5. GAAR 2018 is Open

    Don't forget we'll have our very own MEBAR over the Easter weekend, we need a massive crowd this year. Our route has been set but and have a twist in the rules this year, it's going to be fun, so if you find yourself free for another GA challenge..fly Mutleys! http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php?/forum/81-mebar-series/
  6. Do you ever get the feeling . . .

    Looking at the aircraft choice in the background (King Air C90?), I would say that was Andrew?
  7. P3D V4.2 released

    Prepar3D v4.2 is available now! Prepar3D v4.2 continues to improve on the groundbreaking Prepar3D v4 simulation platform. The new v4.2 release welcomes three new user controllable helicopters, new rendering techniques for improved virtual reality (VR) performance, countless legacy bug fixes, and even a couple new exciting experimental features to give users a feel of where the platform is heading! This is the first release to feature new helicopter capabilities, including scenario controllable artificial intelligence (AI) and autopilot functionality. Additionally, many developer requests were addressed, and we look forward to the Prepar3D ecosystem continuing to create high-end content that pushes simulation boundaries to new limits. For developers, we have introduced the ability to add autogen grass on airport backgrounds, added interfaces to create custom voice commands, and refined our support for complex vehicle models. Multiple Scaleform panel samples are also included better showcasing some of the newer advanced panel features that available. Read the whole story here..
  8. Do you ever get the feeling . . .

    Looks like you got a groupie Tim ..or could it be a stalker?
  9. Word(s) association game

    Banned - I've already got a hangar Forward
  10. Pilots Register

    Please see confirmation of your Pilot ID Below Pilot ID Name Screen Name Country ATWC001 Joe Lawford mutley UK ATWC002 Brian Buckley Needles UK ATWC003 Rosario Manzo rosariomanzo Italy ATWC004 Matt Gardner Captain Coffee USA ATWC005 Kieran Marshall Hurricanemk1c Eire ATWC006 John Guest J G UK ATWC007 Tim Arnot Tim_A UK ATWC008 BeeJay Bristow-Stagg OzWookiee Australia ATWC009 Mike Frank Goblin USA ATWC010 Steph Sawyer hlminx UK ATWC011 David Moran Lucent UK ATWC012 ATWC013 Andrew Godden Andrew Godden Australia ATWC014 ATWC015 ATWC016 ATWC017 ATWC018 ATWC019 ATWC040 Mikael Stockfors stu7708 Sweden ATWC666 Jessica Bannister-Pearce jess-b The Dark Side
  11. P3D V4.2 released

    It looks like this update is causing a few problems with existing aircraft and scenery so we're probably best holding off updating until developers update their products.
  12. Just published is my review of the Milviz DHC-3 Otter. This is the big brother to the DHC-2 Beaver released last year. Does this model live up to the quality of its predecessor? Read on...
  13. Review - Milviz DHC-3 Otter

    Thanks everyone, I enjoyed reviewing this aircraft I can share what I did, which involves editing an xml file, so don't attempt if you are not confident, and take a copy first. Find the file "radi_d.xml" it should be in [YOUR P3D FOLDER]\SimObjects\Airplanes\DHC-3 Otter Milviz\panel\DH3_XMLGauges Starting around line 56, the line "<String>%((A:COM1 ACTIVE FREQUENCY, MHz))%!6.3f!</String>" Change 6.3 (or 5.3) to 5.2 exactly as below. Then around line 64 (below) <String>%((A:COM1 STANDBY FREQUENCY, MHz))%!6.3f!</String> Change 6.3 (or 5.3) to 5.2 exactly as below. Save file, all done and the radio display should look like this
  14. Dear All, I would like to invite you all as Mutley's news hounds! We all have our own connections, media feeds and FS site favourites etc. so if you see any interesting or entertaining news that might interest our members then please post in this forum. In turn, I can syndicate your posts to literally millions on Twitter and Facebook! Flight sim is great! Let's share it! Cheers, Joe
  15. For February we would like to have an antique aircraft airshow. So please show us anything pre- WWII putting on a show. Good luck, competition closes 28th February, 2018
  16. Big thanks to John Allard, our airport diagrams specialist, for releasing an airport pack especially for sector three. The charts can be found/ downloaded via this forum post...
  17. a few Mustangs

    Beautiful aircraft JK
  18. Lightnings

    Any of those would look fantastic framed and on my study wall! LIKE!
  19. Poop Chute!

    What a buzz!
  20. freight runner

    Looking gorgeous Wayne!
  21. Traversing the South Pacific has been an arduous task and not without many risks, but our brave pilots have risen to the task! So here is the back story to the next sector, and the flights planned : Having safely left French Polynesia behind us, we should be thankful none of our intrepid adventurers choose the same path as the mutineers of HMS Bounty and ditched to settle and see out their days on the Pitcairn Islands. For Sector 3, and the shortest Sector, we leave the moai to stand guard over Easter Island as they have done for centuries. Ahead, we have a busy mix of Wonders, with the first from the Civil Engineering list, Itaipu Dam, the largest operating hydroelectric facility in the world. Continuing east to the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro, another of the Natural Wonders, we also take in the incredible statue of Christ the Redeemer, another of the New Wonders, before turning back west to Cuzco, Peru, the closest airport to Machu Picchu, the 15th century Inca citadel, yet another from the New Wonders list. Moving up through Bogota, Colombia, we trust none of our adventurers fall foul of the infamous Colombian drug cartels, before moving onto the Panama Canal, the only Wonder to feature on two lists, Wonders of the Industrial World and Wonders of Civil Engineering. From here, our route takes us up through Central America and to the next New Wonder, Chichen Itza, an ancient city of the Maya people. We conclude Sector 3 at Uruapan, and the nearby Natural Wonder, Paricutin Volcano. Here's the plan for this sector: The bidding window has already opened for our registered pilots and several flights have been snapped up! We welcome new pilots (forum members) to join in, just take a read of the Introduction here: We have flights available, numbers 27 - 28 - 30 - 33 and 36 Bids must be sent to atwc@mutleyshangar.com. The bidding window usually remains open until all flights are assigned to a pilot, but as we have so few registered pilots, we may press on regardless. Your bid should consist of a list of the flights you are interested in flying, with your most preferred flight at the top. All the best and be careful out there! Joe
  22. Word(s) association game

    Agrarian (just for you, Lucy, yey a rainbow (almost)! !)
  23. That first shot is very atmospheric Wayne
  24. Hi Johan Shouldn't it be .. Shift + P then press key 1 is straight pushback then plane turns right (tail left) Shift + P then press key 2 is straight pushback then plane turns left (tail right) Or just Shift + P for straight pushback I don't think you should be using the Function keys (F1, F2 etc) Joe