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  1. Join In!

    With one throw of my anti-drone net, this fella is going to be a pavement pizza. (brings back memories of misspent youth?)
  2. Ah! so it's you with the wrecking ball! Let's hope that is it,and the Gremlins have now exited stage left
  3. Hey.. what's four years between friends!
  4. Hold on, I thought that was Gabe answering!! How have you been buddy? The new ATWC (7) is going to be our best yet. Great to hear from you Sir..
  5. I am getting pretty good at this recently... Apologies for the site being down last night / this morning I was hit with a domain verification issue that I could not resolve until I logged it as an issue with our new hosts, apparently "Don't you know who I am?" doesn't cut the mustard with the forum Gods! Hopefully it will be plain sailing from here on in. There's loads of great new features coming up and Andrew is doing a superb job with the route for ATWC 7 which is literally weeks away. Here's to all you Hangarians! /Joe
  6. Yes, it's the same when you reset your flight (scenario) it goes back to the default flight, not the flight you were flying. Grrr
  7. Review

    Just published is Andrew Godden's review of Alabeo's Cessna 310R. Alabeo have an ever increasing stable of GA aircraft, does this one meet Andrew's very high standards? Read on...
  8. Wow! that Catalina cockpit shot is a real show stopper!
  9. Looking very realistic Dolf, superb shots as always!
  10. Really top class shots Wain, they looks so real.
  11. Join In!

    The passengers on standby for Budget Airlines flight 123 thought it worth the risk to sit outside, and forsake cabin service.
  12. Nice combination Jess, I have been flying with Night Environment in V4 too, they were made for each other! Chris Bell must be in 7th heaven with the boost in performance.
  13. OnCourse Software are pleased to announce the release of PF3 version 3.5.0, which is free to all existing users and includes additional support for MCE and P3D V4 amongst many other changes and general ongoing maintenance. More details available from