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  1. Haha! Nice flight Chuck, I thought we were in for a calm ride until I had Andrew Cuomo (Google him!) on the blower asking what the *$3%$&&* sort of a stunt that was to pull flying under the Verrazano bridge. I just gave him the reply "the Mutley's Hangar Flying Circus has hit town!" Cheers, Joe
  2. She looks good in those colours, some great cloud textures you have there Jury
  3. mutley

    She's back

    Nice shots Wayne, she sure is a cute aircraft!
  4. Happy birthday Arnie aka @dogtrack A very well-liked and popular member
  5. mutley

    FS Flying School

    Thanks Brian I have already banned him/her
  6. This question surfaces now and again. Personally, I would have no chance in an airliner, l think I could manage the MCP ok and make turns having flown a 738 simulator with a RW trainer, but not the CDU as I am a GA preferer too.
  7. Another milestone, no doubt they have access to satellites we cant use for navigation, but very impressive nonetheless.
  8. Looks like a dead project Martin, the only MiG 29 I can find is on Simmarket and it is for FSX.
  9. Hi Neil, I installed the client and the content only and it all worked fine. Here's the official word: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6322&t=120676 And yes, your add-ons will work, you will need to update FTX Central and Active Sky if you have them.
  10. Great tribute Al, thanks for posting'
  11. Thanks for the shout out Matt. "The Mutley's Hangar Register" is curated by bots from Twitter that search for keywords. There's always more real world aviation than flight sim, nevertheless it's great for a read with your morning coffee! Off to look at that article
  12. Yey! Well done Mike, the flying circus has arrived in Canada! That was a very expensive looking aircraft you used, I hope it has busted our company credit card .. again!. Cheers, Joe
  13. mutley

    Autostar X

    Not used it JG, I use Stargazer, there's no P3Dv4 version released of Autostar X yet, so back up things before using it.
  14. Chris, thanks! I am uber busy with the day job, but happy to work with you, I'll be in touch by email.