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  1. Departing Skiathos

    Your XP shots are looking awesome Phil, keep them coming
  2. p3d views

    Great news Wayne, it doesn't take long to get used to a new set up. Cheers, Joe
  3. Ha! I am allowed to comment, reputation intact. I was confident you would make that flight OK. I didn't recognise your persona when you left Broome, I hope the next one works to keep your true identity a secret. Back to now, I am very impressed with your attention to detail, again, you are setting the bar for the rest of us... PS can you give me Otis' email address?
  4. Wow! Just wanted to give thanks for an amazing PIREP, I'm presently in conversation with my lawyer just to make sure my reputation hasn't been compromised.
  5. p3d views

    Hi Wayne, I have reassigned my arrow keys and page up/down to give me four lateral directions and up and down. I am sure you can assign zoom to the centre wheel of your mouse. If you want true versatility Chase Plane is the way to go, you can set up preset cameras inside and out and do all sorts of wonderful things here's the link: https://fsfxpackages.com/en/ChasePlane/ Cheers, Joe
  6. onto Brussels

    Looks like you had a good plan there Wayne, great shots!
  7. Turbo Arrow IFR to Sacto.

    Nice one Coff, life sure is interesting in your world, I'm sure you are being thanked for that rush delivery
  8. Word(s) association game

    Batman...one of the boldest super heros!
  9. I took the plunge

    Wow, for a laptop they are looking really good, nice display Ros Ciao!
  10. Sun Flyer 4 seat electric.

    This has gone way off topic, we are a flight sim/ avaition forum, not a renewable energy forum. I can't see this going anywhere good now so I'll bring it to an end. Thanks for all your contributions. Joe
  11. I took the plunge

    Great start Ros, things will get better and better from now on! Ciao.. Joe
  12. REX 50 % Off Holiday Sale

    Thanks Reed, that's a great discount.
  13. News from Just Flight: This one is rather special as it includes 16 add-ons and savings of over £70 are on offer. And everyone who buys from the P&M deal will get the chance to win an extra add-on from the Pick & Mix selection. Three buyers will be picked at random and each winner will be contacted and given the chance to pick one more add-on for free! For full details and a list of the products visit the Pick & Mix page: www.justflight.com/bundle The deal runs until 2pm Monday 27th November (UK time)
  14. Leg 16 - Mau Hau (WADU) to Broome Intl (YBRM)

    I am sure there's evil afoot? Where he was conceived not born... the lift (elevator) could well have been in Reading JG