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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments. I will close this topic now as it is not suitable for this forum.
  2. it was featured by Aerosoft too!
  3. Grrr.. a rival ERP system to what my company sells It will be back in the late autumn. Well I hope you get more spare time and get flying again soon, we miss you!
  4. That's nothing, my wife would use sarcasm, dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and satire, and then screw my pelvis to a cake stand... Looking forward to plan B, JG
  5. They could always move it to Swindon, much better than their present magic roundabout!
  6. Not that I know of JG, Brian's doesn't have wheels. Of course, you can always buy replacement castors which have locks on them if you manage to satisfy 1 and 3 above?
  7. Just published is Jessica Bannister-Pearce's review review of Flugwerk/Aerosoft's Austria Professional HD - West. This scenery covers a huge area, so how does the quality stand up to close inspection? Read on...
  8. Do what @needles did, get an old motorised motor vehicle chair, stick some wheels on it and a hand brake, jobs a goodun?
  9. I agree, it has been thought of before and I'm sure if it was viable we would have had at least one prototype by now.
  10. Ed over at at Orbx has posted the followingL Update for openLC North America is now available via FTX Central or your account. Fixes: - Corrections to the LandClass in the Caribbean area (Bahamas, Guadeloupe, etc.) - Added more than 2,000 settlements in Mexico - Adjustments to other landclass textures - 86 corrections to Caribbean airports by Neil Hill Further corrections to Caribbean coastlines will be available in the upcoming Vector patch.
  11. Great looking skies and I love that opening silhouette Al
  12. Join In!

    [Cameraman] David Attenborough is welcome to him!