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  1. mutley

    Para Motor P3D v4

    Agreed Mike, I must try to install it to V4 I had a great time with it on leg 69 of ATWC 6!
  2. Ohoh you got there before me, thanks for the update, keep us informed.
  3. I don't know JG, have you installed something that is not V4 compatible recently? Have a look here for something similar https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=128865 May mean a reinstall is in order, if so, make sure you remove all the P3D stuff in program data / user appdata and P3D files folder in my documents. (There are better instructions on the web) Joe
  4. Well done Tim, one of your better flights! Loved the commentary, hey you should write a book or something? (Shameless plug)
  5. mutley

    QW 787-9

    I like the latest American livery, very smart, and well shown Jury!
  6. mutley


    Nice shots Wayne, looks like they have fixed the reversed tail livery on the starboard side, I'll have to download it again!
  7. Hi Chris, that's what I said to you in my email, but it's still broken, no response from them. Kinda ditched it for now.
  8. Thanks John, great card by the way
  9. Oooh! something I don't have, thanks Jury!
  10. Must be the BaslerBT67? Superb aircraft
  11. Well it looks like they can't fix it for now so I have added a different plugin showing recently updated topics.