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  1. This current development has certainly polarized the market to two sims. Looking around on FS developers forums like Aerosoft and PMDG, who were outbid for MSFS, Dovetail paid way over the odds for the product with the idea that they could control its destination regarding 3rd party applications. I am sure many end user flight simmers recognised this as an attempt at a closed shop, and were waiting to be proved otherwise. Maybe some of their (DTG) innovations will be taken on by other simulator developers, but I feel sure that LM and Laminar will stay with their own core product and carry on allowing 3rd party Devs live Hi-Fi sim and REX take the lead in their specialist fields which by definition should be better than the core product developer. Now we can focus on the two main sims, AF2 is pretty, but so far behind in terms of navigation and flight modelling that surely it will only be regarded as a light entertainment diversion. Joe (still on vacation)
  2. Done it and....thank you!

    Thanks Thanos, we are wrapping it all up know and we are really pleased with all the great feedback from the pilots. Cheers, Joe
  3. Leg 5 - Journey's end

    Mike, there is a bug in OrbX Vectors, always untick the frozen water option especially if you get black textures. Thanks for the kind comments. Joe
  4. Leg 33 - Simon Bolivar(SEGU) - Eldorado(SKBO)

    Don't tell me it was the leather trousers Steph! Superb flight and story, I think Putinfeld has a lot more on his mind at the moment, not so much "Snakes on a plane", rather "Honey, who stole the Novichok?" Love the format of your shots too, is that the 3 screen format? Don't hang around too long for JG, I've not seen him for a while and I know his PC was back at the suppliers.. Cheers, Joe
  5. Hi Steph, .png images are allowed the image should show, try using the picture icon in the comment editor
  6. Stunning pictures Mike, I wish I had that amount of visibility! It was great to have you along and I'm so pleased you enjoyed the new format. Cheers, Joe
  7. Lukla.

    I love Lukla, flown in there many times with the crew, if you are going to use it a lot, then get the Aerosoft scenery then you'll get the real feeling of the place!
  8. Just published is my review of Sim Wings / Aerosoft Anchorage Professional. This product is release for Prepar3D V4 only and is an ideal hub for your cargo company, so how does it perform? Read on...
  9. Leg 5 MEBAR 2018 - Praise your Deity.

    Great selection Bri and it's great to see the power stations we are flying over.
  10. I asked my wife to describe me in 5 words:- She said I'm mature, I'm moral, I'm pure, I'm polite and I'm perfect. Then she added that I also had a fundamental lack of understanding about apostrophes and spaces.
  11. Leg 5 - Journey's end

    I managed to blow an engine on my Turbine Duke last Sunday, as the Mutley crew will remember, anyhow she was readied for my MEBAR flight just in time. Got a bit fed up with the rain and visibility, just after takeoff, I thought it would be like this all the way By Trondheim it had cleared up a little and I can see what a difference the OrbX Norway scenery makes! Approach was good: Our final destination, Rosvoll [ENRA] Nailed it! right on the numbers: Well I enjoyed every flight and preferred the new GS target as it called for far better planning, Andrew will make a good pilot of me yet! Cheers, Joe
  12. Pilots Register

    Hi Steph, Right click this image and choose "Save image as..." and the image is yours. Paint should be able to resize the image if needed
  13. First time I finished one of these ...

    Thanks for the great feedback David, I think the change to maintaining ground speed rather than chasing a target time, has proved popular with our pilots, and also, just how good our pilots have been this year., Andrew deserves the all the praise for his meticulous planning, flight testing, and spreadsheet algorithms which makes the MEBAR the ultimate navigational challenge, you wouldn't believe how hard Andrew has worked this year on the new format, thanks @Andrew Godden
  14. April 1st marked the 100th anniversary the RAF when the Royal Flying Corps was merged with the Royal Naval Air Service. This month, I would like to see your "tribute" of any aircraft that has flown in the RAF, in RAF livery. Good luck everyone, normal rules apply and the competition closes 30th April.