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  1. Features Full FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam compatible. Flight1 GTN 750* integration Reality XP GNS530* integration (only for FSX) Alabeo GNS530 Cold and Dark start option Superb material shines and reflections. Volumetric side view prop effect Gauges reflections Knob click sounds Windows scratches and blades shines High quality 3D model and textures. Realistic behavior *Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GNS530 are sold separately More here.. http://www.alabeo.com/index.php?accion=product&correl=131
  2. Al Jazeera investigates, the Dreamliner

    Lovely aircraft to fly in, and we're flying the Dream next year too As usual, the sensationalist press blew it up out of all proportion.
  3. Superb PIREP JG You have me wondering where this is going, and who of our pilot crew are doubling up as agents for MI5 ¾? (and maybe for PF) You won't miss Brian, he looks very shifty, like Quasimodo since he trapped a nerve in his neck. Reminder:
  4. High performance Mustang

    Lovely clean lines, great shot Ros!
  5. Marham friends and family 2017...

    That is sad news Peter, Dave was a big name in the FS community.
  6. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Good luck, and see you around EGHI!
  7. SU-57 - 4.5th Generation Fighter?

    So it's not Stealthy has old engines, new engines won't be operational until 2025 and the military probably won't buy more than 60 At least we're getting the F-35B.
  8. Wow, that does look very close, I think a telephoto lens was used for dramatic effect, but that takes nothing away from the following aircraft pilot's flying skills
  9. Word(s) association game

    Old Bess (beam engine)
  10. Big Lizzie comes home.

    Good news for the F-35's they will be carrying. http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2017/february/24/170224-f35s-dominate-war-games-exercise
  11. Big Lizzie comes home.

    Definitely for Brenda (Our present Monarch) Her sister ship will be called HMS Prince of Wales, by the time it comes into service, Prince Charles could be King
  12. Shoutbox?

    There was a chatbox feature with this forum software but it's been discontinued. We have forums for public chat and messaging for private chat
  13. Air Berlin gone bust?

    Yeah, I read that too.. http://www.channel3000.com/lifestyle/german-airline-goes-bust-after-etihad-pulls-plug/605144403
  14. Yes, that looks like Ros' son Andrea, he must be... 12 now? He's just building up a resistance for light beer
  15. Shoutbox?

    It's the same on Orbx forums...