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  1. Wow! Such good looking shots Dolf!
  2. Not on my watch young lady!
  3. Depends on the installer Jim, some product installer don't offer to browse for an installation directory, others cannot update the dll.xml or exe.xml file if needed so it has to be done manually. If the product uses dll's compiled in 32 bit, they will more than likely cause problems in V4. However, if it does install then yippee!!
  4. TBH Jim, there's not a lot there, but it is a dedicated V4 product with V4 dynamic night lighting in the hangars which I haven't seen on other products yet.
  5. Thanks Jim, I am tempted to try and port mine
  6. Hi Jim, nice to see you back. Are there any problems with porting the Duke to V4? I heard the sound dll doesn't work but the gauges were ok because they use xml? Cheers buddy. Joe
  7. The developer Fabio Merlo, has announced P3Dv4 compatibility for his flight recording and playback tool, FlightControlReplay Professional Edition. For more information see the product page on simMarket here:
  8. Bill Womack's excellent Heron's Nest freeware has been upgraded to be P3Dv4 compatible. After a bit of tweaking, the Heron's Nest v2 is now available for Prepar3D v.4. Not much changed on the island, except for the addition of dynamic night lighting in the land and float hangars; now they'll illuminate your plane when you pull in for the night. The installer is specifically for P3Dv4, and has been added to your account on the Heron's Nest download screen. To get it, log in to and choose "My Account". In the list of your orders, choose your Heron's Nest 2.0 order. In the list of downloads, you'll now see two files: iBY_Herons_Nest_v2, and iBY_Herons_Nest_v2_P3D4. The latter is the one you want. If you don't already have the Heron's Nest, visit to get your free copy.
  9. Join In!

    With one throw of my anti-drone net, this fella is going to be a pavement pizza. (brings back memories of misspent youth?)
  10. Ah! so it's you with the wrecking ball! Let's hope that is it,and the Gremlins have now exited stage left
  11. Hey.. what's four years between friends!
  12. Hold on, I thought that was Gabe answering!! How have you been buddy? The new ATWC (7) is going to be our best yet. Great to hear from you Sir..
  13. I am getting pretty good at this recently... Apologies for the site being down last night / this morning I was hit with a domain verification issue that I could not resolve until I logged it as an issue with our new hosts, apparently "Don't you know who I am?" doesn't cut the mustard with the forum Gods! Hopefully it will be plain sailing from here on in. There's loads of great new features coming up and Andrew is doing a superb job with the route for ATWC 7 which is literally weeks away. Here's to all you Hangarians! /Joe
  14. Yes, it's the same when you reset your flight (scenario) it goes back to the default flight, not the flight you were flying. Grrr