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  1. John Venema has gone on record saying there will be no upgrade fee for the next version of P3D, More here...
  2. After that little diversion, it's good to know all you survived the weather Matt Peace has been restored.
  3. I just find the whole situation comical John.
  4. Hi Steph! As Loic says, if you have no plans for new Orbx sceneries then you may get away without upgrading to FTXC3. Personally, I have had no problems with migrating. The interface is so much more intuitive and seamless now. If you don't have the latest version of any scenery, say, for P3D then you will have to upgrade eventually Joe
  5. Wow! it's been a long time since I have flown the Safir, time to blow the cobwebs off!
  6. @Captain Coffee @MyPC8MyBrain Matt, Chris.. ...and all our CA friends, how are you baring up to the atrocious weather at the moment? #wecare
  7. Just released is my review of Orbx's latest freeware offering CAX6 Ganges Water Aerodrome. This is developer, Larry Robinson's second project for Orbx, and uses many of their technologies. How does it look? Read on...
  8. Bravo Martin! That's great to hear that it is problem free and your Quick Look gives a mouth watering insight! We have a review under way by J G which should be out in a few weeks, I picked up up a copy too so having a quick blast now.
  9. A very photogenic set Wayne, have the Ruskies taken over Dusseldorf?
  10. Looking forward to your shots and thoughts Martin
  11. The new Just Flight Hunter collection for FSX & P3D features the F.6 and the FGA.9 ground attack fighter variant, both modelled in great detail and each with their own Virtual Cockpit representative of the type as operated by the RAF. Features: F.6 and FGA.9 (Fighter Ground Attack) variants included, each with their own VC 13 high quality liveries Deployable braking parachute on the FGA.9 Highly detailed model with intakes, grilles, outlets and appendages modelled in 3D Selectable clean wing, wing fuel tanks, wing-mounted rockets or bombs (bombs on the FGA.9 only; rockets and bombs are non-operational) Simulated UV cockpit lighting External battery cart, boarding steps, wheel chocks and pre-flight flags Multiple animations including correct landing gear sequence, flap actions, airbrake and canopy Detailed engine fan visible through the intake mouths and other highly detailed areas such as flap recesses and gear wells Realistic animated pilot figure Retractable reticle gunsight All gauges are 3D and highly accurate Accurately modelled electrical, hydraulic and fuel systems Authentic engine sound set in full stereo including the distinctive Hunter 'blue note' Cockpit sounds such as switches, clickable knobs and pumps Accurate flight dynamics and performance coded to book values give an authentic flight experience PDF manual includes a tutorial on the operation and handling of the aircraft Professional quality paint kit available to download More on the product page here...
  12. Thanks for the heads up Brett, the link still works for me but I think there must be some scripting going on to rotate some screenshots, not all browsers like this
  13. Developer Alex Bartis has been in touch to advise his new App for iPhone and iPad is now available he says- FlightSim Utils is an utility app for every simulation pilot out there. FlightSim Utils was born because I needed a helper app, while learning to use FSX and X-Plane. Then I've decided to make it presentable so other people could use it. Current features supported: - Complete database of FSX/P3D/X-Plane key bindings (user editable) - An assorted collection of aircraft checklists - Live METAR weather data - Displaying of KML, PLN (FSX) or FMS (X-Plane) flight plans with automatic displaying of on-route nearby airports - 3D Touch quick actions (on compatible devices) - Support for split screen multitasking (on compatible devices) For more info se his page at
  14. Excellent! Thanks Sam, who cares what your haulin' the cockpit's virtually the same!