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    Well I for one hope that everything is going to be ok for FFS and any others in the flight sim community. We need all the outlets available, so hoping all will be well.
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    Two hours later...
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    From our friend Chris Bell- Hi everyone we are exited to announce our upcoming release of Black Marble Next Generation, with the release of Prepar3D v4.3 it is now possible to push the boundaries even further. Black Marble will now be referred to as Black Marble NG as in Next Generation, with a new look, a new feel and amazing night views like never before, seen for miles and miles, as far as your eye can see, more lights, more colors, all with native sim controls, you can make changes on the fly, we have a NEW BlackMarble NG Control Panel (still in development and will be released later on), we don't want to spoil the surprise but there's much more! We will post all new installers for all our existing Black Marble customers with the new NG tag shortly, this is a seamless upgrade to all our loyal customers ❤️ (we are doing our best to get these ready for for release this weekend,) BlackMarble NG Base v1.0.0 Installer BlackMarble NG Vector v1.0.0 / for 3D Bridges Installer BlackMarble NG 3D Bridges v1.0.0 Installer BlackMarble NG Traffic Pack v1.0.0 Installer (yes you see correctly, no more patches needed from here on!!!) with our new features night flying will never be the same, Meet the new standards in Night Flying - Black Marble Next Generation! (NG) 
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    Looking spot on Wayne, the water looks very nice with the ripples and reflections. PTA or Tomatoshade should bring it into the next dimension!
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    Nothing to grumble about there The low light shots looks good but hard to see the "blurriness". PTA, with the right profile, might just add a nice level of contrast through the images perhaps?
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