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    I just did a slow troll through the 27-1/2 pages (10 per page) of new files in the Flightsim.com file library and would like to share a few impressions and thoughts. I think their "New Files" button brings up everything uploaded in the last 30 days - 257 new entries in this case. First and foremost, this has reinforced a creeping sense I've had lately that X-Plane really is becoming a mainstream contender in the flight simulation genre. There is a surprising amount of new freeware listed there for X-Plane, along with much also for FSX and P3D, of course. It's also worth noting that the flow of FS2004/FS9 stuff seems to continue unabated as well. There is even some new stuff being added for FS98, though I can't imagine why. The makeup of what's there in terms of content is about the same as always with one exception. It seems to me that AI flight plans have fallen out of favor and I didn't see too much of that offered. In the not too distant past there were pages and pages of that being uploaded every month. Otherwise, in descending order of frequency, it seems to be repaints, scenery (including airports), fixes to earlier things, complete aircraft (AI and flyable) and the occasional panel, instrument, sound file or utility. Repaints dominate, as always. Of course this is just what's been uploaded in the past month - all the older stuff, barring the odd deletion for one reason or another, is still available in their file library. It's a great resource. I have to acknowledge the developers here. I believe a large part of the reason for the popularity and longegevity of this hobby/addiction of ours is because of the unending stream of new "stuff" that we're presented with. This applies to both the freeware and the payware developers. Both have done sterling work to keep pushing us forward. One of the many charms of the whole FS thing is the richness of our options to make of our personal simulators what we want them to be with add-ons of one kind and another. In addition to those who produce the new freeware, we should also be grateful to those who maintain the on-line file libraries for us. Flightsim.com is my favorite but there are a number of others as well and they make an important contribution. It doesn't hurt either that the hardware has largely caught up with the software. Middle of the road systems seem to be able to handle a fairly robust FS without too much in the way of problems. It hasn't always been like that. It's a great time to be a flight simmer! John
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    OK...fair enough. I thought you were trying to simulate an accurate looking night sky experience. Omitting the ability to hide the dimmest human-eye visible stars (by starting your options at Mag 7.0) is missing the possibility to recreate that. I was just pointing out that your options should enable hiding stars down to at least mag 2.0 to simulate City Light Night Sky or a Full Moon sky which would obliterate being able to view stars above mag 3.0-4.0 regardless of altitude. Cheers.
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    It's a great time to be a Wealthy Flight Simmer. I agree the freeware offerings make so much content available to newcomers and old timers alike, but the "cutting edge" stuff is creeping up (appropriately i think given the work put into them) in prices...especially the top end hardware necessary to seamlessly run it all. My system from 3 years ago is struggling to keep up with some of my new addons...and my library has stalled growing (except the occasional new aircraft, which I have to make room for by deleting an older one usually) until I can afford a newer machine to run it all. When I do, I think I will be leaving good old FSX behind and migrating to P3D.
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    Looks good! Can you adjust the number of stars you see? I have seen that many stars in the sky, but only when I was in the Sahara, miles away from any light pollution!
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    I thought so Chris, I just got home from a very long day at work and my brain is frazzled!
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    I agree with you Matt, and this particular point will be highlit in my review.
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    Chris, please excuse my ignorance, but Stargazer is a separate product, yes? I am presently reviewing Stargazer and hoped to publish this weekend, but RW events has put a stop to that so it should be along soon.
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    FastStone an excellent free image viewer http://faststone.org/
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    Holy smokes that month went by fast. I completely lost track of time. Thanks for putting a few shots in Alan...a well deserved win.
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    Well done Alan, congratulations. Cheers and beers Mike
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    IMO your star view-ablilty panel should stop at Magnitude 7.0, not Start there. The faintest unaided viewable magnitude is 6.5...add any white lights and that will drop to 5 or 4. No one can see mag 7 stars without optical equipment or EXTREMELY dark night skies...and above mag 8 Only with telescopes. The night sky scenes above in the video are totally unrealistic especially given all the City Lights below...sorry Chris.
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