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    I just couldn't resist anymore.......
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    Last night i purchased the Just Flight C52 for XP11 and its a really nice aircraft. Thank you Just Flight for this and look forward to others being released for XP11.
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    This is a common mistake made by foreigners. The cloud is to be found over Wales. My son went to University in Bangor, North Wales. During freshers week he was advised to get a pair of wellies as, "if it isn't raining in Bangor, then it is just about to". After his three years there and visiting Bangor many times I think I only we there once when it didn't rain. However it was snowing at the time.
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    WOW! This REX Sky Force 3D is GREAT! Okay, I am still learning as there is a lot to take in, but the clouds are so realistic and the thunderstorms are much better than the native FSX ones. What I really like too is that I am getting better FPS than the standard FSX weather, even when getting full cloud cover! It like the difference between an old TV set and a 1040 HDI TV!! One of my best add ons...........! Martin
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    Well done Tim, one of your better flights! Loved the commentary, hey you should write a book or something? (Shameless plug)
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    Ok.....I decided to invest in REX Sky Force 3D and have just installed it today. By what I have seen so far, I am impressed. It certainly does a 'mean' thunderstorm, that's for sure. I guess that I should say thanks to Jessica and her review in PC Pilot, which persuaded me to make this choice!! Martin
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